"Anneau autour de la rosie,

Une poche pleine de petits bouquets,

Cendres, cendres,

Nous tombons tous."

Chapter 7


I love you. I love you. I love you. Tears flew down my cheeks as I let out an anguished cry, falling to my knees. He had told me that he loved me. And I had stopped believing in him as well. I clenched my fists and hit myself a few times. How stupid could I really be? I couldn't even tell him that I had relapsed and apologize for it. I growled out as I stood up and walked toward the window, placing my hand through the glass. Oh, how I really wanted to shoot up and feel a little bit of relief because of all this. But at the same time, I didn't want to. It was strange. I felt as though if I did start, I would disappoint Len, even if for some reason, he wasn't ever going to come back. I punched the nearby wall, but was shocked when my body flew forward a bit as I went right through. He had left me, so why was I going through things again? I looked over at the clock. Almost dinner time. I probably looked like a complete mess.

I opened my door and stalked into the bathroom, passing Oliver on the way in. He looked surprised, to say the least, but didn't follow, just stood outside the bathroom door as I rinsed my face out. "Kaito," he began, treading on thin ice as he chose his words. "Are you okay?"

"No," I replied slowly, my fingers curling against the edge of the sink to hold me steady. "I'm not."

The next day, I was quick to get out of the house, leaving Auntie and Oliver in the dust. The loving woman in my family yelled a string of curses at my back but I kept walking, right to the school that Oliver attended. If I was to get anything good out of meeting Len, it would be this.

I scheduled to meet the principal earlier that morning to ask her a few questions on teaching a small elective course that students may or may not be in to. After a couple minutes of my begging and whining, she had agreed, and I was to report thirty minutes before classes actually started in order to have a word with her. I wasn't about to let up this offer. After what happened last night, I had told Oliver my idea about teaching at his school. He was skeptical at first; seeing as I had a past with drugs and everything, but quickly agreed anyway. He even promised to take whatever class it was that I would be giving lessons about.

The principal, just as I had though, fell in absolute love with me. She loved how well I presented myself and how much I knew about Len. She was amazed, even the bits of research she had done on him didn't get as much detailed as my explanation did. And that was just a start! During lessons, I had a ton of things planned out! I had figured out how he became a spirit, what emotions he can feel but not show and the other way around. I wanted him to become more powerful, to gain more believers, to live a normal, happy life.

So she sent me straight to a classroom and said I could rearrange things to my own pleasure. It was abandoned for a few years and pretty dusty, but I was sure that I could have it completely cleaned up by the end of the week. First of all, that board demanded a serious wash. The chalk that was still on it would probably take at least fifteen minutes to come off without any remover. I sighed and took off my jacket. Even though it was getting a bit chilly, I would probably quickly break a sweat. I lit up a quick cigarette—first one of the day, what an achievement! I had usually smoked around five by now back a few years ago—and busied myself.

A few minutes in, the door opened, and I turned around, staring face to face with a smoky Oliver, whose amber eye glowed when he saw me, happy as can be. My smoke was lost deep within the garbage can, and I had sprayed a shit ton of cologne to mask the smell. "Kaito," he said, walking in, closing the door behind him and taking a seat. "How's the decorating?"

I took a glance around the dirty room. "Oh, you know, it's gonna take a while. But I was surprised that I got this job without much effort. No college practice or anything. Fresh out of high school and I'm already teaching. Not my future plan, I'll say that. Now," I pointed at his ashed attire, "what the hell happened to you?"

He simply shrugged, "Chemistry experiment blew up on me. Anyway, do you need help?"

"Would you mind helping your crazy cousin out?" I joked.

My teaching started that following week. Even though the students were already well into the school year, some had heard about the course and took it without a second thought. During my first lesson, I had explained how one could become a spirit guardian.

"A tragedy has to happen to you. You pretty much have to be killed," I said, and half the class erupted into murmurs. "Now, it may sound harsh, but some people are not always killed. To become a spirit, you have to have done something to help another person or a group of people. If by chance you saved them and then got run over by a car, you would have a greater chance to become a spirit than, let's say, someone who got caught in the middle of a gang fight."

A girl raised her hand. "What happens after you're chosen?"

"From what I've heard and read, you are given the task of watching over a certain town by an entity known as Father, the king of the spirit guardians. He's pretty much the guy that keeps the world in check. From there, you have to be believed in by doing things that could either help people or bring them joy." Out of the corner of my eye, Len flew in through the window. I had to keep back a smile as his eyes met mine and he crossed his arms over his chest, a proud smirk on his face. "The more people that believe in the spirit, the more powerful they become and the more that they can do to help the people of the town."

"Do you believe in any spirit?" someone asked.

It was my time to smirk. "Why yes, the one that guards over this town." More muttering between students. "His name is Len, he has bright blond hair, gorgeous blue eyes and a laugh that could match a tinkling bell. He looks to be about fourteen, but he's really over three hundred years old. He's super nice—"

A shriek pierced through my speech as a girl stood up, knocked over her chair and pointed right at Len. "Who are you?!"

Even the blond looked confused as the entire class turned around and stared at him with awe. For one, he was floating, and he also matched the description I had just given. I let out a small sigh of relief when he floated up to me and gave me a big, warm hug, practically tackling me to the ground. "Thank you," he whispered into my ear, his lips moving to press against my cheek briefly so that other people wouldn't see. He turned to the class. "It's a pleasure to meet you all." He bowed deeply and looked back up. "My name is Len. I'm the spirit guardian of this town."


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