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Bobby smiled to himself as he followed the boys out of his humble abode. Sam leaned against the passenger door as Dean deposited their duffels in the trunk.

"So.." said Bobby awkwardly. In the next minute he had his arms full of 6' 4 inches of Sam.

Sam hugged Bobby and said, "Thanks for everything Bobby."

Bobby felt flustered as Sam let go of him. He cleared his throat. "Shut up you idjit. You're like family. Hell, you are family. No thanks needed," he said.

Dean hesitantly walked over and gave Bobby a one-armed hug. He was never comfortable with 'chick flicks' as he called it. "Even then, thanks a ton," he said.

"Don't mention it. Seriously, don't," Bobby teased.

Sam and Dean walked over to the Impala and slid in. Sam was doing better now. He could barely feel the last few weeks ordeal. Everything was as good as it could be.

Bobby stood waiting and waving until he could no longer see the sleek black machine.

Chuckling and smiling to himself, he made his way into his home. "Idjits."

Darkness slowly crept up on the small town.

The sun shied away and the moon graced its own presence showering what little light it could offer over the small amount of diners and commercial businesses that slowly opened up for their night shifts. Among these was a small bar which was soon to be the venue of a stand-off.

"One more please," said Gordon as he motioned towards his empty beer glass. He sighed in content as he took a swig. His recent hunt where he single-handedly ganked another full nest of vampires (12 vampires is a lot mind you) had been successful. He felt like no one could beat him. He was the best there was. So obviously, it deserved celebration and hence, the beer. The happiness heightened as he'd heard from a fellow hunter that Sam Winchester had been injured badly. What hurt the Winchesters just made him i.e., Gordon, stronger or that's what Gordon thought anyway. He silently thanked the creature (or person) that had messed with the younger hunter.

"Celebrating are we?" came a deep voice from his right. Gordon startled as he didn't expect anyone to creep up on him. He glanced to his right and frowned slightly. He couldn't identify his companion owing to a hat shadowing his face and a large overcoat concealing his bodice.

"Maybe," replied Gordon, still wary of his companion.

The stranger nodded as he silently motioned for the bartender to fill his glass. "May I ask what?"

Gordon raised his eyebrows in surprise. Throwing caution to the winds he replied, "Um, successful business venture."

The stranger chuckled. "A hunt you mean," he corrected.

Gordon tensed. "How..."

"Hunters have a typical body language. You were easy to spot," said the stranger.

Gordon seemed to relax slightly as the man seemed to be a hunter himself by the way he was talking. "True. Vampires. A whole nest. Killed 'em off single-handedly," boasted the hunter.

"That's good. How many in the nest?" asked the stranger.

"About 11 or 12," replied Gordon.

"I'm impressed," stated the stranger.

Gordon smiled. Deciding to go all for it, he blurted out, "You ever heard of the Winchesters?" he asked, not able to contain the second reason for his celebration.

"Yes. The whole hunter community knows 'em," snorted the stranger.

Gordon scowled slightly but continued, "I heard that Sam Winchester was injured badly. Probably won't be able to hunt as usual. Personally, I'm not a fan of the Winchesters. I just want to thank the lucky bastard who got to mess with the kid," rambled Gordon. As he lifted his glass to take a sip of the beer, he glass crashed to the floor and he felt himself flying off his bar stool and pain coursed through his back as he landed with a large thud onto the floor.

Groaning he glanced up at the man who was now looming in front of him, hat and coat discarded. He felt numb as he recognized the hunter before him. Before he could collect his wits, he was being dragged up by his collar and his face was inches in front of the stranger.

"No one...and I mean no one hurts my kids," snarled John Winchester as he landed a punch squarely on Gordon's nose breaking it on impact.

Gordon howled in pain as he stumbled a few feet away.

"You had no right messing with Bobby's phone that night you shithead," continued John as he wrestled and threw Gordon across the length of the bar. He was oblivious to the screams of the onlookers.

Gordon shook in fear and pain as he recollected was John was talking about. "How..."

"I have ways," smiled John threateningly. He'd talked to Bobby on the phone right after Sam and Dean had revealed their secrets to Bobby. He may not want to be found right now, but he was damn well going to keep an eye on his sons.

"I dug deeper. I found out that it was you who had planned the assault," stated John.

"What are you talking about?" Gordon asked in fear.

"You know very well what I'm talking about. You had Chad use Jessica as bait to get to Sam. Chad is your friend's son. You wanted revenge for the disagreement we'd had a few years back over the rugaru case," snarled John as he kicked Gordon in the mid-riff sending him flying to the ground.

"You. Don't. Touch. My. Boys. Ever. Again," John said, punctuating each word with a blow.

Finally, John got up and wiped a hand over his sweaty brow while glancing at the crippled man in front of him. He stared around to bar to see that the customers had fled, along with the bartender. Good for them.

"If I see you anywhere near my sons again, you will regret it," threatened the father Winchester as he carelessly stepped on Gordon and walked out of the bar.

He may be selfish and possibly ignorant when it came to hunts, but he was still a father. And no matter what was in store for them, he was going to look out for his sons.


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