Chapter Eleven: The Second Battle of Berk

Isle of Berk

Sometime Later

Barnes, Samantha, and Toothless were flying in a V formation leading the other post-human dragons, 502nd, and the dragon riders as they and aircraft from the 1st Legion, airships, and the American naval fleet flew toward the Roman fleet while below them, formations of American tanks and mechanized infantry moved to assault Blackwater's LZ at Death's Head Headland under the cover of darkness

"Spread out, we're about to fly over the Blackwater LZ!" Barnes shouted over his translation collar before he, Samantha, and Toothless spread further apart as the other post-human dragons, dragon riders, and the 502nd did the same and shortly afterward they started to come under fire from Blackwater anti-air guns and infantry on the ground

"Been waiting for the chance to return the favor." Tesla said over the radio with her translation collar as she and the others dodged the large caliber anti-air munitions before shot up at them

"Haven't we all." Emily replied as several SEAD aircraft flew under them and took out most of the anti-air guns and their mobile radar vehicles

"Thank god for the wild weasels." Barnes thought to himself as small arms fired continued to bounce off his armor as they flew over the Blackwater LZ

"Incoming bogies!" Samantha shouted as several formations of Roman biplanes and Blackwater gunships flew toward them

"We'll take care of these guys! The rest of you go after the ships!" Barnes shouted over the radio to the other post-human dragons as he, Samantha, their children, and Toothless and Hiccup broke off from the main formation with the 502nd

"You heard the man lets go sink some ships!" Carville shouted with his translation collar as he and the other post-human continued on as a squadron of 1st Legion F-45s broke off from their formation to help the Night Furies

"I have a Havoc on my tail!" Zoey screamed over the radio as she was pursued by a Havoc as she dodged it's fire

"I see him!" Barnes shouted as he and Toothless went after the Havoc before Barnes spat a plasma blast at it and hit directly in the tail rotor causing the helicopter to spiral out of control and crash into sea

"Are you okay Zoey?!" Barnes asked his daughter over the radio

"I'm fine dad!" She replied, "Watch out!"

Two Roman biplanes came diving down toward Barnes, Toothless, and Hiccup who immediately maneuvered to dodge their fire

"Those things are really starting to annoy me!" Hiccup shouted as the biplanes came around again and started to pursue them

"Hey Hiccup! Do you know how to play chicken?!" Barnes asked Hiccup over the radio

"Please tell me you're joking right?!" Hiccup replied as he ducked to avoid several rounds from the biplane chasing after him and Toothless

"Do you think I would joke around in a situation like this?!" Barnes asked him

"Okay lets do this!" He replied as he directly Toothless to fly directly toward Barnes who was come toward him as he was chased by the other biplane

"On my mark!" Barnes shouted over the radio, "!"

Barnes and Toothless quickly turned to avoid each other while the biplanes crashed into each other and exploded

"I can't believe that worked!" Hiccup shouted as he wanted the debris fall into the ocean

"It ain't over yet!" Barnes replied as they regrouped and went after another Havoc that was chasing after Samantha who was after a biplane

"Sam, you got a helo on your six!" Barnes shouted to his wife over the radio

"I've noticed!" She replied as she dodged a barrage of rockets from the Havoc that flew over her and hit the biplane, destroying it, "God these guys' aim sucks!"

"Toothless take the shot!" Hiccup shouted as he aligned Toothless toward the Havoc

Toothless spat out a fully charged plasma blast that blasted the tail off the Havoc sending it spiraling out of control, hitting a Alligator, destroying both gunships

"Good kill!" Barnes said to him as the F-45s from the 502nd and 1st Legion finished off the last of the Roman biplanes and Blackwater gunships while Karlson latched onto the side of a Roman heavy cruiser and ignited the saliva he covered his armor with before climbing up the ship to the deck, scaring the gunner of a pom-pom, who ran away as Karlson grabbed the gun with his mouth and ripped it off it's mount and threw it into the water before climbing onto deck as Roman soldiers armed bolt-action rifles and primitive SMGs came running up from below deck

"GIVE IT YOUR BEST SHOT!" Karlson roared at the Romans in dragonese as they opened fire with their guns and watched as their rounds ricocheted or bounced off his armor until their emptied their clips and began to curse in Latin as they retreated from him as Karlson turned his attention to the gunner of one of the other pom-poms as it's gunner turned it to face him, but was knocked off the gun as a torpedo dropped by a Sea Mallard struck the cruiser on the starboard and exploded

