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Embracing Evil: Series 3.

Chapter 1.

Chaos was casually leaning against the throne and the ball commenced, it was a gathering really, it was to introduce new allies to the rest of the DE's. Tom was speaking to Lucius about something and Chaos was observing the group, he could see some of the werewolves and he laughed at the fact that representatives of the vampire clan they had on their side were the other end of the room, the two creatures did not get on at all. Most already knew who he was which is why he wasn't by Tom's side, the Dark Lord did like to show him off to people as his reputation had leaked out since the fight collecting the werewolves, everyone wanted to know who this 'Chaos' was, it was funny really, he would love to see their reactions to who he really was. Chaos pushed himself of the throne to go mingle with the crowd, maybe if he could find Barty they could spike the drink or something to spice things up, drunk death eaters were hilarious. He spoke to the brothers and Bella, he spoke to one of the vampires who was uncomfortable about being around so much 'food bags' as he put it, Harry told him to go hunt so he didn't attack anyone in the room. He was weaving expertly through the people when something happened that made him freeze, someone grabbed his ass, he span around angrily to see the culprit when the person kissed him. Harry's mind went blank before he threw them off furiously whipping his mouth.

"What do you think you are doing?" He hissed at the guy, he didn't recognise him so he must be new.

"Come on it was a bit of fun."

"Do you know who I am?" Chaos demanded harshly, Tom was going to be delighted when he found out someone else had touched what was his.

"A new allie, this is what this is for." He pointed out and Harry snarled.

"I am the Dark Lord's Chaos," Chaos spat and watched in pleasure as the man before him paled.


"Yes, how dare you touch me?"


"Wait until the Dark Lord finds out you touched what is his." The man lost more colour, his eyes darted around as if searching for the Dark Lord and Harry sneered.

"Good luck, he doesn't even like it when people look at me." He laughed cruelly before storming away, he felt kind of violated so he left the ball and smoked to their rooms. He threw off his robes for the elves to wash and had a quick shower, he got out and threw some jeans of then brushed his teeth when he felt Tom's magic get very thick which told him he had just found out, the man wouldn't be happy in the slightest. Harry walked out of the bathroom just as the bedroom door was flung open, he locked on with furious crimson eyes and withheld a wince; Tom was pissed. Chaos slowly walked forward until he was right in front of his lover, he tilted his head to the side letting his hair fall over his shoulder and said one word.

"Yours," Tom claimed his lip and in furious heated kiss, Chaos' arms found themselves around his loves neck as he was slowly pushed back against the desk, Tom lifted him on to the desk and Chaos wrapped his legs around the man, Tom trailed bites down his neck drawing a low moan from the younger.

"You know I belong to you." Harry murmured.

"He still touched you," Tom hissed.

"And I pushed him off." Tom was still furious by the tenseness in his shoulders, Chaos thought it best to calm the man down. He pushed the man back to the chair and straddled him; he kissed along the strong jaw and hit all the sensitive spots.

#I am your Harry# he continued his slow light kisses.

#Your Chaos# Chaos nibbled on Tom's ear softly and the man sucked in a sharp breath.

#You own me# Chaos was drawn in to a searing kiss that sent a shiver through his entire body, he let Tom dominate the kiss without a fight.

"Do you still have the immediate urge to kill anyone not names Dumbledore?" Chaos asked and Tom rolled his eyes.


"Are we going to return to your ball?"

"I don't want anyone near you." Tom stated with no room for argument, Chaos felt like rolling his eyes, when Tom got in his over possessive moods he was impossible, Chaos didn't mind all that much though, he would be beyond pissed if someone even thought about touching Tom.

"I will stay by your side." Chaos told him and the Dark Lord nodded, the teen got up and threw on a black shirt and pulled on black robes with green detailing. Tom straightened his robes as he stood and Harry placed his mask back on, they left and made their way back to the meeting room where the ball was still in full swing, Chaos stepped closer to Tom's side as they entered and he stayed there for the rest of the night. Chaos learned a lot by just sticking with Tom, he was currently in a discussion with some vampires about where they could get their source of blood from.

