Kagami was sleeping heavily, lying on his back. With the blanket riding low on his hips and his left hand on his stomach.
Blue eyes followed the rise and fall of Kagami's chest, only to slowly venture down over the naked torso and finally ending up on the shown 'happy trail' or 'tiger line' as Aomine so fondly called it.
Aomine smiled to himself were he lay on his stomach on Kagami's right side and he slowly lifted his right hand to make small circles with his finger on top of Kagami's left hand. He let his fingertip feel the warmth of Kagami and he slowly ran his finger over the major knuckles.
Then he slowly let his finger follow Kagami's middle finger from base to top and after a few turns he let all of his fingers spread out to take one finger each to follow. From base to top, from base to top, over and over again. It seemed like he couldn't get tired of it.

"I swear to God, if you don't go back to sleep soon, I'll kill you," Kagami said with a tired voice.

Aomine looked up on Kagami's face and stilled his ministration. Kagami still had his eyes closed and even though he had just threatened Aomine, a small smile tugged at his lips. Aomine lazed their fingers together and crawled closer to Kagami.

"Good morning to you too," Aomine said and gave a feather light kiss on Kagami's lips.

Kagami lifted his head a little bit, showing he wanted a better morning kiss and Aomine happily listened to the demand. There was no tongue, only lip to lip contact. Both had their eyes closed as they savored the moment. Aomine was the first to break the contact, but he continued to shower light kisses over Kagami's face.

"Wake up and make breakfast," he said in between his kisses.

Kagami smiled.

"So that's why you kiss me? Not to give me a morning greeting, but to actually try to butter up to me."

Aomine gave one final kiss on Kagami's lips before he turned to lay on his side and snuggled as close as possible.

"Yep," he said and looked at their hands linked together.

Kagami hummed in response.

"But I actually like that you try a different approach than to just kick me out of bed like you usually do."

Aomine chuckled.

"Maybe I'm in a good mood today," he said and let go of Kagami's hand, only to let his finger follow Kagami's tiger line a few times up and down.

"And why are you so happy today and not any other day?" Kagami asked curiously.

Aomine stopped what he was doing and looked back up on Kagami's face.
Red eyes met blue ones and they stared at each other for a while before Aomine gave a huge shit eating grin.

"Because we went about it five times yesterday."

Kagami groaned and face palmed.

"I should have known it was something perverted."

Aomine chuckled again and kissed Kagami's shoulder.

"Hey now, you're the one who went and fell in love with me. If I'm perverted, you must like it."

"No I don't. I don't have to like everything about you to be with you. It's all about accepting the flaws," Kagami said and sat up.

Aomine was quick with his hands and moved over Kagami's back, loving the feel of the heated skin.

"You know, I think we can skip breakfast and have some other fun..."

Kagami snorted at the statement and left the bed. He stretched his body, knowing full well that Aomine was drinking in every bit of his naked glory.

"No dirty thoughts," Kagami said and grabbed a pair of sweatpants that he put on.

"But really now. You stand up naked and stretch yourself and you just think I won't have any dirty thoughts? That's mean."

Kagami waved over his shoulder as he left the room to prepare breakfast. Aomine smiled to himself as he stretched and slowly got up from the bed. He could always try and get some morning sex in the kitchen.