The Wings of X 46

The Pokémon World. A wonderful place filled with these creatures that we have come to love: Pokémon. Some live in the ocean, others on the land, and even more take to the skies. In this world, there are people who learn to become Pokémon Trainers. This story follows the young trainers Free, Heather and their friends as they fight hard to become what they so desire: Pokémon Masters. However, in the world of Pokémon not everything is fun and games. In every journey one will find speed bumps. Free and Heather will soon discover one of their greatest speed bumps in one, single person — X 46.

It was a winter's evening, and everything was calm. The sun was setting, and a storm brewed from afar. Clouds would soon paint the sky a dark blue.

A humming could be heard from many miles away. An aircraft flew through the sky quickly. It caused many Pokémon in the air to be swept away. The aircraft sported the color black and has a gigantic red 'R' on both the left and right sides.

There were many people inside the airship operating it. They each wore a black t-shirt, and black bottoms. Most wear hats, and somewhere on their clothing, they sported the same red 'R'. The people belonged to the evil organization Team Rocket. Three years ago, it was said that a group of brave trainers was able to completely disband the group, but a few members refused to quit. It had been a slow process, but Team Rocket was being resurrected. Some say one of the fiercest, and loyal, Team Rocket members was the member who went by Captain X 46.

A man walked into the cockpit of the Team Rocket aircraft and glared at the grunts operating the controls. The man had a bulky figured with long brown hair that went past his shoulders. He wore a black suit that covered the entirety of his body. Chains mixed with the suit, coming in and jabbing right back as though they were part of the fabric. It appeared that he could have been a robot of some sort, but the most noticeable thing about this man was his dark green mask that covered his entire face except for his right eye and hairy jaw.

"Captain 46," a grunt said while walking up to the man and holding his hand to his forehead. The young grunt looked nervous. Sweat leaked from his forehead.

X 46 glared at the grunt. "You will call me X 46," he said fiercely. The grunt merely nodded. "Now, what is it that you want?"

"Zapdos is within sight, sir," he stated nervously. "It'll be about time to make our move."

X 46 gave the grunt an evil grin. "Good… Full speed ahead."

The grunt rushed back to his post and pressed a button. The aircraft suddenly sped up. It ripped through the clouds, tearing apart the ones that were trying to form together.

"Soon, Zapdos, you will be mine. You will soon join my collection of legendary Pokémon," X 46 told himself. He patted down on his belt and stared eagerly out the glass.

The grunt from before stood from his chair and walked up to X 46 again. "X 46, we have good and bad news."

"You will call me Captain 46 from now on, got it?" He demanded from the grunt. "Now, what is the news?"

The grunt sighed. "Okay, the good news is that Zapdos is ready for us to capture it, and the bad news is that our machines are down. They need a recharge after the last capture."

X 46 glared at him. "Are you doubting that I can capture Zapdos? You do know that I once captured a legendary like this without machines, right?"

"Yes, Captain. But I just thought that maybe Zapdos would be a little bit harder," the grunt stated.

X 46 sighed, then quickly lashed out his arm and grabbed a hold of the grunt's throat. "Never doubt my power!" he said with a quiet, yet angered, tone.

The grunt grabbed at X 46's hand and struggled to pull it off. "I'm sorry!" he said, gasping for air.

X 46 lifted the grunt into the air and slammed him onto his spine, knocking all the air from the grunt. The grunt rolled around, gasping for air. The rest of the grunts stared back at him. They did not want to risk getting attacked if they tried to help him.

"My name is X 46, not Captain, by the way…" he said calmly while stepping over him.

X 46 walked up to the huge window of the cockpit and looked down. He spotted a yellow winged figure flying through the air. It flew into the mountains, and the Rocket Airship followed. It took a while, but the figure finally landed in a small cave.

"Land now," he told one of the grunts.

The grunt simply nodded, not wanting to get choked. He pressed a button and pulled down a lever. The ship came to a halt and slowly began making its way towards the ground.

Zapdos watched as the aircraft landed before it. One of the 'R's' opened up, and a flight of stairs emerged. X 46 began to walk down these steps while staring at a very focused Zapdos. A few grunts followed him. They pointed guns at Zapdos in case it would try escape. Zapdos looked like it was ready for a fight.

"Zapdos are you ready to be mine?" he asked the bird.

The bird let out a battle cry and charged at X 46 with static covering its whole body. Zapdos let out a jolt of electricity towards X 46. X 46 merely lifted up his right arm and let the volts hit it. The volts quickly disappeared as though his arm absorbed them.

"Well, well, is that all you got?" he questioned, trying to anger Zapdos. "It looks as though I will have to battle you and end this quickly." He stated while pulling out a Poké Ball from his belt. "Go, Cloyster!"

A spiked-shell figure appeared in front of X 46 with an evil smile on its face. "Cloyster…" it cooed softly.

"Brah!" the bird cried out while shooting more bolts of electricity at Cloyster.

"Cloyster," it responded softly. He closed his shell and took the hit directly.

Zapdos gazed upon seeming happy as though it already won the battle.

X 46 grinned evilly. "Cloyster isn't going to be that easy. Ice Beam, now!"

Cloyster quickly opened and shot a bright blue beam from its horn at Zapdos, who took a direct hit. Zapdos' left foot was frozen in ice and it seemed to slow down the legendary bird a bit. It then shot more volts at Cloyster, but this time they hit directly and seemed to cause damage. Cloyster cringed but grinned, seemingly taunting Zapdos.

"Ha! Cloyster, use Blizzard, and let's finish this," X 46 commanded.

Cloyster smiled, opened his mouth, and shot bright blue snow pellets with a cold breeze directly towards Zapdos. They hit dead-on, and Zapdos fell to the ground, struggling to move.

X 46 returned Cloyster and walked up to Zapdos.

"You can't fight me, Zapdos. I'm too strong."

He pulled out a Poké Ball and tossed it at Zapdos. The ball opened and Zapdos went in. The ball glowed a white shine, meaning that the capture was successful.

"This should ensure your allegiance to me," X 46 said while picking up the ball and sticking a clamp on it. Red volts emerged from the clamp and were sent into the ball.

"You are mine," he told Zapdos through the ball.

He turned to walk back up the stairs. The grunts all lowered their guns and followed him. One of the grunts ran to him.

"Sir!" the grunt called from behind. "What do we do next?" he questioned.

X 46 turned around and glared. "You will call me X 46 from now on," he stated firmly. An evil smile was painted on his face. "We are going to Johto…"

The doors closed and X 46 found went to his quarters. The grunts set up for the ship to take off, and before they knew it, it was in the air. The ship zoomed through the sky westward, for the Johto Region.

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