Chapter Two: The Outcasts

The Isle of Berk

Four Hours Later

It was late evening as a APM UH-55 Mallard Transport VTOL, escorted by two AH-57 Crow gunships flew toward the island while the dragon riders and their mounts watched with Stoick, Gobber, and Brown

"That's one helluva of a escort." Adah said to them as the Mallard came down for a landing while the AH-57s stopped and hovered

"Probably wanted to make sure we had a safe trip." Hiccup replied as the VTOL deployed it's landing gear before touching down, kicking up a cloud of dirt before the pilots turned down the strength of it's dual turbofan engines and then opening the back door of the passenger compartment as the co-pilot ran toward them

"You may already know about this, but on the way here we saw this huge ass fleet of ships heading toward here." The Co-Pilot said to them

"What banner were they flying under?" Stoick asked him

"Well we were flying at a relatively high altitude when he spotted it so we couldn't make any symbols, but we did see dragons flying over the ships." He replied, "I thought you guys were the only tribe to have tamed dragons to the point of riding them?"

"We are...or at least we were." Hiccup said to him, "Where was this fleet?"

"A few miles out, they could be coming into visual range in about a few hours." He replied

Stoick, Gobber, the riders, and Brown exchanged looks with each other

"Is it possible that you can take us to this fleet so we can see it for ourselves?" Stoick asked the Co-Pilot

"One of the Crows will take you." He replied

"Have you contacted Cape Girardeau?" Brown asked him

"Negative, should we?" He replied

Stoick shook his head

"We don't want your people mobilizing for war for something that just could be a false alarm." He said to Brown and the Co-Pilot, "Tell one of your escorts to take us to this fleet and just in case, I want you to stay here."

The Co-Pilot nodded and ran back to the VTOL

Stoick turned to Brown

"Sergeant, I want you to tell Spitelout to ready our warriors just in case." He said to him

Brown nodded and ran off while Stoick, Gobber, and the dragon riders mounted onto their dragons when the co-pilot came running

"Viper Three will take you to the fleet." He said to them pointing to one of the Crows

"Thank you." Hiccup replied before they and their dragons took off

"I can't say I like the sound of this." Toothless said to Hiccup telepathically

"You and me both." He replied before they followed the Crow gunship out to sea while the dragon riders pulled out the radio headsets that Barnes had given during the island campaign of the Gene Corp War so they could communicate with the pilot and gunner of the gunship

"Can you hear us?" Astrid asked them over the radio

"Loud and clear." The Pilot replied, "You guys stay close now because something tells me that we're going want to get out in a hurry if things get hairy."

"Roger that." Hiccup said to her

The gunship led the dragon riders far out to sea before the fleet came into view

"There it is, damn, it's even larger up close." The Gunship's Gunner said over the radio while Hiccup pulled out his spyglass and extended it out so he could a closer look at the ships and noticed they were all flying under the banner of the Outcast Tribe

"Those are Outcast ships!" Hiccup shouted before several Outcast riding dragons attacked them and the gunship

"Get them!" One of the Outcast shouted

"Bug out! Bug out!" The Pilot shouted screamed over the radio as did evasive maneuvers while the gunner pulled the trigger for it's 30mm chaingun that was mounted of the fuselage beneath the cockpit, quickly gunning down several of the Outcast dragon riders while the Hairy Hooligan riders flew back to Berk

"Dear Thor! How did they learn to tame dragons?!" Stoick shouted

"I don't know...unless...Mildew taught them..." Hiccup replied

"Mildew?! That traitorous wretch!" Astrid shouted

"No use in getting mad now, we need to get back to Berk and start preparing for the Outcasts." Gobber replied

The Outcast Tribe's chieftain watched as the flying machine that was with Hiccup and Hairy Hooligan Tribe Dragon riders as it did evasive maneuvers while ripping apart the pursuing Outcast dragon riders with it's weapon while he rode on Gravedigger, his Whispering Death

"What in Thor's name is that thing Alvin?" Asked Savage, who was riding on his Deadly Nadder, Killer

"No idea, but it's helping the Hairy Hooligans." Alvin replied before flames started to shoot out of the back of the flying machine as it greatly increased it's speed before a white cloud appeared in front as it zoomed off toward Berk generating a loud boom and a invisible shock wave that knocked it's pursuers out of the skies

"Did you see how fast that thing was flying?!" Savage asked him

"Of course I did! I'm not blind!" He replied

"Should we continue on to Berk?" Savage asked

"We're not stopping because of a single flying machine." Alvin replied

Isle of Berk

A Few Minutes Later

The gunship arrived at Berk at the same time as the dragon riders who were greeted by Sergeant Brown and Spitelout as soon as they landed

"So what was it?" Spitelout asked

"It's the Outcasts...and they have dragons. Gather all the warriors and weapons you can and starting preparing defenses around the village." Stoick said to him

"We've just sent a emergency transmission to Cape Girardeau, hopefully we'll get a response soon." The Pilot of the Gunship said over the radio

"This is going to get ugly Stoick." Gobber said to Stoick

"I know it is Gobber, which is why we need to prepare. I want you and Brown to take all the elderly and younglings to the caves on Raven Point where they'll be safe." He replied, "Hiccup, I want you to take the others and patrol the area around the island to keep a lookout for Alvin and his fleet."