"Karl! Get off that ship!" Tesla shouted over the radio as Karlson noticed two more torpedoes coming toward the ship and flew off the ship seconds before they hit the ship and that quickly capsized as Karlson sighed in relief as Katie, Wensky, and Emily attacked the pom-poms and 3in guns, knocking them out before flying off before cruise missiles from the USAS Cape Girardeau struck the warship, one of them hitting one of the forward turrets that exploded and ripped the bow off the ship sending it to the bottom of the sea

"These ships are sinking like rocks!" A USN Pilot shouted over the radio as the Iowa and Wisconsin and their escorts started to shell the three Roman battleships without stopping while also launching their cruise missiles at them and the other warships of the Roman fleet

"Okay everybody lets start going after those seaplane tenders and troopships!" Karlson shouted as the Night Furies joined them

"Did we miss anything?" Barnes asked Karlson

"Not much." He replied

"Gunboats!" Wensky shouted as the gunboats protecting the troopships and seaplane tenders began to fire their guns at them

"Take them out!" Barnes shouted over his translation collar as he charged up a shot and took out the first gunboat in a dive attack while Zoey followed suite and destroyed a second gunboat and she was followed by Samantha, Leon, Anna, and Toothless who took out four more of the gunboats

"Let the Night Furies handle those gunboats!" Karlson shouted to the others, "Just focus on taking out the AA guns on those ships!"

Nearby one of the Roman Lord Nelson-class battleships took a salvo from the Iowa's sixteen inches that penetrated the warship's armor and struck the ammunition storage areas causing a massive internal explosion that ripped the ship in half and created a powerful shockwave that traveled through the water and knocked over the nearly Roman torpedo boats and gunboats while the other Lord Nelson-class was crippled as smoke billowed out of her while it's crew jumped off the ship as it slowly sank while the Iron-Duke although severely damaged was still firing it's guns at the distant American battleships, but couldn't zero in on them due to their ability to fire accurately on the move while most of the other major Roman warships were either severely damaged, crippled, sinking, or already sunk

"Those troopships are starting to lift anchor!" Ramirez shouted over the radio as several of the Roman troopships started to lift their anchors out of the water

"I can see that!" Karlson replied, "Take out as many as we can before they escape!"

"We're on it!" Barnes shouted after Toothless and Hiccup took out the last of the gunboats while he flew near the water's surface toward the one of the troopships dodging anti-air fire before going high up into the air while charging up a plasma blast and then diving back down at the troopship, aiming for the exposed fuel tanks and drums on her deck and then releasing the shot, striking one of the fuel tanks that exploded taking the other nearby tanks and drums, but also cooking off the ammo being stored beneath the deck in the cargo hold that exploded and sank the troopship, but also released a shockwave that knocked Barnes off balance causing him to crash into the water

"Barnes!" Samantha cried before Barnes surfaced

"I'm fine!" He replied over the radio before the pom-poms of one of a nearby troopship began to fire down at him forcing him to dive back beneath the water's surface as Zoey, Anna, and Leon went after them as Barnes swim toward a net that was hanging off the side of another troopship and started to climb up it

"I feel like a pirate." Barnes thought to himself as he climbed onto the deck and found himself surrounded by Roman soldiers, "Oh for *%$%'s sake."

The Romans fired at Barnes, but their rounds failed to penetrate his arm as he activated the plasma blades mounted on his tail and rammed through the soldiers as he swung his tail around blindly, cutting down many of the Romans before he plasma blasted one of the pom-poms which were firing at his children as they attacked the other troopship as more Roman soldiers came up from below the deck

"Figures I board the one loaded with god damn soldiers!" Barnes thought to himself as he plasma blasted a group of Roman soldiers before he noticed a Sea Mallard flying over the water's surfaced toward the ship carrying four torpedoes, "Oh come on!"

Barnes extended out his wings and took off as the Sea Mallard dropped it's torpedoes that shot through the water a high speed and struck the troopship which immediately began to sink beneath the waves as Roman soldiers and sailors started to jump off the ship as Barnes rejoined his wife

"Never do that again!" She shouted to him in dragonese as the troopship their children were attacking was sunk by another Sea Mallard's torpedoes as the Iowa and Wisconsin delivered the killing blow to the Iron-duke class and the resulting explosion split the Roman warship in half and effectively ending the threat posed by the Roman fleet to Berk while onshore Stoick, Gobber, Spitelout, and Adah were helping lead the American-Viking Assault on the fortifications protecting Blackwater's landing sites

