The Archipelago Wars

The Story So Far

Four years of undisturbed peace have passed since the end of the Gene Corp War as both the Viking Tribes and the United States benefit from the economic upturn brought about by the quick rise of inter-dimensional trading as the Vikings use the funds gained from the tributes paid by the Coalition for assisting the multinational groups of scientists in their studies of the dragons to purchase electronics and other goods to improve their lifestyles while also selling items such as handcrafted weapons and pottery to collectors and museums. But despite the peace, the Viking Tribes, the Hairy Hooligans in particular have also been spending their funds to improve their military capabilities by purchasing surplus or obsolete weapons from the United States and hiring military advisers and former soldiers to help train their forces in the arts of modern warfare and some of the Vikings' leaders have shown interest in the possibilities of creating empires using their new weapons. On the other side, the American's People Party(APP) and it's armed branch, the technologically advanced, American's People's Military(APM) and the regular American armed forces has kept a keen eye out for any signs of possible conflict in both dimensions and has worked frivolously to improve it's rapid-deployment and intelligence gathering capabilities to ensure that they're never caught by surprise again.

However the United States, it's allies in the Coalition, and the Viking Tribes have all neglected to keep tabs on the Outcast Tribe, who have been atypically quiet since before the outbreak of the Gene Corp War a mistake that will soon cost them dearly while in the shadows another power is about to make it's first move against the Vikings.

Chapter One: Peaceful Times

Isle of Berk

April 5th, 2245

The chief dragon trainer of the Berk Dragon Academy, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third and Toothless were standing aside the Hairy Hooligan's main training adviser, APM Drill Sergeant, Adah Brown as they watched a group of young Viking Warriors practiced dismantling and cleaning their American-made GK-15 Assault Rifles

"I think they're starting to catch on now!" Adah said to Hiccup, who couldn't help but to look at the Sergeant's mechanical right arm, "What is it kid? Never seen a prosthetic arm before?"

"Not like that one..." Hiccup replied

The Sergeant laughed

"Sorry I forgot where I was..." He replied as he examined the mechanical arm

"How did you lose it?" Hiccup asked him

"Training accident, some dumb-ass Marine managed to get a hold of a laser rifle that somebody had deactivated the DNA lock on for some reason and it mis-fired, cutting it right off." He replied, "Had to sit out for most of the Gene Corp War because of it."

"Dear Odin that's horrible..." Hiccup said

"Not the worst thing that could have happened to me, if the beam had come any closer, it would've been fatal." Adah replied

"What happened to the Marine?" Hiccup asked him

"I believe he was dishonorably discharged." He replied, "But he was probably drafted back in during the war."

One of the Viking Warriors dropped their rifle to the ground, but immediately picked it up before inspecting it for damage and then continuing to reassemble it.

"Lets just hope he doesn't do that in battle if another war breaks out." Hiccup said to Adah, who nodded

"So how have things been going on at the dragon academy? Trained any new dragons yet?" He asked him

"We caught a Changewing about two days ago and we've been working on taming it and learning more about the species as a whole...with the help of the scientists of course." Hiccup replied

"A Changewing? Isn't that the species that's like a chameleon?" Adah asked him

"I don't know what that even is, but I guess so." He replied, "But we're finding that's it's actually really curious and friendly once it gets used to you."

"Well you learn something new everyday." Adah said to him

Meanwhile in the Great Hall , Hiccup's father and the chieftain of the Hairy Hooligan Tribe, Stoick the Vast was with the village's blacksmith and dragon dentist, Gobber the Belch

"Stoick, we haven't seen or head anything from Alvin and the Outcasts since before the Gene Corp War." Gobber said to Stoick

"Which is what has me concerned, the village was perfectly vulnerable during the Gene Corp War and they didn't even try to take it." He replied

"Maybe they finally decided to leave us alone after the whole kidnapping ordeal?" Gobber asked him

"Gobber, I know Alvin, he never gives up on anything and as long as he's alive, the Outcasts are a threat to us all." He replied

"Whatever you say Stoick, but I doubt he'll want to attack us when we have the backing of the Americans and their allies." Gobber said to him.

"He won't let that stop him from trying." He replied when Astrid Hofferson came into the great hall with Stormfly

"Have you seen Hiccup?" Astrid asked Stoick

"I think he and Toothless are with Sergeant Brown." He replied

"Thanks." Astrid said before heading out of the Great Hall and mounting onto Stormfly before taking off into the air before finding Hiccup and Toothless as they watched Brown dismissed the Viking warriors

"There you are Hiccup! Been looking all over for you!" She said to Hiccup as she and Stormfly landed

"Is something going on?" He asked her

"No, just wanting to know where you've been all day." She replied as she dismounted from Stormfly before she looked at the Sergeant, "How was today's class?"

"They're getting better, but they're nowhere near APM material, I'll tell you that." He said to her, "So have you guys heard anything from the your friends in the APMAC?"

"You mean the 502nd? Well no we haven't actually." Hiccup replied, "Is there something going on?"