"Yes sir." Brown said to him

APM Command Bunker

Alarms blared as Reaper entered the nerve center where Generals Earl Smict and Marshal Conrad and Secretary of Defense, Carille Paxton were already discussing the situation on Berk

"What's going on?" Reaper asked them

"We received a emergency transmission from one of the Crow gunships we went with the VTOL to pick up the dragon riders, Berk is about to invaded by a hostile Viking Tribe called the Outcasts, who have somehow managed to train dragons to the same level as the Hairy Hooligans." Conrad replied

"What do we know about them?" Reaper asked him

"Not much." He replied

"Figures as much." Reaper said to them, "How long will it be until we get boots on the ground in Berk?"

"Several hours to get a full task force ready, but a small quick reaction force could be ready for deployment in at least four or less hours." Smict replied

"Contact the 502nd and the APMSF 1st Legion, they know the Vikings better than any other forces we have." Reaper said to him, "They'll be enough to help the Hairy Hooligans defend the island until we can deploy a larger force."

"Exactly what I was thinking." Smict said to him

"Reaper, sir. Shouldn't we be focusing on getting more Intel about these Outcasts before we throw everything have at them?" Paxton asked Reaper

"That is normal procedure, but unfortunately we don't have enough time for that." He replied, "What about the other Viking Tribes?"

"No word from them yet." Smict said to him

"And what about the Coalition? The Scientists there will no doubly be warning the governments of their respective nations about the Outcasts and they will no doubly send forces too to protect them and their interests." Paxton asked Reaper

"Well I don't give a shit about what rest of the Coalition is doing, I want to get boots on the ground in Berk. We have too many interests there as well to lose it to these damn Outcasts." Reaper said to him

Cape Girardeau Air Base

Several Minutes Later

Commander of the APMSF 1st Legion, Charles Karlson and his wife, Tesla were sound asleep with their two children, Calvin and Sheva when they were awaken by the sound of wailing alarms

"Not now..." Karlson said, thinking the alarms were another drill before Barnes ran into their hangar

"Karlson! We just got word Berk is about to be attacked and we're being mobilized as a quick reaction force and it's all hands on deck!" He shouted to them, "Meet me at the armory in five minutes for briefing!"

"I'll be right there!" Karlson replied as he got up with Tesla

"You two stay here!" Tesla said to Calvin and Sheva as they left the hangar

Calvin snorted

"I hate it when do this to us." He said to Sheva while outside Karlson and Tesla joined the other post-human dragons outside the armory hangar where Barnes was talking to a holographic General Conrad before he turned his attention to the gathered dragons

"I'm guessing that everybody's here...we've just received word from command that the Isle of Berk is getting to be invaded by a rival tribe of Vikings called the Outcasts, who have somehow managed to tame their own dragons and have amassed a massive armada of ships that is bearing down on Berk as we speak." Barnes said to them, "And in reaction to this act of aggression, command has ordered us and the APMSF 1st Legion to be deployed to Berk as a quick reaction force until a larger force can be prepared to deployment."

There were quiet whispers amongst the post-human dragons and the nearby APMSF, APM, and US Military Personnel before Barnes continued

"I will say this now, we have little Intel on the Outcasts or what they're capable of, so we can't take them lightly." He said, "But what we do know is that they don't know we exist yet, so they're going to be in a helluva of surprise when we drop in on them."

"What about their dragons?" Asked Jones, a British Deadly Nadder

"Well if they're anything like the dragons of the Hairy Hooligans, they're going to extremely loyal to their riders which mean they're also going to be extremely hostile to us and the Hooligans. So they're to be terminated with extreme prejudice." Barnes replied, "I know a lot of us have never killed a dragon in their life because I haven't either, but we can't let this stop us from completing our objective, which is to make sure Berk doesn't fall to these Outcasts before reinforcements can arrive."

"Glad we got that new armor then." Said Vasili, a Russian Gronckle

"Yeah, except that armor isn't exactly designed for dragon vs dragon combat, it's designed to protect us from small arms fire and NBC threats." Replied Casey, a APMSF Deadly Nadder, "But it should be more than enough against any weapons the Outcasts can throw us, except maybe a direct hit from catapult."

"Armor or not, as I said earlier, the Outcasts are not to be taken lightly because as far as we know they could be former dragon slayers like the Hairy Hooligans." Barnes said to them, "So no stupid shit okay?"

