Sneak Peak: The Great War

The USAS Patton and her three new sister-ships, the Eisenhower, Abrams, and Bradley were flying in a box formation around the larger USAS Jefferson City as they flew over a large multinational Coalition fleet sailing eastward over the Viking Verse Atlantic while inside the Patton in one of her hangars, the post-human dragons of the 502nd Special Operations Fighter Squadron(SOFS) and APMSF 1st Stormtrooper Legion were sound asleep with the exception of one Monstrous Nightmare, a now fully grown Calvin Karlson, whose wing reconstruction surgery had been a success although he got two large scars, one on each wing, out of it along with a new translation collar that had a special device installed into it, whose function only Calvin, his parents, and the scientists at Area 51 knew. But despite his fortune, Calvin was still haunted by the memory of had happened the day that his sister, Sheva and best friend, Emily Wensky along with Sergeant Jayden Henderson and entire his squad, Reaper, Major General Aberly Dreher, and Doctor Ward had been kidnapped by General Aemilius Casca, a post-human Night Fury of the elite Roman Praetorian Guard and his men while leaving Calvin for dead in the ravine after breaking both his wings which made him require the reconstruction surgery and those memories were what was keeping him awake as he stared out of the hangar at the late evening sky

Calvin sighed and shook his head, he knew he needed to sleep before they reached their destination, but yet he couldn't, but then suddenly his entire train of thought was destroyed when a tired Adam Wensky, a post-human Deadly Nadder, deputy commander of the 502nd, and Emily Wensky's father called out to him as made his toward Calvin

" that you?"

"Yeah it's me." Calvin replied as he hung his head while Wensky stopped alongside him

"Having trouble sleeping again?" Wensky asked him

Calvin nodded and Wensky sighed

"I can't stop thinking about ...that day." Calvin said to him, but Wensky knew what he meant

"I can't either, but I don't let myself dwell on it all the time like you do." He replied

"How do you do that?" Calvin asked him

"I think about better and happier times." He replied, "Just think about a really good memory you have of Emily and Sheva, because I'm sure you have tons of those in that rock of a skull of yours' and I ensure you that you will start sleeping better."

Calvin smiled

"Thanks for the advice Mr. Wensky." He said to Wensky, nodded

"No problem." He replied, "I wish I can say the same about them though."

"I do too." Calvin thought to himself as Wensky looked at the device attached to the back of his translation collar

"So what does that thing do?" He asked him

"That?" Calvin asked him, "Top secret, but you'll know what it does soon enough."

Wensky nodded

"Now come on, you need to get some sleep, we have a long day ahead of us." He said to him as he started to head back into the hangar

Calvin nodded and began to head to the area where he had been trying to sleep

"Better and happier it." Calvin thought to himself before laying down and thinking about a happier time in his life

Somewhere in the Alps

Gene Corp Research Facility

The CEO of Gene Corp, Cameron Yates was admiring his most prized possession, a Skrill frozen solid in a block of ice which was being kept in a large room-sized freezer adjacent to his new office behind a glass wall while a Blackwater Officer stood beside him

"Sir, I'm telling you it is a bad idea to keep that thing here because the Americans are going to be searching every nook and cranny for him!" The Officer shouted at Yates, "And they're not going to stop until they find him!"

"The only people who knows he's here is me, you, and General Casca. Unless one of us spills the beans, they're not going to find him." He replied

"Well they may not find him, but they will find this place and him with it." The Officer said to him

"You worry too much." He replied

"And what happens if there is a malfunction in the temperature control in that room that we're not able to fix in time?" The Officer asked him

"As I said before, you worry too much!" Yates replied as he looked at the Skrill's face which was stuck in an expression of anger with his mouth wide open and wings spread open as if it was about to breath fire

"Did we lose anybody while they were freezing him?" Cameron asked

"There were some injuries, but no casualties." The Officer replied, "He did put up quiet a fight until the end however."

"I can see that in his face." Cameron said, "Leave us please."

The Officer nodded and took one last look at the frozen Skrill before leaving Cameron's Office

"I guess your luck finally ran out." Cameron said to the Skrill before walking back to his desk.

***Author's Notes***

1.)This will probably be part of the first or second chapters.

2.)Release Date: Sometime after HTTYD2's release.