Previously...Azula sneaked in the palace and found a letter about where Katara and Suki went , Katara broke up with Aang he fainted and gets really tired and sleeps for almost 3 weeks... (I DON'T OWN AVATAR)

Azula went to a hidden cave and sh was still wearing a disguise and covering her face except her eyes with an old black veil , she got inside and took off the veil and said "Father , i'm here and i know where they went"

"Good" Ozai whispered "Now go there"

"But father i've been working and spying for a long while and i want to have some fun for w while"

"No you will do what i'll tell you to do"

"You can't do this i'm not a prisoner and you can't treat me like this you can't treat me like you treated Zuko" she yelled

"AZULA SILENT YOUR SELF" he yelled she was shocked and she frowned and looked at the ground then closed her eyes

"Remember why we're doing this to have our throne back and be rulers together"

"Yea father"

"And then you'll have all the fun you want and everything else" she opened her eyes slowly and faced him and said

"Everything?" he nodded , then she went and took the veil and left the cave and flew to the south.


Aang was still in bed cause of his weakness , everyone was too worried about Aang to care about Azula and Ozai are loose in the fire nation , Toph woke up she changed her clothes but something was wrong she smelt smoke and she followed the odor and it led to the window which had fire marks on it that when Azula got in and out she was flying by fire bending so she was too close to the earth on the window , she looked for letter because that was the only thing that had evidence where Katara and Suki really are. She ran to Aang's room cause everyone else was there.

"Guys , come here quick"

"What's wrong Toph?" Sokka said

"It's Azula she was here last night" they all looked at each other and ran to her room , except for Mai cause she was pregnant and she was in her room all day and so was Aang.

"How did you know?" Ty Lee asked and Toph pointed at the window they all looked , Sokka went to where she was pointing and placed to fingers on the burn and wiped the ash and smelled it

"Eww , yep that's Azula for you , burning everything in her way" Sokka said

"Wow , master Sokka you're really good at what you're going" Ty Lee said smiling

"Thank you , thank you oh you're too kind"

"Yeah he's really good at covering mysteries considering that that's what i said about Azula" Toph said they all laughed except Sokka who frowned.

"Toph did you lose anything ,or did you realize that Azula took something from you" Zuko asked

"No , not that i remember" Toph said and then realized that Azula took somethi g very important "UNTIL NOW" she ran and kept looking for it

"What's missing ?" Sokka said

"The letter that Katara and Suki gave me it has where they went" giving them her back and she knelt on the ground to look for it in drawer next to the bed

"She's going to destroy the village , until she finds them and when she does she'll kill them" Zuko said and they gathered in the form of a group and Toph didn't show them her face and she cried a sound.

"What?" Aang said limping to walk to them and looking very weak they all looked at him , he approached towards them but then he almost fell and Ty Lee caught him then Sokka went to help her "I'm going to them to protect them"

"No way you're too weak" Ty Lee said

"I don't care" he said demanding to go to them

"If there's anyone who should go it's me" Sokka said

"And me" Toph said "But we all can't go Zuko has to stay for his wife and nation , Aang is too weak and Ty Lee what are you going to do?"

"I'll stay to help him" Ty Lee said "But if you're in trouble and need help i'll come"

"No it's okay Aang will need you more than we will" Sokka said

"Okay i'll stay" Ty Lee said smiling


it's been 1 month since Katara and Suki left the fire nation and the finally arrived , it was at night Katara saw her grandma

"Katara?" Kanna said not believing that it's her

"Gran-Gran , it's me" she ran to hug her grandmother and they both cried , when they pulled back Kanna was holding Katara's hand with one hand and the other was put away the hair covered Katara's face to see her more clearly.

"You grown up to become one of the most beautiful women just like your mother" she looked at the betrothal necklace on Katara's neck and Katara touched it and cried

She laughed and sniffed a lot then said "Oh sorry , this is my best friend Suki" saying to Kanna "Suki this is my grandmother Kanna but we call her 'Gran-Gran'"

Suki offered her hand to handshake her but Kanna pulled into a warm big hug , Suki was surprised then she looked at her in sweetly way and hugged back , they both pulled back

"Come meet the others" Kanna said walking and the 2 girls looked at each other smiling and took their bags from the floor and followed her.

The Southern Water Tribe changed a lot thanks to Pakku and the other water benders that came from the Northern Water Tribe , the houses were very tall and huge instead of tents and they have a castle in the heart of the Southern Water Tribe in it statues of Aang , Katara , Sokka , Toph , Suki and Zuko the rest of the castle lives in it Kanna and Pakku , there Katara and Suki will be staying.