"Well I heard from the grapevine that one of the Night Furies are getting married to their chief airplane mechanic." Brown said to him

"WHAT?!" Hiccup and Astrid bother said at the same time

In Route to Cape Girardeau Air Base

502nd Special Operations Air Squadron

The post-human Night Furies, Barnes and Samantha were with their three children as they slept in the cargo hold of one of the APMSF strategic airlifter that was flying them back to Cape Girardeau along with the rest of the 502nd, post-human dragons, and the APMSF 1st Stormtrooper Legion after the spending the last week and a half in North Africa, participating in a series of multinational war games with military forces from Russia, Israel, the European Federation, and the South African Federation

"Barnes! Sam! If you guys are asleep in there, it's time for you guys to get up! We're almost at the air base!" Shouted Captain Jack Franz Ramirez to Barnes and Samantha over the radio of their translation collars, waking up both them and their children

"Thank you Dice Two." Barnes replied tiredly with his translation collar as he got up, unwrapping his wing from Samantha before yawning as he stretched his legs while one of his daughters, Anna lifted her head up and yawned before she got up and stretched

"I think that's the best sleep I've had in a while." She said to her father while her mother and siblings, Leon and Zoey started to get up

"Well that's what happens after nearly 48 hours of no sleep." He replied, "You better go check on your future husband."

Anna nodded before going to check on her future husband, Preston Marlowe, who was strapped onto a cot while he slept with a maintenance manual covering his face while he looked at Samantha who was licking a minor injury on her thigh that she had gotten during the war games

"Sam, you're going to be okay. It's only a flesh wound." Barnes said to her

Samantha stopped licking the wound and looked at her husband

"I'm just cleaning it!" She said to him telepathically, "And have you called your dad to make sure he sent the invitations for the wedding to the dragon riders yet?!"

"Shit I forgot, I'll call him once we land." He replied

Samantha sighed and rolled her eyes

"The next time I suggest putting your dad in charge of invitations for anything, slap me." She said to him

"I'm sure he sent them anyway and if he didn't, I'm sure he has his reasons." He replied

Samantha snorted

APM Command Bunker

Downtown Cape Girardeau

Barnes' father and the president of the United States, Reaper was in his office looking at paperwork when Director of the CIA, Luke Twones came in through the door

"Am I disturbing anything?" Twones asked Reaper

"Not at all, go ahead and take a seat." He replied as he placed the paperwork into a folder that he placed down onto his desk while Twones sat down in one of the chairs in front of his desk, "So what's going on?"

"We've been continuing our search for that lost Gene Corp facility of your's and we've came across a tidbit of information that survived Gene Corp's purge of their databases." Twones said to him as he opened his briefcase before reaching into it and pulling a folder that he handed to Reaper, who took the folder and read it's contents, "Apparently overthrowing the APP and turning people into dragons weren't the only things on his agenda."

Reaper nodded and placed the folder down

"My question is why was he interested in making deals with the Romans?" Reaper asked him

Twones shrugged

"We don't know, but whatever the deals he made with were, it can't be good for our Viking friends." He said to him

"Oh crap..." Reaper said

"What?" Twones asked him

"I forgot to send the invitations for my granddaughter's wedding to the dragon riders." He replied

"Why can't Barnes and Samantha do that themselves?" Twones asked him

"Because they've been in North Africa for the past few weeks participating in those war games and they put me in charge before they left." He replied as he got onto his computer

"Well when's the wedding?" Twones asked him

"Two days from now." He replied as he picked up his phone, "I just hope they haven't find out about it from their training adviser because it was all over APM Weekly."

"I'd be hoping more that they're not blaming Barnes and Samantha for not sending them invitations." Twones said to him

"That too..." He replied as he typed in a phone number of his phone's keypad, but before he could press enter, the phone started to ring

"That's the riders isn't it?" Twones asked him

Reaper nodded

"Unfortunately." He said as he pressed the talk button, "Before you guys start, it's my fault. Barnes and Sam put me in charge of sending you guys your invitations to Anna's wedding while they and the 502nd went with the 1st Legion to the multinational war games in North Africa."

"Well I guess that explains why we weren't able to reach them..." Hiccup replied from the other side

"Well they're on their way back right now and I'll probably be getting a ear full from them about this later." Reaper said to him, "Just let me make the arrangements for a VTOL to go pick you and your dragons up and let me guess, Sergeant Brown told you about the wedding?"

"He did." Hiccup said to him

"Figured as much." He replied, "Well guess we'll be seeing you guys soon."

"Okay, thanks for inviting us...just be sure not to forget next time." Hiccup said to Reaper

"I won't." He replied, "Bye."

"Bye." Reaper said before hanging up and looking at Twones, "Now back to our discussion about Gene Corp's interests in Rome. I want eyes and ears in the Roman Empire as soon as possible, if Gene Corp has facilities there I want to know about them before we have a Second Gene Corp War in our hands, you got that?"

Twones nodded

"It'll take some time, but it shall be done Reaper." He said to him, "Shouldn't we notify the Coalition and the chieftains of the Viking Tribes though?"

"We will once we have a better idea on what Gene Corp was up to with these deals. But until then, we keep our lips sealed." He replied

Twones nodded