I don't own avatar... Aang 16 , Katara 17/18 , Zuko and Mai are married and Mai is pregnant , Suki and Sokka are married and Toph is single and not interested (of course). They are all in zuko's palace to celebrate for Katara's 18th birthday , i know it kinda sad at first but keep reading till the end you'll love it i promise ... hope you guys enjoy it


Katara was sitting in Zuko's palace in the large garden practicing waterbending and then she took a break. The garden was so big and beautiful , full of flowers (lots of flowers) and full of butterflies ; There was a big pond full of ducks so Katara got out from her basket some bread and threw it in the water and watched the ducks eating it. She looked at her reflection in the water and behind her reflection she saw the reflection of a handsome guy with grey eyes , a great body and a blue tattoo on his forehead. She turned around to face him he held a box in his hand and said "Katara of the southern water tribe... will you marry me?"

Katara just stood there frozen for like 2 minutes and finally said "Yes" and tears fell from her eyes and jumped giving him a big hug she had tears on her cheeks pouring and so did Aang

Aang grabbed her by her waist and said "Baby ,you're my forever girl" just like in his day dream before the invasion and swept her off her feet then they leaned to kiss ...

[end of dream]

"Katara , Katara , Katara !" Toph said trying to wake up her friend.

"What ...what do you want ?" Katara said yawning and looked at Toph and Suki.

"Katara let's go it's breakfast time everyone is waiting for us" Suki said.

"Fine , you go ahead i'll meet you guys there in 5 minutes" Katara said rubbing her eyes.

"Okay , just don't be late" Toph said.

"Oh , by the way Aang wanted to see you , you should go to his room and see what he wants" Suki said and gave Katara and wink. When Katara heard those words her eye were wide. When they left and closed the door Katara shoved the sheets and jumped from the bed and ran to the bathroom she washed her face , made her hair and got dressed quickly but neatly.

She went to his room and knocked on the door and said "Aang it's me Katara , Suki said you wanted to see me".

"Um ... yeah come in". Katara entered.

"I wanted us to go down to breakfast together ... If you want to ?" Aang said blushing.

"Of course I do" Katara took one of his hands and Aang's other was rubbing the back of his neck.

"Oh , i'll just wash my face quickly and we'll go"

"Take your time" Aang almost fainted from Katara's words because he believed he was under one of Katara's spells.

Aang ran quickly to the bathroom to wash his face and Katara sat on one of the sides of Aang's bed and looked around and saw the drawer of the small table next to the bed was open and she was going to close it but something stopped her she looked inside and saw a beautiful , red , heart shaped box Katara knew exactly what was it.

"Of course it's a betrothal necklace why would it be red and heart shaped if it wasn't?... i hope me and Aang get married just like what happened in the dream" Katara couldn't stop smiling just that she thought for one second that she and Aang got married. She closed the drawer.

"Katara , are you still there?"


Aang got out from the bathroom and took Katara's hand and said "Let's go".

They went down stares and saw everyone sitting laughing and eating, there was Suki , Sokka , Toph , Mai , Zuko and Ty Lee , and then they all looked at them and Suki said "There you guys are , what took you guy so long?"

"Oh sorry about that i was washing my face"

Then Toph (of course ) commented by saying "with what Katara's lips" they all laughed except Katara and Aang and of course Sokka who looked at Toph with daggers , while Katara and Aang were blushing.

"No, with soap of course you wouldn't have known that because you never used it and probably never will" Katara said while everyone laughed except Toph who took a bowl of rice and threw at Katara.

"So what do you think of today's special rice a' la Katara" Toph said almost crying from laughter Katara was furious even though everyone was laughing except Katara and Aang , Katara's blood was boiling.

"I'll give you today's special" Katara bended all the soup there was in front of her and all the liquid she could find and spilled it on Toph. Toph took Sokka's bowl of rice and threw in Katara's direction which came into Aang because he got in the way of Katara.

"Hey , i didn't finish that and ... how dare you touch my bowl of rice ? No one touches my bowl of rice " Sokka said joking and then became angry , he took the bread and threw it at Toph which came to Zuko by mistake.

"Food Fight" Ty Lee said holding all the muffins she can hold and throwing it on everyone. Before you know it a food fight had started.

