1: Meeting

Sawada Tsunahime, nicknamed Tsuna, was only 5 years old when he spotted her. She had just gotten out of school, was beaten up by some of her bullies and was walking forlornly back home, her mother too busy working to come pick her up.

While she was sad that she couldn't have a mommy like all the other students, a mommy who picked her up from school, she knew her mommy did was she did to make sure they were able to eat. Even though Tsuna was only 5 years old she knew a lot of things. Her classmates called her No Good Tsuna but she wasn't any good! It's just; everything she learned was boring it held no interest in her.

Sometimes she wondered why the teachers didn't do anything to help her out, to stop the bullies. It's not like they didn't see them. The student openly mocked her in the middle of class and then the teachers would sigh at HER not being able to answer and not at the student's behaviors.

The boys would pick and tease on her the worse, calling her frumpy Tsuna too just because she happened to wear a lot of second hand stuff because in her mother's words 'I can't always count on your father especially if he's not here.' So her mother would always buy stuff with her own earned money.

Did those jerk boys actually THINK she wanted to walk around in second hand clothing?

Tsuna sighed as she started to walk, fuming over her circumstances. That is until she heard the sound of heels on the pavement next to her. Looking up she saw a woman with dark brown –almost black—hair who had a tattoo that looked like a flower on the side of her face. She was sporting a a wine red suit and was smiling at her.

"Hello, bambina."

Tsuna tilted her head to the side. "W-Who are you?" She asked nervously. The women grinned.

"Daniela. Also known as Ottavo."

"Uhm…? M-Miss Daniela…?"

"Hm what is it?"

"Why are you… transparent…"

Daniela smirked, bending down to the girls' eye level. "That's because I am a ghost, my dear granddaughter. And I am here to teach you how to be a good female don when the time comes."

Whelp I wanted to write something like this for a while. Bare with me while I write this considering I've only seend up to like episode 130 of the anime and I'm currently around chapter 65 in the manga since I'm a slow reader.

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