"I am not disputing that there are a lot of muggles, what I'm saying is you cannot go around snacking on muggles all the time." Chaos rolled his eyes.

"Vy can ve not? They are no use, I vould think you vere protecting them, do you like muggles Chaos?" the name was sneered with distaste by one of the younger vampires, Chaos eyes flashed and Tom gripped his waste tighter in warning not to kill the stupid thing.

"Foolish creature, do you not think they would notice that there was suddenly a mass breakout of people being killed and left empty of blood, use your common sense." The teen snapped, the vampire went to speak again but Chaos cut him off.

"Before you say anything else entirely stupid they would notice because surprisingly enough it's rather suspicious. Now if you would have let me finish my idea I was going to suggest that as there is an entire wing of Azkaban prison dedicated to soulless witches and wizards who are perfectly full of magical blood but are no use to society you could use them." Chaos threw him a challenging look and crossed his arms in a 'you were saying' manor, the Dark Lord's face was emotionless but his eyes were sparkling with amusement, the clan leader suddenly laughed.

"You have a smart one at your side Lord Voldemort, that is a marvellous idea which keeps us fed and away from discovery, I will bring it forth at the next council." The Dark Lord nodded and steered Chaos, who was smirking at the vampire who questioned him, away and back up towards the throne.

"That is a surprisingly good idea that solves the vampire problem, I have no doubts you have raised favour with them." Tom murmured to him and Chaos smirked.

"It came to me just them when Vlad said that they hadn't found a solution, I thought my idea was better than allowing a clan of vampires to run riot, I mean seriously, we want to avoid muggles not have them hunting us because of stupid blood thirsty creatures." Chaos rolled his eyes at their idiocy, Tom smirked.

"I believe Vladimir will be having words with his childe." Chaos leant back elegantly on his throne and watched as the ball came to a close, he saw the Vlad muttering in his childes ear furiously and smirked, his eyes flicked throughout the room when he blinked and sat upright.

"Why is he still here?" He demanded harshly glaring at the person who had dared touch him.


"The person who dared kiss me! Why did you not get rid of him?"

"Because no one saw exactly who it was, Barty just told me you had stormed out because someone kissed you." By his tone Tom told Chaos he would have like nothing better than to slaughter the person responsible, Chaos scouted the area and saw Barty talking to Rabastan. He tapped his dark mark pendent to get his attention and the escaped convict turned to look at him questioningly, Chaos motioned for him to come and Barty rolled his eyes, Chaos had found out he could contact DE's with his pendent and he used it when he was feeling particularly lazy and wanted one of them. Barty approached the dais quickly and Tom raised an eyebrow, Chaos smirked.

"You called Chaos?"

"See the person next to Dolohov, in the dark blue robes?" Chaos pointed out and Barty looked around until he nodded.

"Keep him here as people begin to leave."

"Ok, why him specifically?"

"He kissed me." Barty winced and his eyes darted towards the Dark Lord before hurrying away.

"There," Chaos sat back again,

"Are you happy now?"

"As if you weren't going to get to him." Tom just looked at him.

"Well what if you would have ignored it and he decided to touch me again?" Chaos asked rhetorically and watched as Tom's eyes flashed.

"He will be warned," Chaos nodded and sat back casually as people began to approach the dais to bow and leave, he nodded to Vlad when he approached but other than that Chaos pretended as if the others didn't exist. Finally the room was empty apart from Barty and the person Chaos ordered him to hold, Barty threw the man forward and he stumbled to his knees.

"What is your name?" Tom's voice was ice cold and the man shivered.

"Peter J-Johnson," He stuttered and Chaos sneered.

"I have been told of an incident earlier this evening."

"My Lord?"

"Do you see him on the throne next to me?" the man's attention snapped to Chaos and his eyes widened in realisation, Tom rose and stood behind Chaos' throne.

"He's beautiful isn't he? So powerful and enticing is he not?" Tom ran a pale hand through Chaos hair, the teen leant his head to the side relishing in the feeling, and he was also glowing over the words Tom had said about him.

"Yes My Lord,"

"You then thought you would try kissing him after seeing all of this."


