AN: Hello, to anyone who might be reading this. My last story, which is the novelization of the game with some OCs, was an epic failure so I decided to delete it and start a new one. I thought that a novelization of the game was too overrated so I just settled for a different story entirely, revolving around the events after the game. This story, still named Enter the Darkness, will still have the OCs I planned for the original story and since no one knows what school Alex attended to I will simply put in a random University. To whoever might be reading this, I hope you like this story I have cooked up and served to you. Before I start the chapter proper, I will introduce to you my two OCs:

1. Samantha R. Chase

A.K.A.: Samantha Roivas, Sam

Character Bio: Sam is the older cousin by two years of Alexandra Roivas. The Roivas cousins were very close, with Sam being Alex's pillar of emotional support during her parents' deaths when Alex was 8 and Sam was 10. Sam's mother is the sister of Alex's father. When their grandfather Edward gained custody of Alex, Sam would cajole her parents into letting her visit them so she could be there for Alex. At 14, however, another tragedy struck the family, Sam's parents were involved in a nasty car accident and Sam was thought dead, but no body was ever recovered. In truth, Sam was never in the car to begin with but rather she was with her father's best friend, a CIA Agent named Mark Williams. Edward and Mark thought it best for Sam to stay with Mark. After graduating middle school, Williams recruited her for the CIA training, all the while trying to complete her college education. At 16, she is a fully fledged CIA agent due to her skills. A mission gone awry almost cost her life at the time but due to The Ancients' influence it saved her life, but she has repressed her memories of the event having blamed herself for the death of two men in her team. Due to connections and Sam's intelligence, she was able to skip High School and jump over to College, managing to graduate as a Literature Major at the American University in Washington D.C. Due to her reputation in the field of Literature, she gives lectures in literature in many universities around the country. 5 years after graduating, now a top agent, Sam returns home to Rhode Island after Edward's death and aids Alex and her best friend, James, in the fight against The Ancient Ulyaoth and Pious Augustus. Just as she is settling down yet again to a life of a CIA agent, something leads her to realize that the battle against the darkness is far from over…

2. James Matthews

A.K.A: Jimmy

Character Bio: 19 year old James is Alex's best friend since the supposed death of Sam. Having met at 12 years old, James and Alex became best friends after he found her crying by Sam's grave. James, who has known loss due to the death of his father for unspecified reasons, comforted her. The two became the best of friends ever since. 7 years later, now a psychology student in Washington, D.C., James returns to Rhode Island with Alex to help investigate Edward's murder and during this, he meets Alex's cousin, the 21-year-old Samantha Roivas. After this adventure, a year later, James was almost fully adjusted to being a normal student yet again when something beckons them back to the war against The Ancients.

Chapter I:

Written all over it

In a dormitory at the George Washington University in Washington D.C., Alexandra Roivas slept in her bed, dreaming about that day. That fateful day when she, her best friend and her cousin defeated their common enemy, Pious Augustus and his master; The Ancient Ulyaoth.

"My death is just the beginning." Pious yelled at her before she plunged his staff on his stomach and James pulled the shotgun trigger on his head.

Alex bolted up from her bed just as the dream ended. She looked at her alarm clock and saw the time 3:33. The same time their grandfather died. It's been a year since that day and tomorrow it would be Edward Roivas' death anniversary. Just then, the phone started ringing. She picked it up, hoping and praying that no one died again.

"Hello?" She greeted.

"Hey, Alex. How you doing?" Her cousin, Sam, greeted from the other line.

"Sleepy. Why the hell are you calling me at this god forsaken hour? Aren't you on a mission in Quantico?" Alex asked, annoyed.

"Said mission just ended and passed to my handlers. Info gathering should be cinch with the right way. The field agents will be taking over. They said I'm not yet fit for field work again since I just got out of sabbatical." Sam answered.

"What do you want?" She snapped. Sam hesitated before answering.'

"Listen, I'm driving back to Washington as we speak. I have a lecture on Weird fiction Literature at your University. Lovecraft and Cthulhu Mythos, stuff like that. Until after my lecture tomorrow, I'm not telling you what I think about Lovecraft's life. Please do not let me catch you into more trouble when I get there. Try to remember that every student that has literature classes will be there, including you and James." She explained. Alex sighed.

"Fine. I won't slack off or get into trouble." Alex answered.

"You better not, Alex. Alright, good night. Go get some sleep. Oh, and you and James will have to refer to me as Dr. Roivas. I'm known by that name obviously and almost everyone in your school knows I'm your cousin due to you, shining star of the mathematics department, getting into trouble." Sam told her.

"Got it. Bye." Alex said before hanging up. Alex plopped down in bed yet to say, things weren't really going well for them. James was still studying in the Psychology Department, she was still studying abstract math and number theory, Sam was still…well…she was still doing missions in the CIA along with giving lectures about literature to various universities around the country. Alex, however, was still having lapses. Whenever they would be invited to unauthorized parties, she would go and drink herself silly. She bought and kept a stash of pot and occasionally smoked them. Unfortunately, she was caught on both occasions and on both occasions Sam would have to be called back from whatever it is she was doing from her job just to talk to the Dean. Alex walked away with warnings. A third would gain her suspension and a fourth would result in expulsion. Slowly, as the minutes went by, Alex fell asleep again.

*Dream Sequence*

Alex dreamt that she was in Ehn'gha again. Fighting with Pious, stabbing him, Edward greeting them and telling them how proud he was of them. But after he disappeared, so did James and Sam. She was left alone in Ehn'gha.

"James, Sam!" She yelled for them. No one responded and all of a sudden, Pious' body started glowing green and he rose again. Alex was horrified but before she could do something her dream ended.

