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It was the fourth time this week. The fourth time Grantaire had drank so much, he could barely stand on his own feet anymore, let alone walk home by himself. He was stumbling across the Café, hugging anyone who came in his reach. Enjolras sat at a table in the far corner of the Café, chatting with Combeferre and Joly. He'd had a rough day at university and was not in the mood for any of Grantaire's shenanigans.

But of course, as luck would have it, Grantaire stumbled in their direction and threw his arms around the blonde revolutionary, while faking sex sounds in his ear. He was out to irritate Enjolras and it worked like a charm. "Get off me, you drunkard! You're disgusting you know that? Have you no self-control?"

In response, Grantaire took a swig of his bottle and grinned. Enjolras rolled his eyes and pushed the cynic away. "Why do I even ask?", he muttered to himself. Combeferre, who was sitting opposite of Enjolras couldn't suppress a small smile, while Joly stood up from his seat at the table and genuinely returned the hug Grantaire was now trying to give him.

"Seee, Apollo? You could've done what Joly did? 'S not that hard! Come ooon", Grantaire whined in a slurred voice. And he tried again, this time approaching the blonde from behind, nuzzling his head in the crook of Enjolras' neck. Enjolras looked at Combeferre annoyed, but at seeing the encouraging smile the medical student was giving him, he felt himself relax and despite still being very irritated, he patted Grantaire a few times on the head.

Grantaire grinned and pressed a sloppy, very wet kiss against Enjolras neck in return, only to see how far he could go. "Grantaire!", the blonde exclaimed, while jumping from his seat and shoving the drunkard away from him again. "God, you're gross, get the hell away from me!" He fervently wiped his neck and glared at the man in front of him.

"Alright, act like you don' wannit", Grantaire chuckled and he moved on, now focusing his attention on very awkward looking Marius. "Marius, I'm Cosette, come and give me some love!"

Enjolras turned back to Joly and Combeferre. "How can you possibly be laughing at that? It's not funny! It's the fourth time this week", he said indignantly. Combeferre shrugged, smiling at his best friend compassionately.

"You just have to play the game with him Enjolras. He's only out to get you to freak out and you fall for it every time."

"Well then what? Do I have to let him lick me? Come on 'Ferre, how can I possibly play along with something like that." Enjolras watched Combeferre's smile widen and sighed deeply. "Fine, whatever, can we just get back to our conversation?"

"Of course, let's try to drown out all the fun and get back to talking about serious business", Courfeyrac joked, while taking a seat in between Enjolras and Joly. "What are we talking about? I doubt it concerns any pretty ladies?"

Enjolras shot him an angry look. "Your doubts are quite correct. We're discussing the too high level of inequality in universities regarding women and men if you want to know and I personally think it is more important than drinking wine and acting like a complete idiot!" At that he glared at Grantaire who had now pulled a shawl around his head, imitating a damsel in distress and calling out for Marius to save him.

Courfeyrac widened his eyes and whistled. "Wow, yeah, I totally see your point. Because we can actually achieve something by talking about it right at this second." Enjolras eyes narrowed dangerously. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding, don't worry. But I don't understand though, there are many girls attending university, and their allowed to as well, I don't see your point if I can be honest."

"Yeah, well neither do Combeferre and Joly, but I'm not talking about attendance. I'm talking about professors still thinking men are more intellectual than women and.. and… well, never mind. I have to think about it more", Enjolras huffed. He had it all figured out clearly earlier, but now he didn't seem to get his words out.

"You do that", Courfeyrac said, "Then in the meantime let me tell you about the hundredth love letter Marius has sent to Cosette. Did you know he actually saves them all on his computer? I mean, why does he do that? Is he going to send them to other women as well? Or is he planning to send Cosette the same letters?"

And so Enjolras' serious conversation turned into a comfortable, informal chatter. While he was first annoyed and refused to take part in it, he finally stopped sulking and joined his friend in their speculations.

As the evening came to an end, the Amis broke into a heated debate on who's turn it was to get Grantaire back to his apartment. Combeferre, Joly, Courfeyrac and Marius were excused, because they had already done their duty the previous nights. Bahorel, Bossuet and Jehan had already done it last week, so that left Enjolras and Feuilly.