"Kind of glad I missed out of the Gene Corp War now if this is hard these guys fought!" Adah shouted as he took cover with Stoick and Spitelout from a Blackwater machine gun nest

"These mercenaries are far more well trained than the ones we fought in the Gene Corp, more disciplined too!" Gobber replied as an APMSF Pershing II tank rolled up and took out the machine gun nest with it's main gun before firing off it's smoke grenade dischargers to create a smokescreen for the Vikings

"Charge!" Stoick shouted as he led the Viking charge into the Blackwater fortifications on Thornado through the smokescreen while the Pershing II advanced slowly as it was joined by four more Pershing IIs and a Megathon that took out the remaining machine gun and crow nests

"You can always trust the APMSF to bring in the big guns!" Adah shouted, "Come on lets knock these guys out!"

Thornado sonic blasted away a group of Blackwater Mercenaries as Spitelout and Gobber led the Viking charge into the

"What kind of dragon is that?!" A Blackwater Mercenary shouted

"Who cares?! SHOOT THEM!" Another replied as they started firing at Thornado and Stoick, who dodged out of the way and then Thornado turned around and blasted them away with a sonic blast

"BMD!" Spitelout shouted as a camouflaged BMD smashed it's way through the treeline while firing it's autocannon at the Hairy Hooligans before it was taken out by one of the Pershing IIs

"I forgot how much I hated those things..." Gobber said as he glanced at the burning wreck of the BMD as a group of Blackwater Mercenaries came running through the path it made through the trees followed by a Sprut-SD tank destroyer which immediately fired it's main gun at one of the APMSF Pershing, but it's round exploded on impact with it's force field before it was taken out by a ATGM from the Megathon while the Vikings were joined by a platoon of U.S Army infantry who helped them take out the mercenaries before continuing onward into the Blackwater LZ, quickly overrunning it

Cape Girardeau, MO

Common Pleas Courthouse

Several Hours Later

Reaper was seated with Chavez as the leaders of the other member nations of the Coalition filed into the court room turned conference room with their translators and assistants and sat at the same table with Reaper and Chavez while chattering about the War in the Barbaric Archipelago

"Lets get this over with." Reaper said to himself as he stood up as the other leaders went quiet as the APMSF Guardsmen guarding the main door closed and locked it

"Thank you for meeting with me on such short notice, I'm sure of you have been busy these past few hours." Reaper said to the gathered heads of state as they looked at them, "But if we are to resolve this crisis quickly, our armed forces must work together."

Reaper sat down as the European Prime Minister, Alberta Linto began to speak

"The latest reports from the leaders of our two divisions on the Berserker Home Island have been grim, Roman and Blackwater forces have secured a beachhead at the Outcast harbor along with several landing zones around the Berserker village and are amassing a large force that they cannot hope to stop without assistance from the outside and the only friendly force capable of doing that is General Conrad's." She said, "Who I believe is now free to use his forces else where now that the threat of the invasion at Berk has been removed."

"I've spoken with General Conrad after the destruction of the Roman fleet and he will be sending a relief force to the Berserker Home Islands, but we also must worry about the state of the other tribes particularly the Hysterics who are now on their last legs." Reaper replied, "But problem is that Conrad does not have forces with him to effectively defend the Barbaric Archipelago by themselves, which is why we must figure out a way of quickly amassing a larger force to reinforce him with."

"We'll be ready to deploy a quick reaction force to Hysteria in three hours." Said the Russian President, Artur Rusnak and was translated by his translator "But they will not have enough firepower with them to take on the Roman fleet, only enough to handle the ground and air forces, for that we will need the assistance of the naval forces you have in the Archipelago."

"Our naval fleet will provide what assistance it can, but like General Conrad's forces, it is not large enough to defend the entire Archipelago." Reaper replied, "But that we can solve quickly be simply sending more warships, which we're already in the process of doing, but ground forces will take a bit longer to deploy for that I suggest amassing a multinational task force consisting of what forces that are currently ready for deployment to send."

"And who will command this task force Mr. President?" Asked the Israeli Head of State, Netanel Bronfman

"Well I guess General Conrad since he's already in the Archipelago and has over a century of experience unless you really want to start that debate Bronfman." Rusnak replied, "And I should remind, we really don't have the time for a prolonged debate."

Bronfman sighed and slouched down in his chair while the usually quiet Canadian President, Nicolas Tremblay stood up

"I agree with Rusnak, we cannot afford to waste any time in worthless debate!" He shouted, "We must send forces and we must send them now!"

The other heads of state nodded in agreement

"Well then I guess it's decided then?" Said the Asian Head of State, Prashant Chopra, "But we also must think of a way to retaliate against the Romans for this."