After the food fight everyone took a shower and then went to the garden , it was beautiful and very huge , Sokka and Suki went first to have a small picnic then Zuko and Mai came to read to the baby who's in Mai's stomach and Toph and Ty Lee were walking together talking about what to get to Katara for her birthday.

"Let's ask the others and maybe they can help us" Ty Lee suggested

"Okay" Toph said

"Hey guys what are you gonna get for Katara's birthday?" Ty Lee asked them all

"I got her a free trip to the spa" Sokka said

"I'm thinking of getting her 3 beautiful ball gowns" Suki answered "of her choice of course"

"I thought of getting her a beautiful tiara made of diamonds" Zuko said

"And I organised an after party so she can wear the gowns , use the spa trip and wear the tiara" Mai said "But its not going to be in the same day of the birthday party because she won't have time to do all of that"

Everyone was shocked , who knew Mai had a little respect for the girly world.

"Anyway , while you guys thought of all of that we don't have anything to get for her, what should we get her? "Toph said

"Ummm, how about shoes to go with the dresses?" Suki suggested "and if one of you don't like the idea maybe while we are buying all of that stuff maybe she can think of anything else"

"That a great idea" Ty Lee said "Let's go now before Kata...ommm"

Toph puts her hand on Ty Lee's mouth and says "Shhhhh , speaking of which she's coming"

"Hey guys , go where ?" Katara said

"Were ..um..uh...going for some tea , me and Ty Lee?" Toph said

"And me and Sokka are going on a date" Suki said

"Mai and I are going to buy some books for the baby to read to" Zuko said

They all tried to lie to her but the have to to get her the gifts , so what choice do they have.

"Well if i haven't known better i think were staying in a palace which of course didn't run out of tea for Toph and Ty Lee nor privacy for Suki and Sokka and there's an entire hall of books which of course have baby books" Katara said

"Ya but we thought it would be new if we went out" Toph said

"Fine , just one question , where's Aang ?" Katara said , she felt a cold hand on her shoulder , she looked behind her and saw him.

"Umm Toph could I come with you guys cause i need to talk to you and Ty Lee in privacy ?" Aang said shaking

"Sure" Ty Lee said

"Hey , what about me ?" Katara said

"Sorry sis this is gonna be my Katara free day ... So bye " Sokka said not trying to hurt her which didn't do a pretty good job.

"You are such an idiot no matter how old you are" Katara said yelling and the pond of duck was moving like huge waves.

"Katara don't worry we won't be late" Aang said hugging her

"Fine" Katara went to her room and everyone went to buy the gifts , Katara took a bath and fell asleep.

Katara woke up and heard them laughing in the garden she opened the window and saw them laughing and talking.

"I think I should go and sit with them...Oh..right its Katara free day so I better not ruin it for them" Katara thought she went down to eat something but she didn't find anything she saw Sokka in the kitchen too.

"Is there anything to eat in the fridge?" Sokka asked , but Katara didn't answer

"Oh i'm sorry you saw me i guess i ruined your Katara free day trust me your gonna get a lot of those days i promise" Katara said coldly

"I was joking" Sokka said

"Me too , what i meant to say is , you're gonna get Katara free day like i guess till .. i don't know maybe like.. FOREVER" Katara yelled taking a bottle of water with her and went to her room.

"Katara , I'm sorry" Sokka said and sighed "I am an idiot , I didn't mean what i said" Sokka said

"Oh , alright , I forgive you" Katara said "I can never be mad at my brother" they hugged

"I should go and eat because i'm hungry" Katara said

"Oh okay , but when you're done come and join us" Sokka said sweetly

"I don't think so , i'm going to bed when i'm done" Katara said "Goodnight Sokka"

"Goodnight Katara" Sokka said

Katara left with the bottle of water to drink and don't notice that in it is a medicine to make her sleep for almost 12 hours and she did long enough for them to set up for the party and to greet the guests.

On the day of her birthday at 6 PM they gathered everyone except Katara in the ball room , Suki went to Katara's room and found her already awake but just lazy to get out of bed so Suki wasn't wearing a formal outfit not to make it obvious that its a party but she thought of a clever way to get her downstairs in a formal way which she did.

"Katara get up , there is a meeting down with all the leaders and important people all over the world in the palace and wants us all now , so get up and get dressed , wash your face while i pick for you nice thing to wear" Suki said while opening the wardrobe

"Okay" Katara said trying to understand what's going on she got out of bed and brushed her teeth and face.

