Chapter Four: The American-Outcast War

The Isle of Berk

Hairy Hooligan Village

Sometime Later

Hiccup and Toothless were sitting with the other dragon riders and their mounts behind some of the fortifications when the ground behind them abruptly exploded as Alvin and Gravedigger shot out from the ground followed by several Outcast Dragon Riders while Outcast Warriors used ladders and grappling hooks to climb out from the hole

"You guys go after Alvin! We'll take care of these guys!" Spitelout shouted as he picked up his GK-15 and ran with his warriors to fight the Outcast Warriors while the dragon riders got onto their mounts and took off into the air after Alvin and his riders while the APM gunships went after him as well

"You guys focus on taking out on the others! We'll go after Alvin!" Hiccup yelled to the other riders and the pilots of the gunships

"Wilco!" One of the Gunship Pilots replied

"Be careful Hiccup!" Astrid shouted to him as she and the other riders broke off to go after the other Outcast Riders while Hiccup and Toothless pursued Alvin and Gravedigger into the night skies

"Okay buddy we need to lure him somewhere they can't retreat underground." Hiccup said to Toothless snorted before Gravedigger turned around and shot rings of yellow fire and smoke at them, but they dodged the attacks and Toothless shot a plasma blast back at them, but they maneuvered it

"Nice try Hiccup, but you'll have to try better than that!" Alvin shouted back at them before Gravedigger turned around and came back at Hiccup and Toothless with his mouth wide open, but Hiccup and Toothless dodged them at the last minutes before they continued to pursue them

"Mildew's taught him well." Hiccup thought to himself as they pursued Alvin and Gravedigger over the ongoing brawl between Outcast and Hairy Hooligan Warriors with the former still pouring out from the hole created by Gravedigger

"I think your plan isn't going work Hiccup!" Toothless said to Hiccup telepathically as they pursued Alvin over the forests where the rest of the Outcast Army was advancing toward the village while Outcast archers and crossbowmen fired arrows at them

"I think you're right buddy." Hiccup replied before both he and Toothless were entangled in a pair of bolas shot up by a Outcast ballista causing them both to crash into the cove where they were immediately surrounded by Outcast Warriors as Alvin and Gravedigger came back

"For Stoick's boy you're not very bright when it comes to strategy are you?" Alvin asked him as he got off Gravedigger

"I'm not the you should be worried about!" Hiccup replied

"Oh and how is that?" Alvin asked him, "Meh, I'm not in the mood! Gravedigger! It's feeding time!"

Gravedigger narrowed his eyes and went up into the air, but before the Whispering Death could do anything, a missile came flying from over the forest and struck it in the side, knocking it out of the sky while an F-45 flew over the cove followed shortly by four APMSF Mallards that stopped to hover over the cover as APMSF Stormtroopers fast roped down to the ground firing their GK-46 Pulse Rifles at the Outcasts below while Barnes, clad in his powered armor landed nearby while Gravedigger although seriously wounded by the missile attack got up

"What took you so long?!" Hiccup asked him

"Got stuck in traffic." He replied as he turned his attention to Gravedigger

"Get out of my way, this isn't of any of your concern half-breed." The Whispering Death hissed to Barnes

Barnes snarled as Alvin and his warriors tried to fight against the APMSF Stormtroopers, whose kletonium powered armor made them impervious to the Outcasts' weapons

"Take another...step and you're dead." Barnes responded

The Whispering Death narrowed it's eyes and shot down at Barnes, who dodged the Whispering Death, who then burrowed into the ground where Barnes was standing while Hiccup realized that Toothless wasn't conscious

"Toothless?! Toothless?!" Hiccup screamed while Barnes walked back toward them and activated the solid-state plasma blades that were attached to his tail while he used his armor's motion sensor to monitor Gravedigger's movements underground while Alvin and his men retreated from cove

"Forget about them!" Barnes shouted over his translation collar to the Stormtroopers, "Help them!"

"Yes sir!" One of the Stormtroopers replied as they ran over to Hiccup and Toothless before Gravedigger shot out of the ground a few feet away from Barnes and shot several rings of fire at him that was harmlessly absorbed by his armors' plasma shields before Barnes took off and tackled the Whispering Death wrestling it the ground while the Stormtroopers cut Hiccup free while a APMSF Medic scanned Toothless with his vita-scanner

"His right rear leg is broken, we're going to need to medevac him to the Patton!" The APMSF Medic said to the APMSF Squad Leader while Hiccup knelt down next to Toothless while a APMSF Mallard landed and deployed a squad of Heavy Stormtroopers carrying light miniguns and missile launchers that went to attack Gravedigger that was trying to throw Barnes off his back as the post-human Night Fury tried to tear at his wings

"Hold your fire! I've got this!" Barnes shouted to the Stormtroopers as he managed to grab a hold onto the Whispering Death's right wing with his mouth before ripping it out of it's socket causing Gravedigger to roar in pain as Barnes landed on the ground and threw away the disembodied wing while the Whispering Death squirmed on the ground before burrowing into the ground and never coming back up, Barnes then turned his attention back to Hiccup, who was crying

"Did you kill it?" Hiccup asked him

"I don't know, the damn thing burrowed into the ground and escaped. But good news is that it won't be flying anymore." He replied

"Barnes! We need you in the village!" Samantha shouted to Barnes over his radio

"Roger that, I'm Oscar Mike." He replied before looking at the Stormtroopers, "Stay here until that medevac arrives!"

