Wir sind der Kinder dreien,

sitzen unter'm Hollerbusch

Und machen alle Huschhuschhusch!"

Chapter 4


If...If Kaito was disappearing, then that meant...the spirit guardians from other places of the world were mad. At me. I was the one who had become friends with him in the first place, which was like, a big no-no in the spirit world. We spirit guardians were only allowed to watch over the human world, not actually interact with it. I was probably the first one to do so in a very long time. As I flew around the trees, I felt a strange presence behind me, but I threw it off as nothing. As I continued jumping through the branches, I faintly noticed another blond head to my right before I was tackled to the ground, while the body that landed on top of me painfully crushed my ribs. I groaned and the being sat up. Oh. "You, mister, are in the biggest trouble you can get yourself into," she said, pointing her slim finger in my face as she sat on my stomach.

This was Rin, my twin sister that was supposed to be on the other side of England. But I guess something must have possessed her to come all the way over here. I swatted her hand away and she yelped. She looked exactly like me; blond hair but with bobby pins in the bangs, and bright, deep blue eyes. She was so tan, but that was because people actually believed in her. While I was as pale as the moon. She floated up, her white skirt flapping with the small amount of wind she let out. "Why are you here, Rin?" I asked, running a hand down my face as she tried to smooth herself out.

She just grinned. "I heard from the higher ups that a human from here has been vanishing." I glared at her as she placed her finger over her lips in an innocent manner. "Am I right?"

"If you are?" I countered, not at all scared by what this little girl could do. She may be older than me and more powerful, but I still wore the pants in this family. My arms crossed over my chest as I refused to break my stare, waiting for the moment that she would break.

And eventually, she sighed, her eyes turning darker as she began speaking in a more motherly tone. "I don't want anything bad to happen to you, Len." She floated over to me and placed a hand on my shoulder. "We're all we have left for each other, and you're thinking of just throwing it all away like this by being with a human?"

"You don't know him."

"That doesn't matter," Rin stated, shocking me. "Humans are—"

"The things that keep us here, guarding over this world." I spun around her, placing my hand on some of the trees, feeling the ashes, frowning softly. "They're what brings this forest alive, and keeps it that way. You should know, judging by how many believers you have and all that." She looked away, trying to make me feel bad by putting on her signature sad-puppy face. Which more often than not didn't work anyway. "Rin, he's my first believer in a really, really long time. Give him a chance."

"But he's gotten too close to you! Do you understand what will happen if higher ups decide to kill him? More torture for you than for him."

That thought flew through my head for a little bit. Rin had a point; if I lost Kaito, then I would really be upset, not just because I lost someone that finally saw me, but I would be losing a friend. I've seen people be born and die, and I had no feelings of grief toward them if I didn't know them personally. But this time... "I understand, and that's why I'll keep him safe."

"For goodness fucking sake!" she cried, startling me. I wasn't expecting her to curse at me considering she never did. "I have people to take care of and instead I'm here, reprimanding my retarded brother."

"Hey!" Tears would have made their way into my eyes if I could cry. "If you don't wanna be here than just go away!"

Rin clenched her fists and flew close to me, ready to hit me in the face. I flinched and she got close to my face, her angered face right there. "You're really damn lucky I don't stop believing in my own brother."

"What good would that give you?" I asked as I lifted myself off of the ground. "You're a spirit like me. There's no way to not see me."

And I flew off into the town.

As I flew, I left a trail of wind, or, actually a gust that could blow off light things, my anger influencing my powers. If I had enough energy I would summon lightening to my command and start breaking trees in a nearby forest. But, no. I had to be this little weak spirit in charge of a small and useless town. I went down and let my feet touch the sidewalk, and I heard the hiss as some people just walked right through me, not even noticing that I was there. Before, it would have upset me, but right now, after what Rin had said, I was too mad to even care.

The entire spirit world was glad when Rin and I were born; they threw a party too, and when we became spirits, they rejoiced. We were sent to opposite sides of England to guard two simple towns, back about three hundred years ago. There weren't very many people, so it was easy to control. However, as time went on, Rin's town grew and became more populated, giving her more and more believers, while mine was lucky when someone moved to it. We were opposites and we knew it. She was a free little girl with barely any rules being placed upon her, while I was trapped in a prison where no one could see me.

It was a little unfair if I do say so myself. Mother and Father, the rulers of the spirit guardians, had such great expectations from twins, but they just threw me off like a failed experiment. I was an outcast in both of these worlds.

But, for some reason, I couldn't even break free from my shackles.

Kaito visited me again last night, and he must have known that there was something wrong with me judging by how I was quiet and almost lost in my own thoughts. He finally decided to talk to me about it when I narrowly dodged a fifth tree that just appeared in my view. We sat under his tree where he wrapped an arm around my shoulders, bringing me in closer. His breath smelled a little funky...

"Is there anything you wanna talk about?" he asked right off the bat, not even blinking twice. He cared, and that's all that mattered.


"His sister came by today," Rin, appearing from behind another tree, said, but I sent a glare her way. Freeing my hands, I began signing to her, he probably can't see you.

"Your?" Kaito asked, further proving my point as my older sister just pouted.

"My sister came by to talk to me," I replied, staring right at her to make sure she didn't do anything.

"You have a sister?" he asked, actually sounding like he was interested. "You never told me that." His gaze faltered and I noticed that he was staring in Rin's direction.

"We're twins," I quickly said before she could interupt me, and signed for her to back off. "She guards a town on the other side of the country, although it's probably a city by now, judging how fast it grew."

Kaito didn't reply, just kept staring at the little spirit girl that was floating and looking at her nails, acting all innocent. "Len and I are opposites," she said, and Kaito's face erupted in a smile as he stood up and walked to her.

"You're his sister? You're so cute!" he gushed, making her blush deeply. "You two really do look alike..."

She smirked and looked my way. "So you think he's cute too?" My body turned bright red and made my clothes look pink.

"Of course," he said, a big smile on his face. Rin gave me a deadly glare which made me flinch, and turned back to the blue haired teen. "Can I talk to you alone?" she asked and he complied, and they walked off together, leaving me sitting by a lone tree. What friend he was. I stared up into the night sky. The stars were bright and blinking, illuminating everything around me. Eventually Rin came back, alone, and I jumped up and flew up to her, almost crashing. "Where is he?" I demanded.

Rin only smirked and tilted my head to the side, "He completely vanished."

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