*End Dream Sequence*

Alex stirred as she started to hear her alarm clock. Just as she pressed the snooze button since her first class, Number Theory, don't start at 8 and it's only 6:30, the early bird barged into her room.

"Alex, rise and shine!"

"Go away, James!" She yelled back. James pulled her blanket away. Alex curled up because of the cold draft.

"Up, come on!" James told her.

"Jimmy, go away and I might reward you with a kiss later when I actually wake up." She said. To James, that would've been a dream come true, he's been in love with her since 12. But that would have to wait, unfortunately. Sighing, he pulled the phone from the receiver.

"Alex, I know Sam's number by heart. If you don't get up for breakfast, shower and classes I will call her." He threatened her.

"I'm up!" She said as she sat up. James chuckled at her appearance. She was wearing shorts, a white shirt and her hair was sticking out everywhere. In her annoyance, she threw a pillow at him before gathering some stuff and going to the bathroom to take a shower. When she came out wearing a green dress shirt and jeans, there was already food on her table. A box of pizza. They ate before departing for classes. With 30 minutes to spare, Alex got to her first class. Alex went from class to class after that. She listened to the Professors lectures while thinking about her dream.

'It had to mean something.' Alex thought. By 12, it was lunch time. Then, jump from class to class again. After those classes, it was literature and Sam would be giving her lecture. They got to the classroom and students were filing in. James and Alex sat in the middle column of seats, third row from the front so they could see more of Sam's lecture. Just as they sat down, the lights dimmed down. The only lights left were the one out back. Sam entered the room and walked up to the podium, wearing a white dress shirt, a blue long sleeved sweater, jeans and boots.

"Good afternoon everyone. I am Dr. Samantha Roivas. Obviously I have a PhD in literature. Yes, so, let me clear something up; this won't just be a lecture anymore. Earlier I was notified that your Literature Professor is retiring, effective this weekend. So, the Chairman of the Board personally asked me to take his place and I said yes, despite the fact that it was a bit hard for me to leave my Alma mater, the American University."

A random boy suddenly raised his hand. He looks like a jock from the looks of it. The type that would bully nerds, literature, art, psychology and mathematics students.

"Yes, Mister…"

"Weiss, ma'am." He answered.

"Ah, yes, Mister Weiss. What-what's your question?"

"So, did you take the job because you love literature or did you take the job to keep an eye on Pothead Roivas?" He asked. Half the class laughed. James wrapped a protective arm around Alex, Alex bowed her head down and Sam rolled her eyes. Ever since the rising star of the Mathematics department was discovered to be using pot a few months back, Alex has been called 'Pothead Roivas'.

"I guess The Roivas Family's descent to insanity wasn't really in the genes after all. Maybe all of them were potheads." A brunette girl said. Now, the three of them can tell the girl is a slut.

"Alright, settle down everyone. Mr. Weiss, I took the job for two purposes; 1. Because I love literature and keep an eye on my cousin, who you call 'Pothead Roivas'. By the way, I'm a Professor here now so I'm authorized to hit you with this laptop whenever I want. Insulting a person is one thing but insulting their entire family is another entirely different things. I remember you, Miss Watson and the rumors about you are not really pleasant. So, yeah, we of the House of Roivas maybe potheads, but do you really think that's worse than what you're suspected of doing? We have our limits Miss Watson, but you who is rumored to not only be a pothead, but a drinker and a slut as well, do you really think you're any better than us of the House of Roivas when in fact, you're worse that us."

James and Alex were pleased by how that shut her up immediately.

"Alright, let's continue on. Anyone not interested in my class or are here by mistake, get the hell out of here. No, I'm serious get out!" Sam instructed them angrily. No one dared to leave.

"Alright let's get started." Sam began. She started her lecture by starting on H.P. Lovecraft's life from the beginning to his death. When she got to the themes of Lovecraft's stories, James and Alex were piqued with interest. When she gave the summary of a couple of Lovecraft's novellas, they were downright terrified.

"Alex, I think-"James began but Alex cut him off.

"I know." She replied through gritted teeth. The lights turned on and Sam snapped her laptop shut.

"Thank you for your time and for homework, I want you to-nah, I'm just kidding; NO HOMEWORK!" Sam announced. The students cheered and started filing out one by one until only the three of them remained.

"Sam, about Lovecraft-"Alex started.

"I know. It has The Ancients written all over his life." She answered.

"Well, he couldn't have faced The Ancients it wasn't all over the tome." James said.

"Unless we never found it around the mansion." Sam said.

"So…what should we do?" James asked curiously.

"I don't know. I'm not keen on going back to that mansion yet or Rhode Island for that matter." Alex said. Sam ran a hand through her blond hair. The Roivas cousins both inherited the blond hair but only Alex had the blue eyes. Sam's eyes are green which she inherited from her father.

"We have to. It's a weekend tomorrow, coincides with Grandpa's death anniversary. We go back to Rhode, pay our respects, go to the mansion, find a chapter page if any and get out of the place. If it takes more than a day, we leave the house, stay at my house around Rhode and if it takes more than the weekend, we'll leave and come back another time. It's simple as that. If we find chapter pages, we'll read it back here." Sam explained. The other two nodded in agreement.

"You guys go on back to your dorms. Alex, you and I are going to talk about something later but for now, I have to settle things with the chairman of the board." She ordered. The two turned around and left with their things while Sam went to another direction. One thing the three of them are sure of, however...

Lovecraft's life has The Ancients written all over it.

AN: And that is Chapter 1! I hope you all liked it. Chapter 2 will be up and about soon.