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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Masks
Prologue: In the End

The console before Revan swayed in and out of focus. His mind clouded with pain as he typed. Faster, he had to type faster. He couldn't hold back the emperor much longer.

Revan shook his head. A wave of pain coursed through him. Gritting his teeth, he finished the last of the data and sent it. His heart hammered as he sank to the ground. The armor of his dark robes clanked with every move he made. An ancient mind was pressing down on his. Revan groaned and buried his head in his hands. He pressed his palms to his skull.

"Why do you resist when you know it's futile?"

Revan didn't reply to the emperor. He could feel the emperor's hold over him returning. The hour he'd bought was up. He gasped, holding to the little control he had. He wouldn't be a puppet! The republic – the republic!

"It's no use to resist," the words had no real sound to them. They pressed against Revan's mind, prying his concentration from his hold over his body, his actions; his words. "You're mine until the Republic crumbles or you're killed."

"That maybe," Revan pushed out the words, his control slipping inch by inch, "but I'll fight you until the bitter end." The last of his control slid from his fingers. He was shoved back where he would watch helplessly from the shadows of his mind. The emperor took pleasure in the pain Revan felt every time he was forced to kill a soldier of the Republic.

"It was your defiance that made me take full control in the first place," the emperor reminded Revan. "This war would've been over by now if you'd only obeyed me."

"Go to hell," Revan hissed back. He felt his body stand without even giving the command. The moments of control had become fewer and fewer over the years. It'd gotten to the point where the Force had to be with him to get more than ten minutes at a time.

Revan let his mind go blank. Drawing back from all but the sight he couldn't turn off. His memories of those moments were locked away deep into his mind. It was the only defense he had left against the emperor and the emperor's plans.

The hours blurred one into the next. Revan couldn't tell how much time had passed and didn't really care anymore. All that mattered was that one day this pain would end. He had no illusions of ever gaining full control again. There was no escaping this hell, not since that fateful day all those years ago. Perhaps if he'd been better prepared, if he had been able to fight from day one, then this would've turned out differently.

If that had been then Revan would've returned to the Republic and attacked it on his own power, but not to conquer. No, instead he would've started to prepare them for this threat. For the day when the emperor launched his real invasion.

Revan tried to remember what it was to feel the sweetness of control. A control without constant pain as the emperor's mind pressed back on his. A complete and utter control over his actions, his words, and more than just his thoughts that was what he longed for deep down. Oh, he could keep most of his own thoughts to himself if he was careful. But then, it took most of his willpower and made it so he had to wait days if not weeks to fight of even an ounce of control.

Revan noticed for the first time he was now standing on the bridge of the capital ship. The ship's name escaped him, though didn't he really care to recall it. How long had he been lost in his own thoughts that he hadn't noticed where the emperor was forcing him to move?

Around him the soldiers moved and he could just make out their fleet approaching the Republics. A battle had had started sometime ago. Lights flashed as fighters chased one another. Explosions colored the sky. Revan watched, unable to tear his eyes from the battle even though he wanted to. The pain in him swelled. With each ship's explosion, more agony came. The death wasn't the issue. It was the knowledge – the bitter and true knowledge he'd been unable to stop this.

"You should take pleasure in this destruction," the emperor said. "Can't you feel the dark side swelling around you?"

"Stop this before it's too late," Revan shouted at him through his mind. "You still have time to call off this attack."

"Revan!" a voice shouted at Revan from behind.

The puppet which had become him, turned and Revan saw several Jedi storming the bridge. Several soldiers were with them. A soldier charged Revan while the Jedi engaged with the Sith on the fleet.

Revan's eyes locked on the young woman leading the team, but that wasn't where the emperor wanted him to look. Instead his gazed turned towards the soldier. His hand lifted and sick, gasping sound filled the room.

The soldier crumbled as the young woman slashed through the Sith. "You can not win, Revan!" she shouted at him.

The emperor moved Revan to attack. "Not this time," Revan growled. With every last ounce of his strength he forced his hand to open. The lightsaber clattered to the ground.

"Fight!" the emperor forced Revan to step forward, his hand extended. Lightening crackled between his finger tips.

"No," Revan stated. He curled back his arm and felt the pain as he fought for control. "They're here because I called them and they believe me to be weakened." Revan could've cheered if he had been able to make a sound at all. "You lose, emperor!"

"Not yet."

Revan could sense as the emperor forced Malak to turn his ship on Revan's. The control over him was lessening. And he knew why.

"You were at the end of your usefulness as it was. You made a valuable puppet."

"Malak? Don't make him do this, please."

The Emperor forced Revan to turn.

"You won't be free. The secret of my empire dies with you, Revan."

Cannon fire slammed into the ship. Explosions sounded throughout the bridge. The ceiling began to cave. As it did, Revan felt the emperor's hold leave him. He closed his eyes. A single hot tear trickled down his face. He was free and the cost had been the Republic.

Sheer blinding agony raced through Revan. He was blasted back. Metal slammed into his back. Fire coursed through him from his left shoulder. He gasped. Eyes flickering opened. He twisted and cried out at the unexpected pain. He clawed at the debris that had logged itself into his shoulder. He could see the jagged piece of the ceiling.

"In the end, you've lost. And your Republic will soon follow." The emperor's words echoed in Revan's mind.

Revan's hand fell from the debris. He could feel blood trickling from his mouth. The Republic would be lost. The Emperor was planning on moving on them within the next two years. Revan had known this. What he hadn't known was the truth. The emperor had never planned on using Revan for the last of the plan as it was.

Revan stared at the ceiling. Darkness rimmed his vision. A shadow moved before the ceiling. The mask was pulled from his face. His hair felled into his eye. He coughed. Blood spilled from his mouth. He moved to look at who had taken his mask. It was the young Jedi. Her brown hair and light grey eyes seemed to stick out in the darkness, taking Revan.

"End… it," his voice cracked as he gasped for air. He couldn't force out more than this. He couldn't warn her of the real danger which would move on the Republic within the next two years. He couldn't tell her that all was at end and it was because he hadn't been strong enough to stop it.

Revan turned his gaze back on the small amount of ceiling he could still see. He could feel the Jedi's cool hand brush his throat. He closed his eyes, waiting to feel as the last of his breath was taken from him. He didn't have the will left to fight death. The blood clogging his mouth made it impossible to speak. He'd failed.

The Jedi's hand left his throat. The darkness was wrapping around Revan, drawing him in. Soon he'd become one with the force. That was if one like him still had that right. Pain shot through his arm. He couldn't open his eyes. The pain lessened.

"I'm going to regret this," he heard the young woman mutter.

It didn't matter, none of it mattered. Revan's fate was death no matter what happened next.

(Author's Note: For those of you who follow my Trinity Blood series, you know it's common for me to do a random side story that has nothing to do with main one. I love writing "what if" stories when I get stuck on other books I am writing. Here's one with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Also I am never planning on writing a book (outside of this one) that takes place after the early Jedi Civil War.)