2: Nicknames

Tsuna looked up at Daniela shyly, watching as the older female followed her. They were walking back to her house. Daniela looked to the young brunette and gave a small smile to the other in return.

"S-So uhm… Miss Daniela was it… Y-You called me your g-granddaughter right…?"

"Hm?" Daniela replied back. "Yes, we aren't related by blood directly but you call my cute little son grandpa so I figured that since there was finally another girl you will be my cute little granddaughter."
Tsuna blinked and then smiled widely. "Really?"

Daniel smiled back again. "Really."

Tsuna smiled widely finally happy that she had a female presence in her life. "S-So what should Tsuna call you?" She tilted her head to the side.

"Hm well, I don't look that old I suppose you can call me Daniela-nee or Ottavo…" She mused.

"O-Otta… Octopus? "

"No Tsuna… Ottavo…"

"Octopus Nee-chan."

A sigh and a hand on her cheek, Daniela looked up to the sky. "Dio mio! Just what am I going to do with you."

Tsuna just continued to smile beside her.

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the title means 'Girls World' in Italian.

also I'm thinking of genderbending all the guardians (and yes this also means chrome so chrome would be male) since Tsuna when she is older doesnt exactly detest men she just prefers to not.. .rely on them haha.

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