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It's been seven years since the Doctor had left Rose and their family with Sarah Jane Smith. Not once during those seven years did the Doctor ever contact Rose, or even Sarah Jane for that matter. The years of silence has left Rose feeling lost, but Sarah Jane had always been there to help Rose through it. However, the older woman was no longer around to help Rose. Only six months ago Sarah Jane Smith had passed away from an aggressive form of cancer. Her loss meant that Luke was now an orphan, but not for long. For Sarah Jane had bequeathed her house and guardianship of Luke, over to Rose.

In the white and soft grey, modern looking kitchen Rose is seated at the kitchen table, reading a news article on her Unit issued tablet. Having woken up early this morning, Rose figured that she should be catching up on the latest news. Not looking away from the screen of her tablet, Rose reaches out to grab her cup of tea with her right hand. Taking a sip, Rose hears the sound of footsteps coming from the second floor of the house. This is followed by the sound of the stairs creaking as someone comes down from them.

"Morning Rose." Luke says as he enters the kitchen through the French doors that separate the kitchen from the hallway.

"Morning. How are you feeling today, Luke?" Rose asks as she looks away from her tablet.

"Alright, I guess. Still feels weird without Mum around." Luke replies as he pulls a bowl out of a cubby above the counter-top where the breadbox is located.

"I understand. If you want, you can skip your studies for today if you wish."

"Nah. Mum wouldn't want me to set aside my education for tears. Besides, I have an essay on quantum physics that is due this Thursday. I may be a genius, but this particular professor of mine goes mental when papers aren't written in a certain format."

Rose gives Luke a knowing grin at his remark about his professor. Unit has been keeping tabs on the man for well over a year with the idea that perhaps he was an alien. She watches as Luke finishes making his bowl of cereal, when the sound of three more people coming down the stairs echoes through the house.

Jenny is the first one to enter the kitchen, of the three. Over the past seven years she has only grown a small amount in her looks, but her mental capacity now matches the Doctor's. She is still wearing her pajamas, which are no longer camo looking, but are a soft grey color set. Her blond hair is pulled back and in a braid. She gives Rose a smile before heading straight for the fridge for her morning cup of yogurt.

Jack, who looks just like the Doctor except for the height, is the next to enter the kitchen. At fourteen years old, he is only six inches taller than Rose, but has the muscle mass of the Doctor's previous brooding incarnation. His brown hair is even more unruly than his father's hair ever could be. Though Jack looks to have taken a shower this morning, he is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a black jumper that have wrinkles in them.

"Morning Mum." Jack says through a yawn as he too heads for the fridge.

Following behind Jack, is Donna. Now Donna has a good blend of Rose and the Doctor in her facial features. Her nose is from the Doctor, while her cheeks and lips are from Rose. Donna's chin, however, doesn't look like Rose's, nor either of her Doctor's chins. Perhaps it comes from a previous regeneration's look. Donna's light brown hair falls past her shoulders, stopping around the middle of her shoulder blades. Her eyes are of a golden brown, that when she gets mad they turn to an almost black color. On this morning, it appears that Donna has decided that she is going to wear a ruffled, cream colored button-down blouse with a brown, knee-high A-line skirt.

"Mum." Donna says as she walks over to the kitchen table. She takes a seat on the chair next to Rose's and takes one of Rose's leftover slice of toast.

"Good Morning, Donna." Rose says to her youngest, trying hard to hide her sadness. It still hurts Rose, knowing that the Doctor has missed out on so much time with Donna. "So what do you all have planned for today?"

Jack is the first one to answer his mother's question, while trying to eat banana. "Well I am going to be working with Mr. Smith to try and find Dad."

"Just remember to be careful, Jack. Remember what happened when Donna was only a year old, and you tried to send out a signal. Just be glad that Unit came to help us prevent that Madame Kovarian woman from taking you sister." Rose tells her son with a serious voice.

"I promise to be careful."

To this day Jack still feel the guilt from that close call. He had been working with Mr. Smith to create a signal that the Tardis should have received and followed it back. His hope was that his father had gotten lost or had forgotten when and where he left his family. What Jack hadn't counted on was for a group of humans and aliens to try and kidnap his little sister. They would have succeeded too if it hadn't been for Sarah Jane contacting Unit after his Mum had taken on those white, creepy looking aliens. Jenny had Jack hide with Donna in the cupboard under the stairs, and placed herself between that cupboard and any who might try to take Jack or Donna.

Yet even after the whole fiasco, Jack was still bound and determined to find the Doctor and bring him home.

"May Jenny and me go to the park today, Mum?" Donna asks shyly, as if she is afraid to ask.

"As long as Jenny goes with you and keeps you in sight at all times." Rose replies, giving her youngest child a small smile. Since that fateful incident, Rose hasn't allowed Donna to be left alone. "Just remember when you leave this house, be extra careful. There are people who would love to get their hands on you."

"Yes, Mum. I will make sure to keep a close eye on her while we are out." Jenny says, giving her little sister a wink.

"Good. Unit has given me the day off today, so I plan on catching up on some paperwork before going out into the garden." Rose says to the children.

-Elsewhere in the Universe-

The Doctor has been searching everywhere for Amy and Rory's daughter and hasn't found anything that may lead to her whereabouts. Now that he knows who Melody Pond really is, the Doctor is more anxious to find the baby and take her home. Flipping a few switches on the console, the Doctor looks up at the screen that resides about this part of the console. So far the lead that the Doctor had been following has turned out to be a false one.

'You need to rest, my thief.' The Tardis says to the Doctor through their link.

"Not till I have found her." The Doctor yells so loud that his voice echoes in the console room.

'Then go back to Earth and bring our pack home. Our wolf would be able to help you.'

