Last time…

"They are too angry to calm down," Clover stated while staring into the eyes of Moltres. "Please calm down!" Moltres then lifted is head and opened its mouth but fell to the ground. It was too weak to continue being enrage

"It is too drained, along with Zapdos," Heather told Clover. "All that is left is Entei."

Deka caught up with them and smiled. "Entei is also drained just like these two. After my battle with Free, I don't think Entei would have too much energy left."

"So, I would guess that all of the legendaries are calmed down," Clover said with relief.

"Now all that is left would be X 46," Heather said. "I hope that Raver has done the job."

"If not, then Free is there to help," Deka told her. "He woke up and he is safe."

Heather looked into the sky, then at Zapdos. "For now…"

And now Part 10…

The three stood there. Deka stared cautiously at the legendaries. He sidestepped next to Clover. "I don't trust them yet…"

"Well, we won't know anything by just standing here. Why don't we go and help out Raver and Free?" Clover suggested.

"More running," Deka moaned.

Heather looked over at Zapdos. "No. I don't think so…"

"Why don't you tell him who I am Raver? Are you scared?" X 46 asked Raver, knowing that he was bothering him.

"I can take anything Raver. Who is X 46?" Free ensured Raver.

Raver sighed and tossed a Poké Ball into the air. "Go, Squirtle!"

"Squirt!" It called out happily but locked eyes with X 46 and glared.

"Use Water Gun," Raver ordered.

Squirtle opened his mouth and released a stream of water towards Cloyster.

"Withdraw," X 46 commanded quietly.

Before the water could connect Cloyster's shell clamped shut, blocking from any heavy impact.

"Now counter attack with another Ice Beam," X 46 ordered.

"This is what we need to beat it," Free whispered to Raver. "Whenever it opens back up you block the Ice Beam, and Umbreon will finish this with a Shadow Ball.

"Got it," Raver replied. "Squirtle block it with a Water Gun!"

Cloyster opened up his shell and shot another beam of ice towards the opposing team. Squirtle quickly replied with a blast of water from his mouth. The two blasts connected, and Ice Beam overpowered knocking back Squirtle.

"Haha, you weaklings," X 46 laughed, but his smile soon faded.

Umbreon, very quickly, shot in front of Cloyster and let loose a strong Shadow Ball that connected before X 46 could build a defense. Cloyster fell back, unable to continue.

X 46 spat at the ground then returned Cloyster. "You are definitely a lot smarter than I thought. Who knew that mere children would get in my way?"

"I don't want your praise!" Free yelled at him.

"Now that you have defeated me, why don't you tell him who I am Raver?" X 46 suggested.

Raver glared at him. "Stop pushing that!"

"Hey, are you guys okay?" A voice echoed from afar.

Raver and Free looked over and noticed all of their friends, advancing towards them atop the legendary Pokémon.

"They actually did it," Free said, relief in his voice.

"How did you calm their rage?" X 46 questioned, enraged. He turned and began to run upstairs. "Looks like Team Rocket has failed, but that doesn't mean that we have to give up!"

Raver took off after him and left Free behind, the trainer now confused. Free waited for his friends to meet with him at the Team Rocket base. Each of them on their respectable Legendary Pokémon. Trina rode with Heather, and Kageon with Deka.

"It's good to see you safe and sound," Heather told Free with a smile.

"Where is X 46 off to?" Trina questioned.

Free looked up the stairs. "I think he's trying to escape."

"I don't want to wait here to find out," Kageon said while getting off of Entei. "We should pursue him while someone calls the authorities."

"Clover you stay here and call the authorities. We will go and capture X 46," Deka told his little sister.

Clover smiled. "That is a great idea except for the fact that I don't have a PokéGear or a way to contact the authorities!"

Deka sighed. "Good point… alright… new plan!"

"How about we all just go and apprehend X 46 ourselves," Heather interjected, getting annoyed at the stalling of her friends. "We have him outnumbered."

Everyone nodded and began to run up the stairs, leading to X 46.

"I am getting very tired of running," Deka stated.

"Stop complaining! It is for a good cause!" Trina yelled at him.

The only noise that came from them was the clapping of their footsteps. They finally reached the top of the Team Rocket base. Once they reached the top they noticed Raver standing next to X 46, peacefully, as though nothing bad was happening.

"Raver?" Kageon questioned.

Raver turned and looked at them. "Hey guys…"

"What's going on?" Clover questioned, noticing the peaceful setting.

"How could we be fighting during this?" X 46 questioned. He then pointed towards the sun rising. "It would be wrong of us."

Heather smiled at the sight. "It is very pretty."

X 46 looked at her and smirked, "Get them."

Suddenly a few Team Rocket Grunts appeared and grabbed the trainers. X 46 reached out and grabbed Raver and tossed him towards the floor. Raver landed with a thud then rolled down the stairs, unconscious.

Free struggled. "Of course that was just a ruse!"

"You stupid children," X 46 yelled at them. "How dare you think that I am that weak? How pathetic!"