"You let us hand the retaliation part because overwhelming retaliation is the APMSF's specialty." Reaper replied

Mazy Multitudes

Fort Sinister - Blackwater and Roman Headquarters

While Roman and Blackwater engineers continued to construct the other buildings of the base, Atticus was meeting with Blackwater Commander, Patrick Walker after hearing about the destruction of the fleet at Berk from the captain of a gunboat that managed to escape destruction


"I did...but they've must have received reinforcements after they discovered and destroyed our scouting party." He replied, "But it doesn't matter, our invasions of the other tribes' home islands are well underway and doing quite well."

"Indeed, but for how long though? Without General Aetius keeping the American forces on Berk tied down they're free to use their forces to reinforce the other Viking Tribes." Atticus said to him

"True, but the Americans will be spread then as their force is likely not large enough to cover the entire Archipelago effectively." He replied

"Unless they receive reinforcements from their world." Atticus said

"It will take the Americans and their allies quite some time to assemble any force worth reckoning with general, so for now time is our side." Patrick replied

Atticus sighed

"Maybe for your forces, but that European force on the Berserker home islands has destroyed several of our divisions in one engagement." He said to him

"Yes, but if you haven't noticed, General Ovicula has also reported that the Europeans are becoming more resistant to deploy their forces in combat, probably due to supply shortages." He replied

Atticus nodded

"Indeed, but we're also acting off limited resources as well. Commander." He said to Patrick

"Yes but we have a supply line." He replied, "Speaking about that when will our first wave of reinforcements arrive?"

"Three days at the least." Atticus said to him, "Should we try going after Berk again?"

"Maybe at a later time." He replied, "But for now we need to focus on taking out the Berserkers and finishing off the Hysterics."

The Isle of Berk

Barnes was with Karlson and Stoick as they reviewed the situation with Conrad in the Great Hall

"With the Roman fleet here now turned to scrap metal and the survivors being fished out by our search and rescue birds, we're now free to help the other tribes." Conrad said to them, "But it's still a task that is easier said than done."

"Nothing is never easy these days." Karlson replied with his translation collar

"When have they ever have been?" Stoick asked him, "So what's your plan?"

"Well the Hysterics need our help the most because it sounds like they're on their last legs." Conrad replied, "But so do the Europeans and Berserkers. So here's what we're going to do, we're going to deploy the jarheads on the Berserker Home Island while we focus everything else on Hysteria while also leaving behind a small force to watch over this place since there is still some Outcast stragglers around Raven's Point that we're still trying to stamp out."

"Are you sure the Marines can handle themselves?" Karlson asked him

"They're U.S Marines, they can handle themselves just fine." He replied, "But lets just hope that multinational task force gets here before they run out of supplies."

"It's still pretty risky to leave them without support." Barnes said, "What about me and my guys stay with them since you don't really need us on Hysteria?"

"He has a point Conrad." Karlson said to Conrad

"If you want to help them go ahead Barnes, I'm not stopping you." He replied, "I'm guessing Hiccup and his friends will be joining them?"

"I wouldn't doubt it one bit." Stoick replied

"Then it's settled, Barnes I suggest you and your guys get some rest because you'll need it." Conrad said to him, "Stoick I also need you to tell me what you know about the Hysterics because I've never worked with them before."

Stoick nodded while Barnes trotted away

"You really think the Marines will need your help?" Karlson asked him

Barnes nodded while nearby Henderson was getting up from his cot as he tested his leg to make sure it was fully healed while Jasmine and Turner watched

"Wow that APMSF shit really worked, wish they gave us that stuff." Jasmine said to Henderson

"We'll get it eventually." Turner replied

"Where's the others?" Henderson asked them

"At the rally point, I think we're about to be redeployed judging from that discussion that they just had." Jasmine replied as she motioned to Barnes and Karlson as they walked out of the Great Hall and took off into the air while Stoick talked to Conrad about the Hysterics

"I figured we would." Henderson said, "You two go find the others, I'll meet at the rally point. Do you know where they put my equipment?"

"It's over there." Turner said as he motioned toward Henderson's equipment which was on a folding table before he and Jasmine started to walk away

"Did you hear him and Karlson talking earlier?" Jasmine asked him

"Yeah...I never imagined him being the fatherly type." He replied, "Tell you the truth, I wasn't much surprised that Martin Henderson wasn't his real dad, he looks nothing like the %$%#ard besides hair color."

"Me too." Jasmine said