"No." The Doctor growls out to the Tardis. "I will not put Rose and our children in danger. Since I have regenerated the universe doesn't know about me having a family. It's best if I stay away from them. Besides, Madame Kovarian made the comment on if I had a family that they too would be targeted. I won't run the risk of my family being found by that madwoman. They already have proven that they could get to my companions, why put Rose at such a risk. Or Jenny, Jack, even baby Donna."

'We can protect our family, my thief. Just leave it all to me.' With a loud screech and some tossing about, the Tardis changes course to when and where the rest of her family is located.

The Doctor, who throughout the course of being tossed around the console room, is trying to stop the Tardis.

"Don't you even think about it. We are not going back there. Stop this at once!" he shouts to the ceiling as he tries to stop the Tardis from landing.

However, the Tardis begins her landing cycle that entails her whooshing sound will be heard by anyone present at Sarah Jane's home. It is time to bring the rest of her family home. Then the whooshing stops and the ever familiar thud signals that they have arrived at their destination. From there, the Tardis reaches out to touch the minds of her thief's children and of his wolf.

Rose, who had just finished getting dressed for the day, had heard the ever telling sound of the Tardis. Moving quickly to her bedroom window, she looks out it and sees that it is indeed the Tardis that is sitting in the middle of the garden.

"This can't be real." she whispers to herself before rushing out of her bedroom and down the stairs.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Rose makes a hard right U-turn and runs towards the door that leads to the garden. Not caring that the top three buttons on her green blouse are undone, Rose goes outside after sliding on a pair of slip on shoes. She approaches the Tardis with caution, not sure if this is really real or if it is a trap.

The Tardis doors open for her as she reaches out a hand. Carefully, Rose glances inside to see an unfamiliar man standing, rather stiffly, with his back facing the door. She notices that the man is wearing a tweed jacket and brown trousers.

"Hello? Doctor?" Rose says in a soft voice as she walks into the Tardis. It is now that she notices that the console room has changed from what she is used to seeing.

"You shouldn't have come in, Rose." The Doctor says to her without turning to look at her. "It's not safe traveling with me anymore."

"When was it ever safe?" Rose walks towards the Doctor.

Walking around him, Rose takes in every detail of this new regeneration of her Doctor. When she stops to look at his face, she sees such sadness etched upon it.

"What has happened to you, Doctor?"

Placing a hand on his left cheek, Rose catches a few glimpses of what has happened in her mind with help from the Tardis. She sees him eating fish fingers and custard with a small red-headed girl. Then the image changes to the loss of a young man to a light filled crack. Another image enters her mind and it shows a large box with a sleeping red-haired woman inside it. But it is the final images that captures all of Rose's attention. These images consist of the young woman melting, a building of an army, and the confrontation with a stout woman that Rose recognizes.

Breaking the contact with the Doctor, Rose takes a few steps back from him. "Doctor. That woman. The one with the eye patch."

Hearing Rose's description of Madame Kovarian, the Doctor opens his eyes. He stares at Rose as he can feel her fear through the connection they have. This makes the Doctor take a few steps closer to Rose, and he grabs hold of her upper arms tightly.

"How do you know of Madame Kovarian? Rose?"

"She tried to take Donna, back when Donna was two years old." Rose tells the Doctor, noticing that his eyes have darkened.

"She shouldn't have been able to find you. I made sure that no one knew of you or the children's existence." The Doctor growls out at her.

"You left us, Doctor, and we waited for you." Rose growls back at the Doctor and shoves hard against his chest, breaking free from his hold on her. "You never came. Even when Jack sent out that signal, you didn't come. Instead some crazy woman and her alien cohorts arrived instead and tried to take Donna from us. If it wasn't for Unit, Donna would not be here with us still. We needed you, and you never came!"

The Doctor, who had taken several steps back from the force of Rose's shove, just looks at Rose as he hears and sees her frustration that is directed at him. And for good reason. Hearing that his own daughter was now known to Kovarian, has the Doctor setting his jaw and making his hands into fists.

"Is Donna alright?" He asks Rose through gritted teeth.

"For the first two years after the incident she would only sleep in my bed out of fear of being taken away. But the last three years she has been sharing a bedroom with Jenny, so she hasn't had many nightmares about it." Rose replies with some anger still in her voice. "She also isn't allowed to go anywhere without another person to keep an eye on her. Most of the time she comes with me to Unit and stays in my office. Or she will sneak down to Kate's office to try and get the woman to give her a biscuit."

The Doctor gives a small chuckle at the thought of his daughter charming people into giving her things. This causes the Doctor to wonder just how much time has passed for Rose and their children here on Earth.

"Seven years, Doctor, we waited for you." Rose says out loud to his mental musings. Now that she is back in the Tardis and near him, Rose's mental connections are becoming stronger. "Are you going to leave us again?"

"Rose." The Doctor says, letting out all with pent up anger and frustration with a sigh. "I don't know. As of right now, it wouldn't be safe for any of you to travel with me. But now that Kovarian knows of you all, you aren't safe being left here either."

Running his hands over his face and into his hair, the Doctor is trying to think of any possible solution that will keep his family safe.

"While you're thinking, Doctor, why not come inside and have a cup of tea? Maybe see the children as well. I'm sure Jack, Jenny, Donna, and Luke will be happy to see you." Rose says, offering the Doctor one of her hands.

The Doctor looks at Rose and her outstretched hand with a battle going on inside his mind. Now that he knows just how long he has been away, he isn't sure if the children will accept him. Especially since he has regenerated and no longer looks like their father used to. However, it is the Tardis and the look on Rose's pleading face that has the Doctor taking hold of Rose's hand.

As Rose leads the Doctor out of the Tardis that the Doctor realizes that this is what he needs. The Tardis was right; he needs his family. Now more than ever.

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