"Understandable, he is perfect." The man let out a breath a relief and Barty stepped back slightly, he obviously felt the shift in Tom's magic like Chaos.

"But not acceptable," the man tensed immediately and stopped breathing, Tom placed a finger under Chaos chin to bring eye contact, the Dark Lord leaned down and kissed him.

"You see, Mr Johnson," Barty winced at the use of 'Mr', the Dark Lord never called someone Mr; ever.

"Chaos is mine and mine alone." The Dark Lord walked slowly around until he was stood in front on the kneeling man.

"And that means you touched what belongs to me." Barty didn't even see his Lord draw his wand but Johnson was writhing on the floor from a Crucio, Chaos eyes were alight as he watched the man suffer, it would teach him to ever touch him again.

"If I find out you have even looked at my Chaos again, you will find yourself in early retirement, do I make myself perfectly clear?" Tom demanded in a hiss.

"Y-y-yes My L-Lord."

"Barty," Crouch pulled the man up and left with a bow dragging him with him, as soon as the doors shut Chaos fitted himself in to his lovers arms so Tom could apperate them to their rooms. Chaos changed in to his pyjama's and curled up in the chair in Tom's arms to read, he wasn't tired yet, Tom kept an arm around Chaos as he read his own book. They sat in silence apart from the crackling fire just reading in total serenity and Chaos could stay like that and never complain, he shut his book and leant his head on Tom's shoulder as he watched the man read with a small smile. The Dark Lord turned to look at his Chaos with a quirked eyebrow, Chaos kissed him and shrugged to which Tom rolled his eyes and went back to his book, Chaos leant back and Tom's arm tightened slightly. He must have fallen asleep because he found himself being lifted gently and placed down on the bed, Chaos immediately curled in to Tom and he felt the man kiss his temple before he was asleep.

Chaos snarled as he stalked through the manor, he couldn't hate Dumbledore more than he did at that moment. He threw the meeting room doors open ignoring the fact he could smoke, the crowed parted once the realised who was storming in and some backed up so fast they fell but Chaos paid them no mind. On his throne the Dark Lord raised an eyebrow and once he was before the man he handed over the parchment, Tom read and was immediately furious.

"Dissmisssed," He hissed and the death eaters were more than happy to leave, the inner circle stayed and once the door slammed shut Harry found himself drawn in to a kiss. The Dark Lord flicked his wand to conjure Chaos' seat and the teen draped himself in his throne, Chaos smirked at the fact the inner circle were still surprised at their relationship.

"Barty I have a job for you, the rest can leave." The bowed and left leaving Barty.

"Chaos has had an unfortunate letter form Dumbledore, you are going back with Chaos and will be polyjuiced as his muggle Uncle." Barty nodded excitedly and was waved away.

"I hate that stupid bearded fool." Harry grumbled.

"Yes, believe me it's a common thought." Tom sighed as he rose gracefully and motioned for Chaos to follow, they went to their rooms where Harry gracelessly on to the bed.

"What in Merlin's name could he want to possibly pick me up 2 weeks early and why him." Chaos finally burst out in frustration.

"Does anyone know what goes through that man's mind?" Tom asked rhetorically but Chaos answered anyway.

"No but it doesn't make me any happier about it." Chaos sighed before getting up and removing his cloak and mask, he curled up in the black leather chair.

"We have a week to sort everything out, the wolves are rather taken with you." Chaos smirked at the jealous possessive tone, the man had only gotten worse since the ball, he rose and straddled Tom with his head tilted lightly to the side.

"You aren't jealous are you?"

"No," He denied and Harry began lightly kissing his neck.

"Because, after all, I do belong to you." Chaos felt hands grip his hips and bit Tom's ear gaining a low hiss.

#Only you# he hissed and Tom claimed his lips roughly, Chaos readily opened his mouth and the Dark Lord dominated the kiss not that he was complaining.

