"Alright, if we go sneak in now, we can get our friends back!" Heather said, looking into the base. A lot of Team Rocket members had left, probably to sleep in their cabins for the night.

Clover nodded. "Do you know a way to get in, Trina?"

"To be honest, no, but I'm pretty sure that if we are sneaky enough, we can get in and get them out," she replied with a smile.

"We have to break out of here!" Free screamed while pulling out all of his Poké Balls. "Wooper, Teddiursa, Quilava and Umbreon help us out! Iron Tail, Slash, Flame Wheel, Shadow Ball, Megahorn and Razor Leaf, go!"

All of Free's Pokémon performed their respective attacks on the cage. For the first time since they had attacked the door, it had finally moved, breaking through completely.

"Let's get out of here!" Kageon said happily while Free and Deka returned their Pokémon.

All three boys ran out of the jail room and down the hallway that they were dragged through before. Since Kageon was not dizzy at the time, he was able to remember the exact path that they had taken.

All three girls inched their way into the Team Rocket base. Once they reached the entrance, X 46 revealed himself as he walked out of a dark entrance with Team Rocket grunts following him. The girls dove behind the boxes that they found from before.

"Every single one of you need to keep the legendary beasts inside of the canyon!" he ordered every single grunt.

"Yes, sir!" the all cried out at once before running out of the entrance, leaving X 46 behind. He stared into the sky, not saying anything.

"Why don't you three just come out and face me!" he demanded.

Trina's eyes widened. "Oh no, he knows we're here," she whispered.

"Alright, let's end this now!" Free's voice cried out.

Heather, Trina and Clover turned and saw Kageon, Free, and Deka standing united.

"Go, Cloyster!" X 46 said while throwing a Poké Ball.

"Cloy… ster…" the Pokémon cooed quietly, grinning a dark, evil smile.

"Chikorita, Razor Leaf!" both Kageon and Free ordered their Pokémon.

"Chika!" the cried out in unison while. They twisted their heads, and a plethora of leaves flew towards Cloyster.

X 46 grinned. "Cloyster, Withdraw."

Cloyster simply closed his shell and blocked every single leaf that hit. He then opened up and blasted a bright blue beam towards the two Chikorita.

Deka reacted quickly ."Noctowl, Barrier!"

Noctowl dashed in front of the beam and a shiny pink veil blocked the attack turning it into small ice crystals.

Free jabbed his fist forward. "Chikorita, use Vine Whip!"

"Clamp…" X 46 demanded calmly.

Chikorita's vines raced towards Cloyster but were caught by Cloyster's shell. Cloyster then began to thrust and tossed Chikorita into the air. She landed with a big thud, and was unable to continue the battle.

The girls couldn't take anymore. They stood up and ran onto the battlefield.

"Oh, how joy! There are six of you!" X 46 growled in a sarcastic tone.

Running forward, Clover stepped onto some of the destroyed ice crystals, and she fell onto her back. She cried out and tried to move, but her sore back prevented her from getting up.

"Now that I have you where I want you, it is time to try out my machine!" X 46 screamed. He reached down and pushed a red button that had been a part of his suit. The machine that had been pointed at Kageon previously, started to charge. Within a matter of seconds, a red beam was released.

"No!" Deka yelled, jumping in front of it and taking the blow himself. Deka's body shot back and hit a wall, then his body fell limp onto the ground.

Clover looked at him teary eyed "Big Brother…"

"Don't worry. He isn't dead," X 46 reassured, sounding happy.

Deka stood up slowly, slightly chuckling. "Hehe, what is it that you want me to do first, X 46?"

"What are you doing, Deka?" Heather asked. Her voice was shaky from fear. She had been scared that her friend might have died, but now she was worried about his sudden mood change.

X 46 laughed. A sudden familiar roar ceased his laughing, and he peered up a staircase. "Up there is Entei. Go capture the legendary beast for me at all cost," he paused. "Even if it means your life!"

Deka gave an evil smile and advanced towards the stairs.

"Deka?" Clover asked, watching her brother move. A red aura rose like smoke from his body.

"I'll give chase. Take care of Chikorita!" Free told his friends as he ran towards the staircase.

Clover glared at X 46. "What did that machine do to my brother?"

"That machine brings out all hatred in a being. I brought out all of your brother's hatred. It also makes it to where he will obey all of my orders," he explained. He smiled through his green mask at the group of trainers.

Heather's eyes widened. "Free may be in trouble!" She bent over and grabbed Chikorita. "He might need you…"

Free reached the top of the stairs after what seemed like running forever. The room that they were in appeared as an empty conference room. On the opposite side of the room, windows replaced walls. The room had been a sort of balcony, overlooking the entire canyon.

"So, Free you're going to get in my way…" Deka said quietly.

Free frowned "This isn't you… You are better than this. Don't follow X 46!"

Deka grabbed at his hair and pulled it. "I will do as my master wishes!" Without any warning, he threw a Poké Ball into the air.

"Ivysaur!" his Pokémon cried out.

"It looks like this will be your last battle, Free," Deka said while grinning evilly. "Prepare to die!"

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