The post-human dragons snorted or nodded in agreement

"Good, I want everybody to get suited up ASAP so we can start moving out." Barnes said to them, "Karlson, you know what you and Tesla have to do."

Karlson snorted and left with Tesla to rally the 1st Legion while Barnes and Samantha went into the hangar with the other post-human dragons where APM technicians were waiting for them inside

Isle of Berk

Sergeant Brown was walking alongside Gobber as they escorted the elderly and younger Vikings up a path to Raven's Point

"Something tells me this isn't the first run in you guys have had with the Outcasts." Brown said to Gobber, who nodded

"Far from it." He replied

"So what you call them me about them?" Brown asked them

"They're mostly the descendants of criminals who were banished from this tribe and the others to the Outcast Lands, which are far to north of here." Gobber replied, "Their leader Alvin, however is a nasty one."

" in the Alvin the Treacherous? I think I heard you and Stoick talking about him a while back." Brown said to him, "I'm guessing they don't like each other."

"Alvin and Stoick have a history of...disagreements and not to mention that the Outcasts have been wanting to take Berk for themselves for a long time now." He replied

"Why's that?" Brown asked him

"Because it's one of the best islands in the Archipelago, defiantly when compared to the likes of the Outcast Lands." He replied while in the village, Stoick was with Spitelout Jorgenson as they oversaw the over saw the construction of defenses around and inside the village

"You think Alvin will try sailing into the harbor?" Spitelout asked Stoick

Stoick shook his head

"It's too obvious, Alvin will probably try landing on the coast somewhere and advance overland." He said to him

"You think he's going to try to lay siege to us?" Spitelout asked him

"I wouldn't put it past him and who knows what could happen now that he has dragons." He replied

"Thor help us." Spitelout said to him, "But at least we have the weapons we've gotten from our deals with the other world to even the odds and then the Americans are sending reinforcements."

Toothless and Hiccup landed nearby

"We just found a empty Outcast Ship in Black Heart Bay and there's foot prints on the beach leading into the forest!" Hiccup shouted to them

"Must be a scouting party." Spitelout replied

"Where are the others?" Stoick asked Hiccup

"They're searching the forests!" He replied

"Oh gods, Adah and Gobber are still in the forest with the elderly and children!" Spitelout said to Stoick while we returned to Sergeant Brown and Gobber as they continued to escort the elderly and young Vikings up Raven's Point to safety in the caves there

"Outcasts!" A Viking Elder shouted as several Outcast Warriors charged out of the village wielding swords and axes while Brown quickly pulled out his M1014 Shotgun

"Get them to the cave! I'll take care of these guys!" Brown said to Gobber as he went toward the attacking Outcasts as the Viking Elders and children fled up the mountain with Gobber while the Outcast stopped at the sight of the American come at them with his strange contraption and his metal mechanical arm

"Who in Thor's name are you?!" One of the Outcasts asked Brown, who pulled back the pump of the shotgun, chambering the first round

"War." He replied before he blasted away one of the Outcasts with a slug round before pulling back the pump again to eject the empty shell casing and chambered a new shell as the Outcasts stared in shock at their dead comrade, who had a massive chest wound from where the slug round had hit him before they started screaming in anger and charged at the American, who didn't hesitated to fire several more slug rounds into the charging Outcasts, killing and wounding several of them before emptying the clip, Brown then retreated up the mountain as he loaded another clip into the shotgun, but one Outcast caught up to him, but Brown quick dispatched him by punching him in the face with his metal arm, breaking the Outcast's nose and knocking him out cold while Brown continued to retreat before he finished reloading his shotgun and took cover behind a tree and waited for the Outcasts to come within range before popping out and firing several shots at them, killing the remaining Outcasts as Astrid and Stormfly arrived

"Brown! Where are the others?" Astrid asked him

"Gobber took them up Raven's Point to the caves. "He replied as he replaced the second empty clip with a fresh one while Snotlout and the Thornston twins landed nearby on their dragons and saw the dead and wounded Outcasts

"These Outcasts aren't so tough." Brown said

"This was only a scouting party unfortunately." Astrid replied, "You're just lucky you had that shotgun with you."

"So what should we do with these guys?" Brown asked her as he looked at the wounded Outcasts that including the unconscious one that had blood come from nostrils of his broken nose when Stoick, Spitelout, and Hiccup arrived with several Viking warriors

"The others are on Raven's Point." Astrid said to Stoick, who sighed in relief when he looked at Brown

"Thank you for your help." He said to him

Brown nodded

"So what are we going to do with them?" He asked them

"You leave that to us Sergeant, I want you to go find Gobber and the others to make sure their safe." Stoick replied

"Sure." Brown said as headed back for the trail

"Spitelout take the wounded to the jail, we can probably get information about Alvin's plans from them, Hiccup I want you and the others to come with me, I have an idea." Stoick said