"Oh good your done , now wear this while i choose your hairstyle and make up"

"Um, Suki don't you think it's a little too much"

"Are you kidding me not at all just do it"

Katara wore the beautiful baby blue dress which was the servants gift to Katara they made it for her, it was just right on her body it showed her beautiful curves and how thin she is , it was very long till her toes and it was tit from the top and very puffy from the bottom and a thin white ribbon on her waist which was tied as a bow by Suki she made Katara sit on a chair in front of a table with a mirror .She made Katara's beautiful dark chocolate hair to an even more beautiful but curly and wavy at the same time , but this time Suki didn't make the hair loopies she placed her hair on her right shoulder . When she was done with her hair and outfit she made her make up , she put light rose lipstick , light pink blusher , black mascara and blue eyeliner.

"There , now you look like a beauty goddess"

"Thanks to you Suki"

"No need to thank me you know you've always been my sister"

They both smiled at each other in the mirror.

"Oh I almost forgot the shoes"

Suki got of a baby blue pair of shoes which was Ty Lee's gift to Katara , it was high sharp heels

"Where did you get all of that stuff ?"

"No time for questions let's go" Suki said trying to let Katara forget the whole thing , Katara wore them and stood in front of the full body mirror , she couldn't believe how beautiful she looked. "Let's go princess"

They both went down stairs . Suki told Katara that she will get dressed and then they'll go.

Suki came wearing a beautiful short violet dress with no sleeves and long gloves in her hand she looked beautiful.

"Wow , Suki you look great"


Suki opened the door of the ball room they were very huge doors. They went in but the lights inside were off Katara wasn't that stupid so she knew exactly what was waiting for her tonight . "Close your eyes Katara"

"What's the difference the room is dark anyway and.."

Suki cut her off and said "Just shut your eyes"

Katara closed her eyes and Suki took her hands and lead her to the middle of the room.

"Now open on three ... One , Two and Three"

By the time Katara opened her eyes the lights were on and everyone yelled "Surprise".

Katara was really expecting it so she pretended like she was surprised and she was able to because she was , she never thought she could see all those people all coming for her let along crowded in one room.

"Suki ...You guys..are amazing , thank you" Katara said

"No problem .. but tonight its all about you" Suki responded

A long time had past and Katara greeted everyone , which obviously took a very long time , Katara wanted one particular man to be there but she couldn't find him. Then she spotted him in the balcony with someone she thought its was someone she knows so she went to see Aang but she wanted to know exactly who is with Aang. So she spied she was actually wasn't sure if that was the right thing to do , but she did have the right to know.

Katara stood behind a wall so that they can't see her , Aang was standing with a girl which was beautiful she was wearing a fire nation red silk dress and she had long light brown hair.

"I know that girl , i think her name is ... On Ji ..yeah that's it , i remember Aang when he went to that fire nation school he kept talking about her when he came to the cave before that fire nation dance .. they danced also together before Aang asked me then Sokka said how good they looked together and i tried to ignore it" Katara thought trying to hear what their saying until she heard them saying :

"There is something i've been waiting to tell you for a very long time" Aang said sweetly

"What is it ?" On Ji said , while Aang bending his left leg

"Will you marry me , the most beautiful bender i've ever seen the goddess of beauty , you stole my heart from the day i saw you and i was too scared to show my feeling for you and from my friends' reaction but that didn't stop me from telling you how much i love you" Aang said

"Oh , Aang of course i'll marry you .. You make me the happiest girl in the world" On Ji replyied

Aang put his hands on her waist and swept her of her feet . Katara didn't want to watch anymore she was burned , broken , wounded , devastated and miserable , seeing her boyfriend , the love of her life the one and only , proposing to another girl on her own birthday while all she could do was run to her room and think about what to do .. And she did.

While Katara was running and crying she bumped into Suki.

"What's wrong Katara? "

Katara couldn't speak and she kept running she went to the top of the roof of the castle sitting and she took of her high heels shoes to climb up and down without falling , she kept crying , then she saw Aang looking everywhere ,for her, but the sight of him she wanted to jump and hug him but she went to her room still crying from the fact that she saw Aang cheating on her on her birthday she kept thinking and screaming and crying. When she locked the door and she broke the picture of her with Aang. When she was still bursting into crying she heard a knock.