"Yes sir." The Stormtrooper Squad Leader said as Barnes took off into the air while back in the village, Savage was riding on Killer after he and his men had managed to breach the Hairy Hooligan's defenses and were advancing into the village when several flying machines flew over them

"More flying machines?!" A Outcast shouted before they heard the sound of moving metal ahead of them as a armored war machine appeared through the black smoke of a burning hut

"Dear Thor!" Savage screamed before the armored war machine came to a complete stop and lowered the barrel of it's main gun down toward the Outcast that began to emit some kind of electrical current before it shot out some kind lighting bolt-like projectile that tore through the ranks of Alvin's men like a hot knife through butter before dissipating causing Savage's men to panic and flee as the armored war machine made a roaring noise as it continued to move forward while Killer stood his ground and roared

"Not now!" Savage screamed as Killer shot out his tail spines at the machine that uselessly bounced off a bubble of blue energy that appeared from thin air around the machine, undeterred, Killer then shot out a plume of magnesium fire at the machine that was adsorbed by the energy bubble eventually causing the Deadly Nadder to lose all his shots as the armored war machine continued it's seemingly unstopped advance as soldiers clad in black armor appeared from the smoke behind it, "Get us out of here!"

Killer snorted and took off into the air as the weapon mounted on top of the armored war machine shot a hail of projectiles at them as they flew to join the rest of the retreating Outcast Army that was being pursued by the Hairy Hooligans and their armor-clad allies as flying machines of various types chased off the Outcast dragon riders with the help of the Hairy Hooligan dragon riders and armored dragons

"Back into the forest!" A Outcast Warrior shouted as some Outcast Warriors fled into the tunnel dug by Gravedigger that Savage and Killer headed to, but before they could reach it a flying machine flew over them and dropped a bomb into the hole that exploded beneath the ground causing it to cave in

"Forest it is then!" Savage shouted as he and Killer fled into the forest while in the air, Barnes joined Samantha and their children who were flying with Jones and Gaulle, a french Monstrous Nightmare

"What happened to Toothless and Hiccup?" Samantha asked Barnes

"Toothless has a broken rear leg, he's being medevac to the Patton as we speak." He replied

"Damn how was Hiccup taking it?" Samantha asked him

"Not very well, but luckily Toothless will be a-okay after the doctors are finished with him." He replied as the Hairy Hooligan riders joined them

"Thank gods you guys got here when you did...we heard about Hiccup and Toothless over the radio. Thanks for saving them." Astrid said to Barnes

"Just doing my job." He replied with his translation collar, "Looks like the Outcasts are done for now, lets get down to the ground and see if we can find Stoick and find out what's going on."

"I think he should be with Spitelout." Astrid said to him as they landed on the ground behind the Hairy Hooligan defenses as APMSF Stormtroopers rounded up the wounded and captured Outcasts while the Hairy Hooligans regrouped and gathered their own wounded while APMSF Mallards continued to land and take off

"Barnes, did you see how fast those Outcasts were running?!" Karlson shouted as he landed with the other APMSF dragons, "I've never seen anybody go from advance to retreat like that before!"

"This is far from over General, they're going to regroup and come back later." Astrid said to him

"And we'll be ready for them." Barnes replied with his translation, "Karlson, have you seen or head from Stoick?"

"He took off on his dragon when he heard about Hiccup and Toothless." Karlson said to him

"Dammit." He replied, "Any idea where the Outcasts are running to?"

"Probably back to their camp in Black Heart Bay." Astrid said to him while back in the cove, Hiccup was helping APMSF Medics put the still unconscious Toothless into a harness so he could be airlifted out of the cove by a Skycrane Mallard and taken to the USAS Patton when Stoick and Thornado landed in the Cove

"Hiccup! I came as soon as I heard!" Stoick shouted as he climbed off Thornado, "How bad is he hurt?"

"One of his rear legs are broken." Hiccup replied while the APMSF Medics finished placing the harness around Toothless as the Skycrane lowered a hook and cable into the cove that was then hooked onto the harness

"You're all clear!" One of the APMSF Medics said over her radio to the Winch Operator in the Skycrane that began lifting Toothless up out of the cove while another VTOL

"Where are you taking him?" Stoick asked the Medic

"The USAS Patton, we have medical personnel on standby there." He replied

Stoick nodded and patted Hiccup on the shoulder

"I'm sure Toothless will be okay Hiccup." Stoick said to him while in Black Heart Bay, Alvin has warriors arrived at the Outcast Camp to find it in complete disarray as panicked warriors climbed onto their ships and tried to push them back into the sea while dragon riders fled on their dragons

"What is going on here?!" Alvin shouted angrily

"We're getting out of here! These...these people just started coming from the skies and rained fired down upon us!" A Panicked Outcast Warrior replied

"What in Odin's name are you talking about?!" Alvin asked as Savage and Killer returned, exhausted

"What happened out there?!" Alvin asked him

"We found out who their Allies were, that's what." He replied before falling sideways off of Killer

"Everybody pull yourselves together! We're marauders, we don't run from anything!" Alvin shouted to his men, "Now get off those boats or the Hairy Hooligans and their Allies will be the least of your problems."