When the got inside the girls were amazed "Did Southern Water Tribe always look like this ?" Suki asked Katara

"No" , they continued walking and then Kanna stopped she opened a door it was a huge door everything in the castle was made of ice but hard ice which can't be broken easily , the three of them entered it was a huge bed room with 2 enormous beds it was luxurious and very fancy the crystal chandeliers where everywhere the fireplace was beautiful it was blue , like everything in the castle the room was sparkling.

"You'll be staying here in the castle with me and Pakku" they both nodded "I'll leave you to sleep and relax and tomorrow you'll meet the rest of the village" she headed towards the door and was just about to close the door

"Gran-Gran" Katara said softly


"Thank you and it's ... really good to ... to be back" Katara couldn't help but smile and Kanna smiled back the left and closed the door behind her.

Suki and Katara both dropped the bags and the same time and sighed for relaxation then the both threw themselves on the beds on their back , each one had her own bed "Wow , i can't believe it" Suki said smiling

Katara rolled on her stomach and resting her head on both of her hands and said "What ?"

"I can't believe we've been travelling for one month and we where tired and got to rest rarely and now we have luxury on our side now" and then they both sighed in relaxation happily , Suki closed her eyes

"You miss Sokka of course , don't you ?" Katara asked and Suki's smile faded and then she placed both arms under her head

"Sure i do ... but ... i'm glad i came with you"

"I miss.." Katara said and then Suki cut her off by saying


"NO" Katara yelled then her smile faded too

"You're lying Katara"

Katara looked at her and smiled weakly and said "Look Suki , i miss a lot of people but i can tell you that Aang isn't one of those people"

"Katara admit it you miss him"

"No i don't"

"Don't you still love him?"

Katara didn't answer , Suki sat up crossed legs

"Well do you?"

She yawned and said "Look i'm tired now so i'm going to change my clothes and go to sleep"


Katara stood up and opened the bag and got her pajamas and said "Goodnight Suki" and then walked to the bathroom

Suki sighed in frustration and said to Katara yelling "You know you're beginning to become scared of your emotions and feeling towards everybody not just Aang". Suki got a pillow next to her and buried her face into it and screamed then took her pajamas and went to the other bathroom.

Katara heard Suki , but she tried to ignore her but she couldn't because she was right she changed her clothes and looked in the mirror to fix her hair then she saw a blurry figure in the mirror then she rubbed her eyes and saw Aang behind her in the mirror then said "Aang , is that you?" she touched the mirror

"You left" he answered she took a deep breathe and closed her eyes and then opened it he wasn't there in the mirror anymore she sighed in relief then she left the bathroom.

Katara stood in front of the bathroom door and saw Suki got out of her own bathroom Suki wore a long nigh gown and so did Katara but Suki's was purple Katara's was baby blue and the slippers matched Katara's was also baby blue and Suki's was purple they both walked the same steps towards the beds Katara went under the sheets of her bed and Suki did too.

Katara slept on her side and the opposite hand under her head , Suki slept on her back and her hands on top of each other on her stomach both of them their eyes were wide open and the lights were still on "Katara , i'm sorry .. i didn't mean what i said"

"No , i'm sorry i shouldn't ran away from my feeling , you were telling the truth and you shouldn't be sorry for being honest with me"

"No i should keep my thoughts for my self" Suki said

"It's okay...what's done is done" Katara said "Goodnight"

"Goodnight" They both went into a deep sleep.


Toph and Sokka planned to go to Katara and Suki , before their long journey they went to the market , they bought a map and a giant eel hound to travel on since Appa is with Katara and Suki.

"You don't have to come if you don't want to Toph"

"If i didn't come you'll get lost ... even though i'm the blind one"

"What are you talking about Toph?"

"You'll see"


It was at 8 am and Katara was the first to wake up in the entire castle she changed her clothes and got some flowers which were in a vase in the bathroom , even though flowers can't grow in the south pole but they were sent from the Earth Kingdom since waterbenders know how to take water from the plants they also know how to put it back to give it life but it rarely works.

Katara got a basket and put the flowers in it and got out of the castle from the back gates which the village was on the other side so no one saw her , she kept walking a lot then she stopped at her destination and put the flower on the floor and knelt in front of a gravestone which says

'Here lies the beautiful Kya the strongest , smartest and most courageous woman in the South Pole , you are missed and loved and remembered in our hearts'

Katara kept crying then placed the flower infront of the gravestone and said to her mother "Mum , i really miss you and ...i'm still really grateful for your sacrifice , i miss your hugs and everything mum" Katara put her face in her hands and cried really hard "You have no idea how it hurts ... everything you're gone and Aang is gone too ... and i don't know what to do .. i wanna die too ... you don't know what i'd... what i'd give to be with you right now"

Then she cried harder and harder then she fainted...

She woke up in some place else ..

"Hello ?" Katara said "Where the heck am i ?"