"Katara , its me Suki .. i didn't tell anyone you were crying because i know you don't want anyone to interfere but since i'm your friend and you're like my sister i want to help you please let me in Katara" Katara wouldn't let her in nor for herself to go out ,the night when Katara left the party Suki put food in front of Katara's room then Aang knocked but Katara was in the bathroom taking a bath so she didn't want he said "Katara , please open up please tell me what's wrong ?... Katara ...well tomorrow would you like to go tomorrow on a date with me ?... Katara please answer me i love you Katara and i hate not to talk to you or even to listen to your voice and see your beautiful face " Katara finished her bath and changed clothes then heard Aang saying " Katara please come out and talk " but she didn't answer and began to sob then she went to sleep.

It was about 3 am when Suki , Aang , Toph , Sokka , Ty Lee , Mai and Zuko and all the servants heard Katara screaming in her sleep , Suki was the closest room and Toph was next to Suki's the others' where the other end of the hall way. Suki got out of her bed and run to Katara's room she opened the door and found Katara screaming until Suki switched on the lights and placed her hand on Katara's shoulder to wake her up , Katara opened her eyes and grabbed Suki's arms and breathing heavily and crying again Katara told her to close the door and she did Suki wanted to know what happened and Katara always denied the truth and said that it was just nothing .

Aang ran and opened the door and saw them both sitting on the bed and asked Katara why was she screaming but she didn't answer Aang went to her and leaned to kiss her lips but Katara refused to kiss him and turned her face not wanting to even look at him but she still cried Suki said "I'll leave you two alone" , "NO!" Katara yelled "Don't go even if you let there's nothing to say to each other its over between us anyway".

Aang teared and said "What? " not understanding what he did wrong , Katara went to the bathroom Aang tried to stop her and grabbed her arms softly not to hurt her and she yelled "DON'T" he let go and she went and cried in the bathroom. Suki said "Aang you go and i'll fix it please for Katara" Aang replied "No , i don't want you to fix my mistakes ".

"Please Aang , for Katara's sake" Aang sighed and looked at Aang and Katara's picture when she was kissing him on the cheeks and he blushed , and he left. Aang went to his room crying he couldn't sleep and so was Katara Suki made Katara leave the bathroom and to go to bed but she didn't she was too busy crying until she and Aang went to sleep because they were too tired of crying.

Then the next day Suki knocked on Katara's door to understand why did she break up with Aang so Katara opened the door and ran to hug Suki , Suki hugged back. When they were done Katara wasn't done crying in fact she cried more and more , Katara let Suki in her room and Suki tried to console her , Katara was burying her face in her hands ... Then she stopped crying , Suki was happy but also suspicious .

"I need you to do me a favor"

"Sure Katara anything"

"I want you to not tell anyone where i'm going"

"What ? No , you're not going anywhere"

"Please i need sometime to think"

"Of what ?"

"Please don't ask and let me go i only trusted you because your like my sister , Mai and Zuko wouln't let me go anywhere cause i'm a guest at their home Toph neither Sokka will ... But you will understand me you're the only one who will"

"What about Aang ?"

"Please don't say his name and don't ask what happened between us i don't wanna talk about it now"

"Fine , just tell me where you're going?"

"Home , the south pole , i need some time to think will i'm there i need to say a few words to my mother"

"You know i can't let you go but .. since you're going to see your mom then okay"(they both meant her gravestone)

"Promise me you won't tell anyone"

"I promise" They both heard the door open and looked at the person who opened it.

"Not to tell what? " Toph said demanding to know.


"You're lying Katara , don't think that i didn't hear you're screaming and crying"

"Fine , i'll tell you but promise that you won't tell"

"I promise"

"I'm going to the south pole , don't ask why .." until Suki interrupted her and said

"And i'm going with her to stop her from doing anything reckless"

"What?" Katara yelled

"Katar if you want me to let you go then i have to come with you"

"Hey what about me" Toph said

"We need you to stay and cover for us if anyone asks , and besides there's snow everywhere you won't be able to see"

Toph sighed and gave up "fine i won't come ... what am i going to tell them if they asked? "

"Tell them me and Suki went to Kyoshi Island for a couple of days "

"Okay, and when they say why i'll say what? "

"Ummmm...i got it tell them that Suki's dad is sick so she took me to heal him and for her to see him and we won't get back until 2 months" Katara said Toph nodded in agreement.