"I'm not doing it", Feuilly stated, raising his eyebrows at Enjolras and crossing his arms.

"And why not? Why should I have to be the one?", Enjolras said annoyed.

"Because, you have the day off tomorrow and I have to get up at seven. And because I've been on Grantaire-duty far more times than you have. So it's only fair."

Enjolras huffed and looked to his friends for support but they nodded in Feuilly's agreement. The revolutionary rolled his eyes, took a deep breath and then stormed towards Grantaire, who was seated at a table, resting his head atop of it. "R, wake up. I'm bringing you home", he said coolly, poking the drunkard in the back a few times to get him to respond.

"Awh, you're taking me home Apollo? That's so sweet, you never take me home. I feel honored. I love you", he slurred, while standing up and leaning heavily against Enjolras for support.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever, just work with me here alright. I want to get to sleep as well", the blonde muttered, gently maneuvering the drunkard towards the stairs. He shot one last glare back towards his Amis, before disappearing from their sight. He did hear them burst out into laughter and he made a mental note to curse every one of them for it later.

Walking with a drunken Grantaire was as hard as you imagine it would be. Probably even harder. He kept trying to walk by himself, which only resulted in him falling to the floor and deciding it would be "nice to sleep on the street for once". Enjolras had to reel him back more than a few times to prevent him from getting hit by either a bicyclist or a car. And he got more angry with every step they took.

"For the love of God, Grantaire!", he shouted, when Grantaire once again sank to the floor. "Could you just act normal? What if the police saw us huh? You'd be spending the night in prison again. Get yourself together and work with me here." He grabbed the drunkard by his arm and pulled him to his feet again.

"I'm sorry Apollo, you're right. You're right. But it's just so funny and I'm so tired. If I could just sleep right here on your shoulder?" Grantaire laid down his head on Enjolras' jacket and closed his eyes, softly humming in appreciation.

Enjolras clenched his teeth and counted to ten. "I swear this is the last time I do this", he mumbled silently to himself, even though he had made that promise every single time it was his turn to get Grantaire home. He wondered if the man was this difficult with his other friends as well. When he noticed Grantaire was actually drooling on his shoulder, he roughly shoved the man away from him, groaning in frustration.

Grantaire chuckled and stumbled backwards, not noticing where he went. "Sorry Apollo, it just felt so good I thought it had to taste good as well and I couldn't help myself to try."

Enjolras tried to wipe the saliva of his jacket and looked up furiously at Grantaire. His anger turned into downright fear when he noticed his friend was standing in the middle of the road, completely unaware of the fast approaching car. Before he knew it, he found himself running towards his friend. "Grantaire! Watch out!"

Grantaire was about to turn around to look at Enjolras when he felt the revolutionary push him harshly away. He fell to the floor and watched in horror as he saw his idol's eyes widen in shock and then fly through the air as the car collided with his body. There was no more effective way to sober up a drunken man.

Grantaire sat completely frozen on the floor for a second. The car never stopped, but just kept on driving. Then his eyes fell on the still body lying a little distance away from him. No, no, no, no, no.

He scrambled to his feet and stormed towards his blonde friend. "Enjolras! Enjolras, please. Please wake up? Enjolras!" He was shouting, begging and desperately praying for Enjolras to open his eyes. There was blood. So much blood. And Enjolras' leg and arm were lying at an unnatural angle. Please don't be dead. He thought as he pressed shaking fingers on Enjolras' neck, searching for a pulse. He let out a relieved sob when he found one.

Grantaire then pulled out his phone with shaking hands and dialed 911. He was hardly able to give them the address. He cursed himself again and again. He cursed his own drunken uselessness, his stupidity, his whole being. When he hang up the phone, he carefully took Enjolras' limp hand and started crying. Please be okay. Please Apollo. Please don't die.

He let himself lie down next to his blonde friend, making sure he didn't jostle the revolutionary's body. And while he squeezed Enjolras' hand tightly in his own, he waited for the ambulance to arrive.

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