"Team Rocket is to not be trusted!" Trina screamed.

X 46 stepped down the stairs and around Raver. "Team Rocket, let's take off!"

A grunt dashed over to a chair and sat in it. He started to press buttons and the base lifted off of the ground.

X 46 grinned. "We're going to go ahead and take you with us, and use your Pokémon for tests."

Swablu flew off of Clover's head and hid near the ceiling. Clover noticing this, decided to speak up. "Don't you dare do that to our Pokémon!"

X 46 locked eyes with Clover and wrapped his hand around her throat. "I will do whatever I want, whenever I want, and however I want!" He then lifted his arm and picked her off from the ground, choking her.

"Put down my sister!" Deka screamed at him. "Put her down now!" Deka then began to flail around but was unable to break the grunt's hold.

X 46 threw Clover into the air but she was caught by flying vines.

"Good job, Chikorita!" Free praised his Pokémon, who had gone unnoticed.

"Chika!" She called out happily.

"Get that Pokémon!" X 46 ordered the grunts. Most grunts, with the exception of the few that were holding the trainers, ran after Chikorita. Before the grunts could grab her, Swablu swooped down from the ceiling and grabbed a hold of Chikorita.

Kageon took advantage of the distracted grunts and kicked one in the gut, enabling him to escape and run after the controls without X 46 noticing.

Deka quickly shifted and tossed a grunt over his shoulder, colliding with X 46 and leaving them both grounded. The other trainers fought off the rest of the grunts while Deka made his way to his sister.

"Are you okay?" Deka questioned while holding up her head.

Clover gave him a weak smile. "I'll be okay… just stop them."

Deka nodded and put her back down. He ran after Kageon and kicked the grunt controlling the ship.

"Do you know how to fly this?" Deka asked him.

Kageon smiled. "I have no clue!"

There was a sudden crashing noise at the side of the ship. Deka and Kageon looked out to the side, seeing Zapdos and Moltres fly away.

"Doesn't matter anymore! I doubt that we can fly if we wanted to!" Deka snapped.

"We're going to have to fly out of here, so choose any Pokémon capable of flying with us on their backs," Trina informed them.

Deka threw two Poké Balls into the air. Beedrill and Noctowl appeared.

"Go, Pelipper," Trina called whilst tossing her Poké Ball into the air.

Raver stood up and ran towards the group. "So… are we about to crash?"

"Yeah, but hopefully these three Pokémon can hold us up," Heather explained to him.

Free carried over Clover. "She should go first."

Raver looked at the glass and kicked it, easily shattering it. "Now go!"

Clover grabbed a hold of Pelipper and was flown away towards safety.

"We have to hurry," Heather screamed.

Kageon grabbed a hold of Noctowl's talons and took off towards the ground. "Be quick guys…"

"I'll see you guys at the bottom," Deka told them while hopping atop of Beedrill. He soared off.

The group waited as Pelipper flew back up and Trina hopped on its back. Trina quickly flew out of sight.

"Now it's just the three of us," Heather stated with relief.

"I can settle for just you three!" X 46 screamed, his footsteps crashing into the ground.

Raver pushed Free out of the way as X 46 crashed into him and the both fell out of the window.

"Raver!" Both Heather and Free screamed while they watched their friend fall.

Raver latched onto the side of the ship and held on. He watched as X 46 fell into the currents of a river at the bottom. He looked up at Free. "Help me up, guys…"

Free grabbed his hand, and Noctowl landed next to them along with Beedrill and Pelipper.

"We are mere seconds away," Heather noted. The ship was heading for the river, and what would happen is only a mystery.

Free grabbed a hold of Beedrill while Heather grabbed Noctowl and Raver, Pelipper. They each took turns leaving the ship. The flying Pokémon struggled but eventually landed on safe ground.

Each trainer then watched as the Team Rocket base crashed into the river and was completely destroyed.

"No…" Raver whispered.

Free sighed. "I can't believe that we actually got through all of that!"

Each of the trainers smiled, with the exception of Raver. Each relieved that the adventure with X 46 was over.

Trina looked at Raver. "Are you okay?"

Raver stood up and threw a Poké Ball at the river. "I'll be fine. I'm going to go and look for him…"

Lapras was released from the ball and it let out a happy cry. Raver climbed on top of him and looked at his friends. "Thank you guys for everything, but I must be off." Raver sailed out of sight.

"I wonder what is next," Kageon stated. "What do we do now?"

"We have to continue our adventure… that was just our previous step," Clover explained.

"Yeah… she's right!" Deka said happily.

Free sat down, "I can't believe it…"

"What?" Trina and Heather asked simultaneously.

"I never found out what the connection between Raver and X 46 was…" Free stated sadly.

A/N And he never will... Just kidding. The next movie story is much better than this one. It actually will go deeper in X 46's storyline, so we'll get to see more of him!

Also, this story isn't exactly canon to Free and Heather's Adventure. Just so you all know!

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