#Own me# Harry hissed and found himself naked on the bed with Tom over him, Harry dragged his nails down the pale skin leaving angry red scratches as he arched, a wonton moan ripping from his throat and Tom hissed. Harry screamed out his lovers name in parcel as he came hard and collapsed burring himself in Tom's neck, the tightening of muscles and hearing his name being screamed sent Tom over the edge. He muttered a few cleaning spells and wrapped his arms around his smaller lover as Harry curled in to him, the teen was usually cuddly after sex but Tom didn't mind, he was his. His Harry, his Chaos and that, the Dark Lord thought, wasn't changing anytime soon before going to sleep.

Barty was bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet as he waited for Chaos to finish saying goodbye to the Dark Lord, it was a silent goodbye but it was taking a while. Finally the beautiful teen emerged looking like the regular Harry Potter but with a vicious hicky on his neck, Barty raised an eyebrow at the mark and Harry smirked.

"Doesn't want anyone near me apparently." Harry said and Barty laughed.

"Apparently," Harry smoked them to an Ally by Privet Dr and they made their way to the house under disillusions, one they were in the magic dropped due to the dampeners and Harry sighed.

"Oh how I loathe this house." Harry muttered slumping in to the kitchen.

"Come on Barty, we have cleaning to do, Dumbles can't see the blood." Crouch groaned but followed, they had tonnes of fun muggle cleaning and once it was finally done Barty collapsed on to the sofa with a groan.

"Blood if definitely not the easiest to clean."

"Your telling me," He whined much to Harry's amusement, he flicked on the t.v and browsed, there was nothing on but it was good background noise.

"What in Merlin's name is this?" Barty exclaimed pointing to the soap opera on the screen, Harry shrugged.

"How and I supposed to know, in case you haven't realised I've been at the manor with Tom."

"How did that happen anyway?" Barty asked generally curious, Harry tilted his head.

"What do you mean?" the death eater scoffed.

"Come on, that was a bomb you dropped on us when Snape was revealed." Harry smirked.

"Oh that."

"Yes, that, how?"

"Well when I want something I usually get it, just takes a little twisting."

"But he's the Dark Lord, anyone would give their wands for him to even to look at them let alone have them."

"And he's now mine." Harry stated firmly, no one would have a chance with Tom as long as he was around and he didn't plan on leaving anytime soon. He and Barty spent the night talking about useless things, until Harry fell asleep curled up in the chair, Barty also slept in the living room but on the sofa. Harry woke up stiff and cold, he momentarily forgot where he was and fell of the chair with a bang, Barty leapt up with his wand out and tripped over the rug smacking his face on the wall and crumpling to the ground. They looked at each other and burst out laughing, Harry heaved himself up and trudged to the kitchen still laughing, he began making breakfast as Barty stretched and fell in to a chair.

"Eggs?" Harry asked.

"Can you cook?" Harry scoffed.

"Please, I'm like a gourmet chef."

"Sure, why not, if you poison me I'll get a week of work." Harry rolled his eyes and passed the man a bacon, egg and ketchup sandwich, he looked at it funny.

"What is that?"

"Just try it." Harry sighed munching on his own, Barty bit in to it carefully and his eyes widened before he ate it with new vigour.

"Whatever that was in it, was very very good."

"Something that I love from the muggle world; ketchup." Harry held up the bottle.

"It goes with almost anything," Barty raised his eyebrows and Harry shrugged, Barty decided to lounge around the house to get used to the settings of a muggle house for when Dumbledore finally turned up and Harry reviewed his summer homework to make sure it was up to Gryffindor standards. He had received his OWL's and had aced them minus History and divination but then he had 'passed out' in one and divination was a load of crap anyway, hopefully the teachers didn't ask to many questions or he would have to lie through his teeth. Harry made a quick lunch and sat down to read a book, Barty was flicking through the TV in fascination when he looked at the teen.

"What are you doing about your glamour?" He asked and Harry froze.

"Shit," He cursed, "There are magic dampeners over the house."

"How long will they hold if you put them on in here?"

"An hour or 2 maximum."

"Well when Dumbledore knocks on the door, place the glamour on at that moment then it will keep when you leave, he won't sense the wandless magic because the monitor is bound to be in his office." Barty suggested and Harry blinked.

