Tohru slowly woke up, dimly aware of the fact that she was in her bed, but entirely confused as to how she had gotten there. As she sat up, stretching her arms above her head and yawning, she slowly sifted through her memories of the night before, and then realized that the last thing that she could clearly recall was leaving the restaurant with Hatori.

Oh no…did that mean that he'd carried her into the house?

She felt her cheeks go red in embarrassment and she also felt a feeling of guilt settle on her conscience. That meant that he must have put her in her bed, too.

She didn't mean to be such an inconvenience, but it seemed that it happened anyway.

Ignoring it for the time being, she slid off her bed and quickly changed into a set of clothes that weren't wrinkled. She slipped on a plain dark blue t-shirt and a pair of gray lounge pants. She then dug around in her bureau, trying to find a pair of socks, and then found and pulled on a pair of thick, white socks that scrunched up around her ankles.

Quickly, she ran a comb through her tangled hair and then grabbed her green cardigan, sliding her arms through it as she walked down the hall and headed downstairs to make breakfast.

It was the weekend, after all, and the boys would probably enjoy a large meal.

As Tohru walked into the kitchen, her eyes lit on the digital clock on the stove and she saw that it was only six-thirty in the morning, and yet she was wide awake. Normally she slept until seven-thirty, or even eight on rare occasions, on the weekends, but it seemed that she was already wide awake.

Deciding to take advantage of the time, she looked through the cupboards and the fridge, and finally decided on eggs, sausage, and pancakes. That would be perfect for a Saturday morning.

But for now, since it was so early, she would make just enough for herself.

The boys would most likely not appear until close to ten or eleven, so she would have several hours alone.

Her hands automatically went through the motions; it was a simple meal, one that she'd made countless times for herself, so she didn't really have to focus on it…which meant that her thoughts had free range, and she found herself thinking about the night before with Hatori. When he'd asked her to join her for dinner, she thought that he simply wanted company and that she was nearby and that it had simply been convenient…but now that she thought back on it, she wasn't so sure.

He had been an absolute gentleman, of course, and he'd brushed off the incident of him turning into his zodiac as though it were nothing.

He got on Momijii's case all of the time whenever he hugged Tohru, berating him for turning even in the privacy of the Sohma estate…but with her, all he'd said was, "Tohru, I'm fine…"

Why was that? Did he…dare she think it…like her?

Hurriedly, she brushed that thought aside and instead tried to focus her thoughts on the meal that she was making for the boys. It didn't even matter if he did like her, anyway, because she only saw him as a friend…didn't she?

At that thought, her hands, which had been pouring pancake batter and flipping pancakes, stilled, and she remembered what had happened right after the meeting with Akito.

When she'd talked to him alone, she had simply been thanking him, but then afterwards…


He had hugged her and when they both realized that nothing had happened, he had leaned in and she had leaned forward…

And then Shigure had arrived and broken the moment. Tohru wasn't entirely sure what might have happened if the writer hadn't shown up when he had, but now that she thought back on it, she knew exactly what would have happened, and she blushed.

He would have kissed her.

And suddenly, in a warm wave of realization, she found that she actually liked the idea of being kissed by Hatori.

He was the typical tall, dark, and handsome of romance novels, along with a dark past, and he...he cared about her.

Tohru's cheeks warmed even further and she had the sudden urge to call him, just to see what he was doing, but, of course, she didn't. It was only…she glanced at the clock. Seven in the morning, after all, and there was no reason why she should disturb him so early in the day.

However, she would call him later, just so that she could thank him for the dinner the night before, and to apologize for the fact that she'd fallen asleep on him.

Yes. That was a good reason to call him. It was logical and didn't imply anything about her feelings.

Pleased that she had a plan, she quickly finished cooking her breakfast and slid it all onto a plate, which she then put onto a tray. She then poured herself a glass of orange juice and took the tray outside, so that she could enjoy the beautiful morning.

As she ate her eggs, she looked over the woods and smiled.

She was very lucky that Shigure had taken her in, as well as Yuki and Kyo, and let her live with them in such a lovely place.

Soon she had finished her eggs, so she sipped at her orange juice as she stared at the fog that had slowly come in from over the mountain and found her thoughts once more going to Hatori.

The smoky gray of the fog reminded Tohru of his eyes. She didn't think that she had ever seen such beautiful eyes before on anyone that she'd ever met. Even though she'd never gotten a good look at his left eye, as he usually kept his hair covering it, one eye was enough to capture her, and capture her it had. No matter how hard she tried to not think about him, her thoughts kept on turning over to him, time and time again.

It had only been less than a day since she'd seen him, and yet she already missed him.

She had been nervous the night before when they had talked at dinner, certain that she would make a terrible mistake, but he had been easy to talk to, and he'd even laughed!

He has a nice laugh, she thought to herself. He should do it more often…

Absently, she put her juice back down on her tray and reached for a sausage, biting into it, barely noticing the rich flavor that burst on her tongue, and continued to stare at the fog as it moved down along the ridge and slowly faded away to reveal the lush green of the trees.

It really was a lovely sight...

but I wish Hatori was here to see it, too, she finished in her mind.

Lost in her thoughts, she was startled when she heard the click of the screen door behind her. Her head spun around in response to the sudden sound, and she was surprised to see Kyo standing there leaning against the jamb, his hair spiked in every direction, rubbing sleep out of his eyes while at the same time trying to stifle a large yawn, wearing a wrinkled black shirt and red sweatpants that were just as wrinkled.

"Wha…What are you doing out here?" he asked, his yawn breaking up his question.

Tohru simply stared for a long second, the sausage in her hand forgotten, but then she snapped out of it and said, "Oh! I, uh…wanted to have breakfast outside. I thought it was a nice morning for it."

She gave him another look and then went back to eating as he sat down next to her, stifling yet another yawn, putting the back of his hand to his mouth, and she smiled when she saw him then use the same hand to reach behind his head and scratch his neck in a cat-like manner.

Finally, she asked, "What…what are you doing up so early? Isn't this the day that you usually sleep in?"

Kyo nodded and then said, "Yeah, usually, but last night I went to bed early, around nine or so, so I woke up early." His eyes cleared up a bit more and he added, "It's a nice morning, isn't it?"

She nodded.

"Yeah, it really is."

He leaned forward so that his elbows were on his knees and then said, "But it's still too early." He suddenly stood and walked out towards the woods and threw over his shoulder, "I'm gonna go for a walk for a while. I should be back in a few hours. Tell the rat to not be here when I get back."

And with that, he took off barefoot into the woods, leaving Tohru feeling very confused.

This was one of the oddest Saturday mornings that she'd had in a long time.

But she was reassured by the fact that she was going to talk to Hatori later on that day. Yes…that would keep her happy for the rest of the day.

Until then.

Part 6/?