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This is a response to Reptilia28's challenge:

Harry Potter was very confused. The last thing he remembered was being in the Forbidden Forest and a flash of green light. Now, however, he appeared to be in an office. It had rows of filing cabinets along the back wall with a large desk in front of them. On the desk was what appeared to be a telephone, a large book, a small monitor, and a nameplate that read "Milo Grimstone". It was the man behind the desk that caught Harry's attention. He was a large man, around 6'3 and probably about 300 pounds. He had slick black hair and a small goatee with almost electric blue eyes covered by bushy eyebrows, and he was glaring at Harry.

"Not again!" the man growled. "Why, Why, Why can't you just stay alive? It's not really that tough," the man raged. "Sure your destiny is a bit tougher than most but Fate wouldn't have given it to you unless you were capable. Just kill the dark tosser, marry your soulmate (some Granger girl), and live to the ripe old of 230 while establishing rights for all magical races. You can do it if you would just stop dying," he complained while Harry looked on stupefied.

"What!?" Harry managed, not sure what was going on. Then something registered. "Soulmate? Hermione? But she's with Ron. And what about Ginny?"

"Don't get me started on those weasels. The greedy little cretins are half of the reason why you keep dying before your time. That manipulative old coot Dumbles is the other half. As for your feelings about Ginny and Granger's attraction to the human food disposal unit, two words. Love Potions," the man explained.

"They wouldn't do that," Harry protested automatically. "And what do you mean keep dying? You make it sound like I've died before, but I would think I would remember some like that. And what is this place anyway?"

"No, you wouldn't remember. Company policy. As for this place, this is my office at Destiny Inc. Here at Destiny, it is our job to see you meet your destiny, be it heaven or hell. Oh, and my name is Milo. As your Grim Reaper, I am in charge of making sure you meet you destiny and get to the right afterlife."

"Ok , then," Harry said hesitantly as he tried to assimilate the information he had been given. "What do you mean when you say 'company policy'?" Harry finally asked.

"You see, every person is given by Fate a list of things they are to accomplish in life and an approximate time in which to fulfill them. Some people have small destinies that have little to no effect on the world; these destinies are classed as type 3 destinies and are the most common. These are your average people. Then you have type 2 destinies. These are the people who impact the world- politicians, entrepreneurs, inventers- peoples whose destinies impact and influence the destinies of a lot of other people. Then, there are the type 1 destinies. This is the rarest of destinies. These are the heroes, the revolutionists, the people that create countries and end wars. The one's whose actions influence the course of history.

Now people who die before the time fate allowed for them, for any reason, are evaluated on whether or not they fulfilled their destiny, the level of their destiny, and the effect their death has on the destiny of others. Should a person's destiny be fulfilled and as long as his or her death doesn't affect the destiny of others that person will be sent on to the appropriate afterlife. If a person's destiny had not be fulfilled then it is determined what type of destiny that person had. If the person had a type 3 destiny, barring a large impact by their death, that person would be sent on to the afterlife. Should a person have a type 2 destiny, it is evaluated what impact the death would have on the world. Should the impact be small or should the person's survival have a negative impact on higher ranked destinies, the person would go on to the afterlife. However, should a person have a type 3 destiny or if the death of a type 2 person has a large negative impact on the world, things get tricky. Such people are needed to keep the world advancing. Therefore, when such a case is determined by Fate's Council the person's, Grim Reaper sends the individual back. However, should a bunch of people be running around talking about how they were given a second chance at life soon people won't take death seriously, expecting to get another chance should they do something stupid and end up dead before their time. Therefore, it is company policy to wipe the memories of those sent back so they don't remember they were dead."

Harry sat silent throughout the explanation as he absorbed what Milo was saying. Finally, Harry asked, "So I won't remember any of this?"

"Normally, you wouldn't. Normally, you would be sent back to the moment you died. However, this time isn't like how it normally is. You have a type 1 destiny and you are on your thirteenth death. This is a rare situation. I can count on one hand the number of people with a type 1 destiny who have prematurely died as many times as you." Milo stated, glaring at Harry again.

"So what does that mean?" Harry asked confused.

"It means that it is time for some drastic action. Thirteen is an unlucky number. No soul can be sent back after its thirteenth death. What's more is that if you fail, not only will the world descend into chaos, but I will be fired. Having a charge die thirteen times is bad enough; that the charge is a type 1 and failed to complete his destiny will see me thrown out of Destiny Inc. Such failures are what causes civilizations to collapse, the Egyptians, the Romans, Camelot." Milo shuttered.

"Oh," Harry stated. "So what is drastic action?"