Kagome sat alone on the floor, in her room, and even though she had long ago left school, she still lived at home. She flipped through her old high school year book, her and her friends were on almost every page. Photo's passed her eyes, some made her smile, others made sad and depressed.

She laughed at the photo taken of Miroku, he was grabbing sango's butt and he had a big smile plastered on his face, it was classic and oh so him. The next photo was of Sango playing basketball, she was very good a sports. Then there was Inuyasha in his football outfit, Kikyo next to him in her cheer uniform, Kouga was in the background yelling something. Kagome laughed, how she wished to go back to those days if only for a moment.

The page flipped and there was a photo of her riding her bike, her green skirt caught in the wind. She flipped the page again and there he stood, stoic and cold and not even looking at the camera. He was voted most successful, and he was, and this made her sad.


Because he was her boyfriend, and had been since middle school, thought one would never be able to tell by any year book. She could not go back and smile at a photo of them like she could her friends. Kagome sighed, today would change her life and she wondered for a moment if she were crazy, most women would say 'yes the hell you are'

But something was missing and she knew deep down what it was. Kagome shook her head, no, she was not crazy. She was 22 and still living at home with her mom, not even living with him! How long could one wait, or should one wait. She was fine with their long-term relationship, even if most of the world didn't know she was his girlfriend and she was fine with not living with him, well she was fine with it.

That was in till Inuyasha and Kikyo got married. Kagome thought it would have had some effect on Sesshomaru, but it didn't , not one bit. She recalled the day very well. He sat next to her and his foot tapped throughout the whole wedding like he didn't want too be there, and he didn't offer his hand to dance that night either and they ended up leaving early, she recalled sitting in his car silent, playing with her hands and biting her lip, he didn't even kiss her goodnight that night when he dropped her off at her house.

But what broke the camel's back was the night she found out that not only was Kikyo pregnant, Miroku and Sango where to and what was worst Miroku and Sango had gotten married at a court-house a month earlier and all because they didn't want to make Kagome sad, Sango knew all about Kagome's feelings.

It had made her so mad. She demanded they have a wedding and that she be the bride's maid of honor! Sango had simply smiled and hugged her and told her they would plan it right away.

Again she hoped it would stir something within him. When she told him Kikyo was pregnant him simply said 'wonderful' in a not so happy tone and then she told him Sango was also pregnant, he put down his paperwork and looked at her he asked her if she where trying to tell him something. She stated she was just sharing the news to which he said "They are your friends not mine, I do not care about their life details"

It broke her heart, because she was supposed too be part of his life, and they were part of hers, it was if he didn't care about her at all and it also told her he had no thought of asking her to marry him, and if they didn't get married there would be no baby and...

Kagome wanted a baby.