"That is a surprisingly good idea." Harry said a little shocked.

"I have my moments." The teen grinned. The time leading up to Dumbledore's arrival was tense, each was running through their part to play and didn't realise the time until there was sharp rap on the door. Barty bolted up the stairs gulping down the polyjuice as he went and Harry cast his glamour wandlessly using Petunia's compact mirror.

"Get the door boy." Vernon's voice yelled down the stairs.

"Yes Uncle Vernon," Harry slumped to the door and pulled it open, on the doorstep, in all his glory, was Albus Dumbledore with his usual benign smile.

"Professor," Harry nodded.

"Good evening Harry, may I come in, I want to have a word with your family."

"Of course but only uncle Vernon's here, Dudley and aunt Petunia are away, they booked a holiday for Dudley's exam results." Harry explained opening the door and leading him in, 'Vernon' was sat in his chair with a scowl on his face.

"Good evening Mr Dursley, I am Professor Albus Dumbledore, Harry's headmaster." Vernon grunted in response and Harry withheld a grin, Barty had Vernon down perfectly.

"I have come to explain a few important detail's to you about Harry and what will happen next year and I have to ask Harry a few things." Dumbledore began and Harry looked at him in question.

"You see when Sirius died he left you everything but the Black's were notorious in their paranoia," Dumbledore said, turning back to Harry, "if you have indeed inherited the house, you have also inherited-"
He flicked his wand and Vernon flinched. There was a loud crack, and a house-elf appeared, with a snout for a nose, giant bat's ears, and enormous bloodshot eyes, crouching on the Dursley's' shag carpet and covered in grimy rags. Uncle Vernon bellowed, "What the hell is that?"
"Kreacher," finished Dumbledore.
"Kreacher won't, Kreacher won't, Kreacher won't!" croaked the house-elf, quite as loudly as Uncle Vernon, stamping his long, gnarled feet and pulling his ears. "Kreacher belongs to Miss Bellatrix, oh yes, Kreacher belongs to the Blacks, Kreacher wants his new mistress, Kreacher won't go to the Potter brat, Kreacher won't, won't, won't -" Harry couldn't help but commend Kreacher on his acting, the elf had, after all, helped him with his plan with the prophecy, maybe the elf had been speaking with Bella.
"As you can see, Harry," said Dumbledore loudly, over Kreacher's continued croaks of "wont, won't, won't," "Kreacher is showing a certain reluctance to pass into your ownership."
"I hadn't noticed," said Harry dryly and Dumbledore chuckled, "What am I supposed to do with him, I don't want him?"
"Won't, won't, won't, won't-"
"You would prefer him to pass into the ownership of Bellatrix Lestrange? Bearing in mind that he has lived at the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix for the past year?" Harry was tempted to point out that it didn't matter as he would tell Tom all their secrets anyway but he didn't think that would be prudent.
"Won't, won't, won't, won't-"
Harry stared at Dumbledore in silent question.
"Give him an order," said Dumbledore. "If he has passed into your ownership, he will have to obey. If not, then we shall have to think of some other means of keeping him from his rightful mistress."
"Won't, won't, won't, WON'T!"
Kreacher's voice had risen to a scream. Harry could think of nothing to say, except, "Kreacher, shut up!"
It looked for a moment as though Kreacher was going to choke. He grabbed his throat, his mouth still working furiously, his eyes bulging. After a few seconds of frantic gulping, he threw himself face forward onto the carpet and beat the floor with his hands and feet, giving himself over to a violent, but entirely silent, tantrum.
"Well, that simplifies matters," said Dumbledore cheerfully. "It means that Sirius knew what he was doing. You are the rightful owner of number twelve, Grimmauld Place and of Kreacher."
"What shall I do now?" Harry asked, aghast, as Kreacher thrashed around at his feet.
"If I might make a suggestion, you could send him to Hogwarts to work in the kitchen there. In that way, the other house-elves could keep an eye on him."

"Ok, Kreacher, go to Hogwarts and work in the kitchens, I'll call you when I need you." Harry ordered and the house-elf looked at him, Harry gave an invisible nodded and the elf disappeared.

