"Ring-a-ring o' roses,

A pocket full of posies,

A-tishoo! A-tishoo!

We all fall down."

Chapter 2


When Kaito left, I tried to reach out for him, but my hand just passed through. I noticed that the tree was dying again, which made me react and try to touch him. But he didn't believe anymore. Just like that. Well, that was to be expected; he was almost an adult. Usually people stop believing in mythical creatures right as they turn into teenagers. Which always angered me. I wondered why Kaito had seen me when he was so old. And why he bothered coming back. More importantly, why did I hide? I should have tried to show up and at least talk with him, explain that I had seen to much of drugs in my life, and hearing about them like that, from a kid, was just too much. But I hesitated. And I made a mistake because of that. A big mistake.

I let my fingertips ghost on the rotting bark, and if I was able to cry, I really would. But no one would be able to see me anyway. It was like that for so many years already. I was just an ignored little boy.

I floated up off the ground and flew above the treetops, looking for a head of blue hair. The sun was already starting to come out, signaling early morning. Once I found him, I touched down; hard, enough to make a small shockwave. Kaito stumbled a bit and glared in my direction. I thought for a second that he was just trying to see what could have made that wave, but he sighed and finally addressed me, "Len, what are you doing?"

I repressed a smile. "I'm sorry." I bowed. "I was scared to talk to you."

"Why would you be scared?" He sounded a little annoyed and he shifted his weight, which made me look up.

"Oliver—is that his name?—mentioned that you did drugs." His eyes widened at my confession and he looked down. "And I left because I thought it would be smart to leave you two alone for a while. And then I just thought of how many people I've seen die from drug overdose." I shuddered and watched Kaito quickly glance at his watch. "And I don't want that to happen to you."

Without me even noticing, Kaito had come close and wrapped me in his arms. "I can't cry," I told him. "This form can't cry." His grip tightened. "But I really, really want to." I sucked in a deep breath. "I really do." My arms went around his waist and I buried my head in his chest. Sometimes it hurt to be a spirit; having to look over every single human being as they ran aimlessly around you, not even knowing that you actually exist. I've tried to play with people, but they never saw me, or never noticed that I was the one that started the games. I pulled away from him. "It's time for you to go, isn't it?"

He smiled, and I had noticed that he was crying while we were hugging. My heart—did I even have one to begin with?—felt like it broke into millions of pieces. Never in my life, either as a human or as a spirit, have I made someone cry. This seemed so unreal. "Can you come with me so that you can watch me while I sleep?"

"Isn't that kinda stalkerish?" I asked with a smirk, but he just shrugged his shoulders and wiped the tears off of his face.

"I want to feel protected," he explained, walking a little ahead of me. My feet lifted and I floated next to him. Our blue eyes met and he smiled. "Can you promise me that?"

I took his hand and flew us high into the air, ignoring his protests. "You need sleep and I need rest. Do you knew where we can get that?"

"Well," he kept his eyes shut tight. "There's a little thing called my bed. And before you ask anything, it's big enough to fit two."

"And before you continue," I said, quickly reaching his house. "I go through things, remember?" To prove my point I went through his wooden door in the back of his house, sticking my head back out to glare at him. "I can only touch you."

"So I'll hold you," he said as if it wasn't even a big deal. My heart—again, did I even have one?—well, something began thumping in my chest and I could hear it through my ears. If my face could change colors I'm pretty sure it would be a wonderful shade of scarlet. "You okay? You're turning red." But instead my body decides to brighten for me.

"I'm fine," I said, backing into the house again and going through the first floor ceiling into his room. Once I got up there I tried my best to calm down so that he wouldn't see my embarrassment any longer. I crossed my legs and floated over his bed, just barely touching, er, going through the covers. Kaito walked in with his head cocked to the side, the adorable confused look on his face.

I resisted the urge to hit myself as he changed quickly into his pyjama's and crawled into bed, dragging me down into his arms. I felt a little wind be knocked out from my lungs as I landed, but he fell into a comfortable sleep, and I decided to just rest my head on his chest, sighing and taking in his scent.

I kept reminding myself this. Kaito was, and is, a human. I can't have any type of affection with him; feelings or sexual. It wouldn't work. But as he held me tightly while he slept, I couldn't help but feel a little loved. He wanted me to watch over him, but it felt like he was protecting me instead. Perhaps he was just making sure that he wasn't becoming deranged and thinking that I was a figment of his imagination, but either way, I would assure him that what he was seeing was real. I wasn't about to lose the first person that had finally begun to see me after over three hundred years of solitude. I squirmed a bit in his arms and he stirred, making me freeze. "Len," I heard him moan softly as he tightened his grip. I felt his hips buck for just a split second but then he relaxed, sighing contently. I saw my complextion turn red again. Was he...having a...a dirty dream about me?

Oh, yeah. I'm dead. More than before.

The next few days passed without any more problems, excluding the fact that Kaito has been ingoring me more and more lately. I haven't done anything wrong, or so I think, but still. And it seemed as though he was ignoring everyone. Even poor Oliver. I watched him through the walls, hidden enough so that he wouldn't see me, and noticed the clear tension between him and his family. It pained me to see this, to see him suffer over something and I had no idea what it was. But no matter what he wouldn't tell me or anyone for that matter. I wasn't really sure as to how I really felt, but I knew that I was hurt. I floated up to his room and began flailing my arms, wishing I could touch at least anything in here. I wanted to rip all these pictures up and throw them away. Make him forget about his crazed past. About his druggie days. But I was just a damned spirit.

Kaito ran into his room and looked me dead in the eye before closing his door. "What are you doing here?"

I shrugged, calming down to the point where I was slouched. I tried to touch down but caught myself when my feet went through the floor. This was a man made structure, I couldn't touch it like I could the dirt ground and the trees. Kaito looked at me with worry in his eyes. "Let me ask something similar. What's wrong?"

"You," I replied, floating around his room. "You've been keeping quiet. For a few days now, and I'm worried about you. What if you're doing something bad behind my back? I can't have you ignoring me or else you might stop believing!"

"Believe—what? What are you blabbering about now? I won't stop believing in you since you're the best thing that's happened to me since I came here."

"Then what are you hiding from me?" I demanded, and he looked away, biting his lip. "Kaito Shion, you better damn tell me."

"Why do you care?"

"Why do you moan my name when you sleep?" I countered, making him take in a deep breath. "Am I that appealing that all you see is a damn sex thing? God, you even humped against me for a bit."

"I...I did that?" he asked hesitantly, and when I looked at his face, his cheek were stained red. "G-god, I...I'm sorry if that made you uncomfortable..." I relaxed a bit. "I don't think that you're just a sex toy. But what I'm hiding from you—"

"So you are hiding something!"

"Let me damn finish. What I'm hiding from you I'm still trying to figure out. But if I can't get anything, then I'll come right to you. I promise." He was telling the truth, and I sighed. This boy was going to kill me, even if I was already dead.

I'm so upset that Len's POV is so much shorter than Kaito's. It's just that there's less to write with Len since it's not his story. I'm sure the next chapter will be longer, but there might be a delay. School sucks.