"What about the dragons and the riders that fled?" A Outcast asked him

"We'll worry about them later." He replied shortly before a gravely wounded Gravedigger popped out of the ground and fell with blood coming out of a wounded on his back where one of his wings used to be, "Gravedigger!"

The Whispering Death groaned as Alvin ran to it and saw the Night Fury bite marks on it's hide

"Must have been one of those armored Night Furies, we ran into four of them in the village." A Outcast Warrior said to Alvin

"Four? Four Night Furies? How did they get a hold of that many Night Furies?" Alvin asked

The Outcasts shrugged

"Well it doesn't matter, I want to find out which one of those Night Furies hurt my dragon so I call kill it." Alvin said to them

USAS Patton Hangar Bay

Stoick and Hiccup rode on Thornado landed in one of the starboard hangar bays of the USAS Patton with the Skycrane Mallard carrying Toothless and there they found Tesla with Calvin and Sheva

"What happened?" Tesla asked Stoick and Hiccup with her translation collar

"We fell into a Outcast trap, but Barnes saved us." Hiccup replied as some of the Patton's Medical Crew ran over to Toothless as the APMSF Medics removed his harness

"Get him to the medical bay!" The Lead Doctor shouted as she and the others loaded Toothless onto a large stretcher carried by a forklift that took him out of the hangar

"Thornado stay here!" Stoick said to Thornado before he and Hiccup ran over Toothless

"What are you supposed to be?" Tesla asked the Thunderdrum

"The humans call my species , Thunderdrum." He replied, "You must be another one of those crossbreeds."

Tesla nodded as a curious Calvin and Sheva stared at Thornado from behind her

"We prefer the term post-human dragons." Tesla said to him

"Sorry." He replied

"I thought Stoick owned a Timberjack or something like that?" Tesla asked him

"You mean Paul? Yes, but he's back on the island." He replied, "I was away for mating season during the last war."

"Oh, well I'm Tesla Karlson and this here is Calvin and Sheva." Tesla said to Thornado, who looked at the two young Monstrous Nightmares

"Why aren't with the others?" He asked her

"Because of them, my husband thinks they're not ready for combat." She replied

"Oh..." Thornado said, "Well they look ready to me, but I'm not your mate, so it's not my place to say what your young is ready or not."

Tesla snorted

Patton's Medical Bay

The Doctors rushed Toothless into the Medical Bay as Stoick and Hiccup came in after them and were greeted by the Lead Doctor

"You must by Hiccup Horrendous Haddock and Stoick the Vast, I'm Doctor Kelly Ward, the chief medical officer of the 502nd." She said to them, "Don't worry about Toothless, he's in good hands. But it will take some time for his leg to recover."

"How long?" Stoick asked her

"Depends on how severely the bone is broken." She replied as one of the APMSF Medics handed her his report on Toothless' broken leg

"How bad is it?" Stoick asked her

"It's a fractured femur, he'll need a cast and don't expect him to combat worthy." She replied, "Almost reminds me of Barnes' injury during the Gene Corp War."

"Do you know when he'll wake up?" Hiccup asked her

"No, but we'll tell you when it happens." She replied

"Mind if I...?" Hiccup asked

"Go ahead, nobody's stopping you." Ward replied

Hiccup ran and sat down on a cot that was next to Toothless

"I want to be notified if there's any change." Stoick said to Ward, who nodded

Stoick left the medical bay while back in the hangar, Karlson flew into the hangar and landed

"Dad!" Calvin cried as he and Sheva ran to their father while Thornado and Tesla watched

"Have you two been good?" Karlson asked them as he laid down and looked at his two children

Calvin and Sheva nodded while their mother came over

"So I guess things have been doing well on the island?" She asked him

"We kicked their asses, but all the Vikings are saying they're going to be back and it's looking that way." He replied telepathically

"Just be careful down there, I don't know what I'll do without you now." She said to him

"I will." He replied as Stoick came into the hangar, "Stoick! I've been looking for you!"

"General goes the battle?" Stoick asked him

"Outcast have retreated to their camp and it looks they're starting to regroup." He replied

"I suspected as much." Stoick said, "So what are your and Barnes' plans to hold them off?"

"Simple, we dig in and give them hell until the main forces arrives and then we kick their asses off the island." Karlson replied

"You make it sound so easy." Stoick said to him

"I never said it was going to be easy." He replied