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The list of potential allies Milo went over was surprising to Harry. It also re-enforced how much Harry didn't know about the wizarding world and its customs. He knew that Suzan Bones aunt was the Head of the DMLE, but he had been unaware that Susan, as well as Neville for that matter, was the heir to an ancient and noble house. Harry hadn't even known what it meant to be an heir to such a house. Learning that the Potters, Bones, and Longbottoms had been long-time ally and often worked together to pass legislation in the Wizengmont was a revelation for Harry. When he asked why Neville or Susan hadn't mentioned the connection between their families, Milo informed him that Neville and Susan had thought he had already known and choosen not to associate with them. Ron didn't help and managed to chase them off whenever they tried to speech to you. Despite that, both of them had remained true to the spirit of the alliance by supporting and helping Harry when he asked. Harry remembered the way Neville tried to warn him about Malfoy the night he got rid of Norbert and how Neville tried to keep him from getting in trouble when he went after the stone. He realized that Neville had always been a true friend to him and was ashamed at how he had brushed the other boy off.

The other surprise for Harry was the number of Slytherins Milo thought would be good allies for him. He had to admit that Greengrass, Davis, and Zambini had never seemed to be part of Malfoy's crowd and realized that he need to stop thinking of all Slytherins as evil like Dumbledore had programed him to. Just the thought of Dumbledore made Harry angry and he swore to himself that this time he wouldn't be blinded or bound by Houses.

While Harry could understand making friends with the neutral trio, he was shocked when Milo suggested he consider a friendship with Theo Nott. "But his father is a Death Eater!" Harry exclaimed.

"Just because a father is sycophantic arse-kisser of that megalomaniac doesn't mean the son is." Milo countered. "Theo is the ultimate Slytherin. He prefers cunning over brute force and respects intelligence and talent without regards to blood status. He hates his father's master and believes that anyone who follows Voldemort is an idiot. Theo bows to no-one but is not about to risk his neck by saying so to his father or his father's friends. Theo would be more than happy to get rid of what he sees as the bane of Slytherin House, but he is not a brash Gryffindor. He isn't going to shout his intention from the rooftop. He will attempt to reach his goal with cunning and stealth. If you could convince him to work with you, he would make a great ally and give you access to inside information from the Death Eater families."

Harry thought that over. If Milo was right about Theo being against Voldemort, his connection could be useful. Harry was wary of what Theo's politics might be and what Theo would want in exchange for his help. He believed Milo when he said that Theo was the ultimate Slytherin. His help wouldn't be free. A true Slytherin looks out for himself first. For Theo to help, there would have to be something in it for him that he couldn't get for himself. Harry understood enough of the true Slytherin mindset to accept that. While Griffendors are bold, caution is a Slytherin's watchword. With all this going through his mind, Harry decided to keep an open mind and see where it takes him after he returned.

After several hours, Harry had a clear idea of who could help him and how. He also knew who he needed to avoid. Armed with this information, it was time for him to return. The only question now was: how far back should he go?

Harry knew that he had no intention of going back after Sirius had died, so that left his first seven deaths. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that early was better. There was so much that needed to be done and so many things he could have done better had he just known what he knows now. He also need to prepare before he saw Dumbledore and the traitors again. With this in mind, he realized his best bet was to go back to some point before he started Hogwarts so he had time to prepare. His only hesitation was that he didn't want to spend any more time with the Dursleys than he had to. With this thought, Harry turned to Milo. "I think that, with everything that needs to be done and changed, I will need to return to a time before I started Hogwarts, but how am I supposed to do anything while I am locked up in Durskaban?"

"I agree that earlier is better," confirmed Milo. "There is no need to stay at the Dursley however. Once you return, you can head to Potter Manor. The wards are excellent so you won't have to worry about security and you will be able to access the Potter library, not to mention the help that the Potter Portraits can provide."

"How can I get to Potter Manor?" Harry asked.

Milo thought. "I suppose that you will be too young for apparition. You could take the Knight Bus but you have no wand to summon it and that would lead to questions. I suppose the best way would be to summon a Potter Elf. You will have to be away from Privet Drive. If you could get out of Little Whinging all together that would be even better. Dumbledore would have put up wards to prevent your elves from finding you, but if you are far enough away from the wards the elves should hear you if you call. Once you are away from the wards call for Mipsy. She should be able to take you home."

Harry blinked. He wasn't sure how he felt about the fact that the Potters owned houses elves, but he knew from his experiences with Dobby and Kreature just how useful having a house elf on your side could be. He would just be very careful when he explained house elves to Hermione.

"It is time." Milo told him. "Have you chosen when you would like to go back?"

Harry answered. "I need time to prepare so it will have to be one of my first two deaths. I think that I should go with my second death. I will have four years to prepare and I will be able to leave immediately without having to see the Dursleys. If I went with my first death, I would have to deal with the Dursleys until I recovered enough to leave and I can't see that ending well. Beside, while people might overlook a seven-year-old without an obvious minder, they will most likely question a five year old that has no visible supervision."

"Very well then. Good luck and I better not see you for another two hundred years."

With that, Harry felt a strange sensation and everything went black.