"Hagrid has been looking after Buckbeak-,"

"He can keep him its fine." Dumbledore beamed.

"Brilliant, Hagrid will be delighted. Now Harry, are you packed?"

"Yeah, ready to go." He said enthusiastically, out of the corner of his eye he saw 'Vernon's' lip twitch.

"One more thing," He turned to Vernon, "Next year when Harry becomes of age in the wizarding world, the protection I placed here 15 years ago will cease to exist, I ask that you allow Harry return one last time so he is protected until that time." Harry was tempted to scoff, if he was protected then the state he was in at the beginning of the summer must have been a mistake.

"If I must, Petunia has always insisted he stay." Vernon growled.

"Come, Harry, I am hoping you will aid me in an endeavour this evening and you will spend the rest of the holidays at the Burrow." Harry nodded and turned to Vernon.

"You will have to explain to Aunt Petunia what's gone on because I could never get a letter to her even if I wanted to." Crouch got the hidden message,

"Are you ordering me around boy?" He demanded and Harry withheld a smirk.

"I was merely suggesting-,"

"After everything we have done for you." He roared leaping to his feet, Dumbledore rose and there was a chill coming from the man.

"Mr Dursley, I believe what Harry was suggesting would be a perfect idea." Vernon quelled and nodded.

"Now, time to be off Harry." Harry pulled his trunk from the kitchen and Dumbledore tapped it with his wand.

"They will be at the burrow for when you arrive." they left the house without a backwards glance, Dumbledore led him to the end of the street.

"Take hold of his arm and grip it tightly." He instructed and Harry withheld a grimace; he hated side-apperation unless it was with Tom. After the all too pleasant squeezing sensation they appeared in a non-descript road and Harry gulped lungful's of air, he would rather smoke.

"I wish to never experience that again." The old man chucked.

"It is a rather disconcerting experience." Harry scoffed under his breath and followed him, they approached a house which looked like it had been ransacked.

"Wands out, Harry." Harry shrugged and flicked his wrist, whatever it was it wasn't Tom so he didn't mind. There was a huge mess and blood sprayed on the walls, it looked like there had been some violent fight but something was off Harry thought and Dumbledore seemed to agree. Out of nowhere the old man lunged at a chair and jabbed it with his wand, the chair shuddered and changed in to a man with a rather large stomach, a walrus like beard and watery looking eyes.

"Merlin Albus, did you need to jab me that hard." The man yelled like it was normal for chairs to morph in to humans, Dumbledore chuckled.

"I'm sorry Horace but I had to be sure."

"What gave me away?"

"Dragons blood," Dumbledore pointed to the wall.

"And the lack of a Dark Mark." Harry added drawing attention to himself, the chair-man's head snapped around and his eyes widened.

"Oho," He exclaimed, "Don't think I don't see what you're doing old man, the answer is still no." Dumbledore shook his head.

"I think introductions are in order, Harry, this is Horace Slughorn, Horace, I don't think I need to tell you who this is." Harry blinked, the man wanted to used him for his fame, well that was just fucking rich, Harry thought with scorn but he plastered on a warm smile.

"It's nice to meet you, I've heard a great deal about you." Harry shook the man's hand.

"You have, have you?"

"Oh yes, are you not the potions master who trained Severus Snape to be what he is today?" Tom had told him he only knew one potions master on par with Snape in England, Horace Slughorn, he had taught Tom when he was in school but he was brilliant and had contacts with everyone; an interesting person to get on the good side off.

"I did teach the boy and helped him in his masters, he's produced some of the most brilliant potions I have ever seen after that, the wolfsbane; simply marvellous." Harry had to agree, there was nothing doubting Snape's talent, and the man was a genius, too bad he's dead. The two elder wizards cleaned up the room with a wave of their wands, the room fixed itself in to a warm, comfortable living area.

"I do wish you would reconsider Horace, Hogwarts is the safest place in England." Harry had to forcefully withhold a scoff, if Hogwarts was the safest place in England Harry would not want to see the most dangerous.

"The answer is no Albus." Dumbledore sighed.