"Katara!" Yue said standing behind her far

"Yue" she smiled to her and ran to Yue "What's going on Yue ? Where am i ?"

"It's nice to see you too"

"Ohh , sorry nice to see you"

"You don't need to tell me what you feel or what you're thinking i can feel it and read your mind" Yue said

"Oh yeah .. what am i thinking about now?"

"Aang , Aang , what is Aang doing now , where are you and your mother" Yue gasped

"What ?" Katara said

"I'm so sorry Katara i didn't know" she hugged Katara , Katara was shocked and didn't hug back until she understood what Yue read and then she hugged back. Yue knew that today is the day that Katara's mother , Kya , died.

"Oh , and you're here to meet 3 other people to offer you their wisdom"

"Who?" Katara said then they pulled back

"Look i know you're sad about your mom and Aang too...but...that's why you're here for us to help you"

"I'm not sad about Aang"

"Right" Yue said being sarcastic

"You don't understand Yue my boyfriend the love of my life was proposing to another girl on my birthday, that means that he was dating her at the same time he was dating me"

"Katara calm down , we're here to help...Look i offer you my wisdom by saying 'Never always trust your eyes , ears and mind but only trust your heart when it comes to love'" Katara took a deep breathe and closed her eyes she inhaled , then when she exhaled she opened her eyes but Yue was gone and Avatar Ruko appeared

She gasped and bowed in respect saying "Avatar Ruko it's an honor to meet you" he placed his two fingers on her chin which he rose her head and said

"Please call me Ruko" she nodded and he bowed in respect too then both stood up straight

"You know why you're here but .. do you know where are you?"

"No , where?"

"You're in the spirit world"

"But that's impossible , only the Avatar can"

"But humans can be brought if the spirits wanted them"

"Oh...then why am i here? why am i needed?"

"To be offered our wisdom"

"For what?"

"Your problems" she gasped and frowned looked at the ground and crossed her arms knowing what was he going to say or say about of course Aang . "Katara" she looked at him in the eye , "Katara , Yue's wisdom is very good but i think her is even more helpful than mine i offer you this wisdom Katara 'Seeing isn't always believing and neither hearing , only love will guide you towards that true gates of happiness'" he vanished.

She stopped frowning and stood normal she looked behind and above her to see how the spirit world really look like then she kept walking then saw a beautiful blue butterfly she rose her finger and the butterfly stood on it then Katara giggled the butterfly stood of her nose then flew Katara smiled and ran to follow it tree leaves were dangling from the trees and vins were dangling too , Katara made her way through them and saw a light , a white bright light , Katara put her hand above her eyes to be able to see better.

"Katara" A familiar voice called her Katara tried to recognize it until the light stopped and a beautiful figure appeared it was The Painter Lady. Katara gasped and smiled "I didn't get to thank you for what you did to my village which i couldn't help it and no one cared to you did".

Katara smiled and "Come Katara" and she did go towards The Painted Lady.

"I know why i'm here , you're going to give me your wisdom about Aang" Katara said frowning , The Painted Lady shook her head .

"Well yes... but .. that's not all , i can give you to see someone you've lost and want to speak to them" Katara stopped frowning and had a sad expression on her face and said "Really?" she nodded

"My wisdom to you about Aang is important and you can't forget it because it will help you in your life"

Katara said "Okay you have my ears listening to your kind words"

"Look into Aang's heart and feel what he is saying , for his heart speaks the truth and the truth is that he loves you"

"How can i look into his heart?Or at least listen to it?" Katara asked while her eyes were filled with tears that there were a lot and they all ran on her cheeks

"The same way you look in his eyes , the same way you hear the words i love you from him" The Painted Lady said smiling

"I still don't understand"

"Katara close your eyes and imagine what i'm about to tell you" Katara nodded and closed her eyes

"Now , imagine the reason that you're attached to this earth" Katara imagined all of the memories of her and Aang she smiled , "Now , imagine it disappear .. to live in a better and peaceful way and to have soul"

Katara opened her eyes quickly and said "What ? why would i choose a happy life without Aang in it i'd rather be burned alive as long as Aang is happy and comforting me... what got my soul in that situation? ... if this is about my soul take it i don't want it without Aang"

"And there's your answer"

"What?" Katara said

"All of what you said is the solution to your question"

"Which was?"

"Do i still love Aang even though you didn't say it , it was on your mind since you left the fire nation palace and the question of how to listen to his heart is to now that you love him you'll see that he cares about you for real or faking it?" The Painted Lady said

"You're really good at this in a freakish way" Katara said raising her eyebrow.

"Now are you ready to meet your mom?"

"Yes" Katara said taking a deep breath.

"Are you afraid?"

"I've lived in more things to fear but this isn't scary at all ... i'm just...nervous" Katara said smiling and stood infront of the Painted Lady waiting...