He was not looking forward to work today. He didn't sleep at all, he looked a mess, was tired, worried and a little bit scared of how this day would end.

He went straight to his office, Kagome was not in yet, he was glad, he need time to think of what to say, how to say it and to talk her out of it, he could handle her, but his brother!

Inuyasha had all of 15 minutes to get ready, Kagome swiped her card and sat at her desk, ready for the day, he knew this because his computer was on and told him so.

"Ok, here goes nothing" Inuyasha put his tie on and left his office and headed straight for her desk.

"Kagome I- He stopped as he was met with a large white folder, instead of her face.

"Uh, Kagome?" Kagome pulled down the folder "Yeah?"

"What are you looking at?"

He bent over to look,

"Oh my God she was for real, your for real!" He snapped, shocked and a little freaked out!

"Inuyasha" She said flat,

"Have you lost your mind, are you crazy!"


"I can't let you do this, Sesshomaru would kill me!" He yelled,

"Inuyasha sit!"


"I am having a baby, there I said it!" She said with a huff,

He pulled himself up by her desk "Kagome" He wined like a preschooler "Think about me, what if Sesshomaru finds out!"

"So what" She stated,

"He is gunna kill me for letting you do this, Kagome, come on!"

"No Inuyasha, that's not fair and you know it"

"Cant you just adopt or something"

She had not thought about that, and he could tell she was thinking about it,

"I can get you first in line to adopt Kagome, come on!"

She bit her lip, why had no one else thought of that! But, this was to fun seeing him like this, so she teased.

"No, I think I want to have a baby on my own first"


"But I will think about your suggestion"

"Knock it off Kagome, or, or, or

"Or what Inuyasha?"

"Or I am going to Sesshomaru right now and telling him!"

Was he bluffing? Could he tell she was teasing him? "Go head Inuyasha, it's your life"

Damn it! He was hoping she WOULD NOT say that.

"Fine, you leave me no choice!"

He spun on his heel and left. By time he got to his car he was heated, all worry out the door, if his friend wanted too be stupid then fine, he played over and over what he was going to say to his killer big brother. Inuyasha drove very fast, he wanted to get this over with and done.

He parked with a sequel, slammed his car door and made his way up. Everyone could tell he was pissed. Inuyasha walked in to the top floor, Miroku stood "Inuyasha, what are you-

But he didnt let his friend finish, he walked by, him, opened his brothers office door and slammed it behind him. He walked right up to Sesshomaru, slammed his hands on his desk and yelled "Sesshomaru you have to do something about Kagome!"

Sesshomaru did not even look up "Have you forgot little brother, the girl is no longer my problem"

"Problem, problem?" What the hell,

Sesshomaru looked up,

"Fine then, I wont tell you what your crazy x is thinking about doing, since she is no longer your problem"

Inuyasha crossed his arms and waited.

"What is it that she has done that you can not handle"

Inuyasha uncrossed his arm "This is way beyond something I can control! which is why I cam to you!"

"Are you going to tell me or not Inuyasha"

"She's, she's going to have a baby with some random dude!"

Sesshomaru kept his cool and did not even blink "Come again Inuyasha"

"I said, your old lady, has lost her mind, and she is planning on having a baby with some guy she don't even know!"

"And how does she plan on doing this?"

"Sperm bank"

"She does not have the funds for that"

"No, but your mom sure does"

Now that got him wide-eyed "Are you saying my mother is on this"

"I'm saying I bet your dear ole mom put her up to this and my mom aint no better, are you going to do something or what!"

He thought about it for a moment, unsure if he should, he did not want to seem like it effected him.

"Sesshomaru, you have power over he, this aint even got to do with you and how you feel about her, we just can't let her do this"

"I will speak with my mother, if it will stop your rant, little brother"

Inuyasha settled down, that was all he was going to get out of his brother and he knew it, at least he was still alive.