"Fine, may I use your bathroom before we leave?"

"Leaving already?"

"I see it as a pointless task to linger where we are not wanted." Dumbledore told him cheerfully.

"Upstairs to the right," Slughorn sighed and sat down, Harry mirrored the motion.

"Don't think I don't know why Dumbledore brought you tonight." Horace said pointing at Harry, Harry thought it was time he acted a bit like his real self, he would need to find out what Dumbledore's true reason for getting this particular man back at the castle, especially as the man refused.

"Mr Slughorn-,"

"Horace please," Harry grinned.

"Horace, honestly, I don't even know what I'm doing here, Dumbledore only picked me up 30 minutes ago and said I would be helping him in an endeavour." Harry told him and Horace looked surprised.

"It doesn't surprise me that the old man would resort to that, he is rather sly. He wants me to teach but I am happy in my retirement."

"But didn't you enjoy teaching, I mean you were the best." Harry reasoned.

"I love teaching, there's nothing better than being able to see someone flourish under your guidance."

"Well, I'll be in your class next year, it would be good to have someone who doesn't hate me teaching potions."

"What do you mean?"

"Snape hates my guts, he can't even look at me without sneering and it makes for an uncomfortable environment whilst brewing. Add that to the fact he terrifies half his students to the point of hyperventilating, shaking and tears." Harry shrugged like it was normal and Horace looked horrified.

"But that's not right, you can't have an environment like that whist brewing, its dangerous! Everyone must be relaxed and calm or dreadful things could happen." Harry just shrugged again.

"I don't know, its been like it since first year but I'm surprised I got an O in my OWL's, I was so pleased." Harry grinned and the man smiled.

"Just like your mother, she was a genius at potions, the only person who could rival Severus. She went in to the field of Charms I believe as a spell weaver, I liked your mother, she was one of my favourites; Lily." Harry withheld a grin.

"I don't know, I've always been compared to my father but no one ever tells me about my mother. I mean I knew she was good at charms but that's about it."

"Oh no lad, Lily was brilliant at everything she did, she wasn't just great she excelled. Potions and Charms were her best subjects, I have only seen one other do the things she did with magic but then he went a different path." Slughorn trailed off looking away, Harry had a pretty good idea who that was.

"I'm good at charms but I'm better at defence, its easily my best subject and in potions I'm not sure, I obviously have some talent but Snape was never fair."

"I'm sure you would be as brilliant as her." Harry smiled genuinely, he would rather be his mother than his father, the man was an arrogant pig at the best of times. Just then Dumbledore came back in with a magazine that he was reading,

"May I borrow this, I do love a bit of knitting." Harry nearly slapped himself on the head, the man was insane.

"Sure sure,"

"Well we best be off Harry, there is nothing we can do now." Harry rose to his feet and nodded in goodbye, they were just out of the door when Slughorn burst over.

"Ok, Ok I'll do it, but I want a raise and Professor Merrythoughts office, not that broom cupboard I had last time."

"Of course Horace, I'll see you next week so you can get settled in." Dumbledore said joyfully, Slughorn walked away grumbling.

"Well done Harry, Horace had a particular knack for being interested in famous and powerful people." Harry nodded.

"Right, grabbed my arm again, last stop." Harry grimaced but took the arm, he soon found himself outside the burrow.

"One last thing, I would like to give you private lessons next year." Harry was instantly intrigued.

"On what sir,"

"Oh this and that. I will send note when the first one is." Harry's eye twitched microscopically but otherwise gave no indication of his annoyance, Dumbledore gave a cheery wave and apperated away. Harry growled and trudged up to the front door, he knocked and it was thrown open to reveal a flustered Mrs Weasley.

"Harry, its good to see you, we weren't expecting you until the morning." She said shocked, Harry shrugged.

"Dumbledore," She ushered him in quickly and locked the door, he was bunking with Ron and he withheld a groan.

"It's good to see you Harry dear, you're with Ron as usual and I'll see you in the morning." Harry nodded.

"Good night Mrs Weasley." He changed and curled up on the camp bed with a sigh, he was going to go insane.

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