Chapter Seven ~ the Birth of the Third Charmed One and the Graduation of Lily, James, Sirius and Remus

15th July 1977...

Hermione have birth to Phoebe Arianna Halliwell-Potter two years ago and they were back for James, Lily, Sirius and Remus, Lucius, Severus and Narcissa's graduation and she smiled and placed a hand on her eight month old belly where hers and Harry's 4th child lay inside the womb.

Both Harry and Hermione became aurors thanks to the training of the Order of Phoenix and James's parents but at 6 months pregnant Hermione did paperwork and took care of Harry when he was injured since she was a trained healer/whitelighter and after the ceremony the newly graduates threw their hats in the air and the room was filled with laughter and happiness.

Hermione went to the Heads' Dorm where she remembered 2 years ago was Harry and herself; sharing the Heads dorm to get ready for the ball and Lily said "I did it I graduated a place I've called home for the last seven years"

Hermione said I know how you feel Lily trust me Harry and I went through the same thing two years ago"

Lily said "I know and look at you now an auror, healer, whitelighter and mother"

Hermione giggled and said "I know and hey I'm only 22 years' old Lily"

Lily said "Yeah but you'll become 14 again soon I mean once you've had your baby you'll go back"

Hermione said sadly "I know now let's get ready for the ball"

So then they got ready and they met the boys downstairs and both Harry and James were in awe at how beautiful the love of their lives looked and Harry said "you both look beautiful"

Hermione smiled and said "and you both look very handsome gods you two could be twins"!

James giggled and said "except the eyes I mean Harry has Lily's eyes"

Harry said "I know *smiles* it's like the kids have your beautiful chocolate brown eyes Hermione"

Hermione said "I know that Harry and thank you"

Hermione kisses Harry and so James, Sirius and Remus make fake gagging noises, Lily giggled and kisses James and so the two singles and two sets of lovebirds made their way down to the Great Hall.

Lily was wearing a long black and white Japanese style dress with her long red hair pinned up with chopsticks in her hair and wore white high heels.

Hermione wore a long red dress that showed her baby bump off elegantly and she wore red shoes and a red necklace and she wore her dark brown hair down with curls at the front of her face.

As for the boys well...James was wearing black trousers, a black tie to match Lily's black Japanese dress, a white shirt with a black jacket en-lined in black, black leather shoes (James's dress robes)

Harry was wearing black trousers like his father, a red tie to match Hermione's dress, a white shirt with a black jacket en-lined in red and black leather shoes (his dress robes)

Sirius wore black trousers, a purple tie, a white shirt with a black jacket en-lined with purple and black shoes (Sirius's dress robes)

Remus decided to wear black trousers, a dark blue tie, a white shirt with a black jacket en-lined in dark blue and black leather shoes (Remus's dress robes)