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Come on Dean. Quick!

Sam loaded the rifle with rock salt and shot at the Hookman's spirit again, Lori standing behind him. His shoulder ached like hell. He couldn't wait to see this thing burst into flames. Suddenly, the Hookman appeared right in front of him and knocked the rifle out of his hand.

Sam clutched his shoulder as the movement jarred his arm. He and Lori crawled into a corner and Sam shielded her as the Hookman made to attack. Suddenly, he burst into flames, his hook melting into nothing.

Sam and Dean were now in the Impala, having said goodbye to Lori.

"You know she liked you right?" Dean teased. Sam didn't answer and Dean knew he was getting the bitch face.

"Hey, I'm just saying. She looked pretty put out." said Dean.

"Let it go Dean." Sam said, sighing. His shoulder was throbbing in pain. He gritted his teeth, trying not to cry out.

Dean didn't miss the way his brother was holding his arm. He even saw Sam's face pale a little. "You okay Sammy?"

"Yeah. Fine. Just drive." said Sam. Dean didn't believe him, but decided to drop the matter. He'd deal with it later.

Soon, they were parked in front of their motel room. Dean got out of the car and walked towards the room. He heard a muffled thump behind him. He turned around to see Sam sprawled on the ground near the car. Fear ripped through him.

"Sam! Sammy? Hey..you okay?" Dean said, running over to his brother.

"I think. Felt dizzy. I'll be fine. Just need to sleep it off." said Sam, accepting his brother's help to get up.

"Sam-" Dean complained.

"Let it go Dean. I'm fine." said Sam. He walked towards the motel room, clutching his arm. He hoped the pain would subside. Otherwise, he'd be sprawled on the bathroom floor puking his guts out. Dean stood near the Impala for a few seconds, watching his brother's unsteady steps as he made his way to the room. He sighed. Sam was just as stubborn as ever. He followed close behind in such a way that he'd be able to catch Sam if he fell. This was in no way over. Sam would talk one way or another.

The next morning, Sam woke up to a throbbing shoulder yet again. Guess the aspirin didn't work. Sam gingerly sat up on his bedside. As he went to get to his feet, his stomach lurched. He bolted towards the bathroom and threw himself at the toilet seat. And not a second too late, last nights dinner was gone.

Dean woke up as he heard fast footsteps beating against the floor.

"Sam?" He mumbled. Getting no answer, his big brother senses lit up. He looked over to the other bed to see the blanket trailing on to the floor. The bed was empty. Dean got up, worried.

"Sam?" He yelled. He heard a groan from the bathroom.

"Sammy..." he sighed when he spotted his brother slumped against the toilet seat, dry retching. He walked over and sat on the edge of the tub, massaging his brother's back to try and ease the tension. He frowned when Sam's back felt hot.

"Hey, look at me." Dean said, walking over to Sam's side. He knelt down and touched his brother's forehead.

"Shit Sam! You're burning up." Dean said, withdrawing his hand. Dean waited patiently till the retching stopped and then helped Sam into his bed and handed him some painkillers.

Sam gratefully took them and gulped them down with water.

"Let me check your shoulder. I swear, the doctors know nothing. And no bitch face Sam. This is serious." Dean said sternly.

Sam faltered under Dean's gaze and let Dean check his wound. Helping Sam out of his sweaty shirt, Dean carefully removed the bandages to see the wound. It clearly looked infected. That was weird. It usually took a few days for an infection to set in.

"What the hell?" Dean said, looking confused.

"What's wrong?" Sam croaked.

"Your wound's infected. How is that possible?"

"I-" Sam started. Suddenly, he slumped against the head rest and his eyes closed.

Dean panicked. What the hell just happened? "Sam? Sam! Come on kiddo, wake up! Sammy!" Dean yelled. He shook his brother, patted him on the cheek. He even tried to revive him by sprinkling water on his face. The only response he got was a low mumble and a moan of pain.

"That's it. You need the hospital." Dean said. He hauled Sam into a fireman's lift, nearly falling under the weight of his brother. But he ignored it. When it came to Sam, he'd endure anything. He unlocked the motel room door, grabbed his jacket and car keys and headed out in his pajamas. He didn't care what he was wearing. As he deposited Sam in the passenger seat, only one thought was on his mind.


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