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Somebody shine a light

I'm frozen by the fear in me

Somebody make me feel alive

And shatter me

So cut me from the line

Dizzy, spinning endlessly

Somebody make me feel alive

And shatter me


A moan escaped plump lips as a lithe body was roughly slammed against a nearby wall. Calloused hands gripped at dark locks, pulling the head of it's owner to the side so a greedy mouth could trail savage kisses and bites all along the neck presented.

"T-Tom …fuck.." was rasped out as Harry Snape writhed against his lover.

He was on fire. His whole being was feeling with every nerve alight. His suit long since discarded in a pile somewhere in the room. Their magics collided in a violent tempest of desire, rolling around each other like waves on the sea. He couldn't think, could only grip at Tom's shoulders, instinctively vanishing their clothes. He relished the moan that was given when bare skin touched and he lifted his hips to gain friction. He whimpered, desperately wanting Tom to do something, anything to make it deeper.

"What do you want me to do first? Should I take you fast and rough, right here?" the Dark Lord whispered in his ear, never more aware of the lack of silencing charms over the room. An empty classroom at that. He didn't care though, who heard. The room was properly warded against anyone coming in, but he wanted everyone to hear just how much he owned this fascinating young man.

The teen in question mewled in response to the heated suggestions, causing Tom to flash a quick shark toothed grin. He tightened his hold, his red eyes sparking with manic fire.



::Mine:: he hissed and bit hard into Harry's neck, a shriek pealing out of the teen's throat and his orgasm ripping through him.

His eyes were blown wide in a mixture of shock and blind pleasure. Never had he known such raw sexual need before. Such a want to be dominated and owned by someone. Especially as he knew in all other things this man, who shared with no one, considered them equals. He was startled out of his thoughts when a dark chuckle sounded from the body above him. Wait, when did they moveto the floor? Harry's eyes widened in shock, catching the frenzied grin of his counterpart and barely registering that his lover was still hard before he felt deft fingers plunge inside of his entrance. He squirmed and winced, some of the earlier passion dimming as he was gently but skillfully stretched, but then they curled and his world exploded in bright lights. He yelped in surprise and unconsciously spread his legs wide.

::Tom…please:: he hissed, pleading for the older male to just claim him already.

The Dark Lord felt his control finally snap. He was instantly pushing inside his lover, holding still only briefly before setting a rough pace. He was mildly worried he was hurting his little snake but he needn't have. The little minx was clawing at his back, holding him close, hissing for more, harder, faster, make me beg Tom Riddle!

So the Lord of Slytherin obliged and grasped at Harry's hair , pulling hard as he slammed into his willing mate. And when at last Harry's second orgasm was ripped from him, Tom joined him, crashing into his release like a tidal wave to shore.

He shuddered and cradled his love close as they soaked in post orgasmic high, before gently pulling put and spelling them clean. The young Snape smiled, a genuine smile that so few ever saw, and curled against the man who had taken so much yet given so much in return.

:: I think I love you, Tom:: was whispered sleepily, honestly startling the Dark Lord into staring at the already asleep teen.

Reflexively he pulled the boy closer, his red eye intent as he pondered the revelation.

:: And I, you:: came the quiet reply, admitting to himself that he could indeed feel something other than insanity. Still, he would never allow anyone to take his lover from him. And he would ensure that the few Order on the list met a most gruesome fate for touching what was always his.


Unbeknownst to the lovers, as they lay together, savouring each other's magic and presence even in sleep, Magic began weaving together their gifts, their souls. She was very pleased with her two favourites, pleased that they not only honoured her, but sought vengance on those who would steal what wasn't theirs. She forever entwined the two males, the younger curling closer to his mate, leaving Magic feeling smug. She didn't normally meddle so much in the lives of her children, those she blessed with her powers, however these two were special. She had watched as men like Albus Dumbledore abused their power, scorned her, stole from her chosens. Tom, Severus, and Harry had been only the recent ones. Gellert Grindewald, the poor lad, had been another. In all honesty, the Dumbledore line, with the exception of poor Arianna, had been cursed for a while now. Magic wasn't sure who had cursed them, but she knew that they had a history of insulting her family.

She snorted as Death appeared beside her. Unlike what most mortals saw, he only wore a cowl complete with menacing scythe when on the job. When around his brothers and sisters, he chose a more or less unassuming guise. After all who was often scared of a small boy who appeared no more than eight in human years. His hair and eye colour would change depending on the day but the age never changed unless he was working to reap souls. Today it seemed that it would be black hair and green eyes, no doubt to mimic the slumbering child on the bed before them- someone many of their brethren looked to be fond of.

"Hullo, sister- dear." he chirruped, moving closer to the pair of wizards before gazing closely at them.

Magic snorted at the feigned innocence but otherwise continued as she had been. He wouldn't bug her too bad until she was finished cementing their powers. No one would tear these two apart. No matter however many times they were reborn, she would make sure they were never alone again.

When she was done she sighed happily and stood straighter. Her eyes of gold sparkled with pride as Death whistled, impressed. It was rare his sister took such interest in the affairs of man, much less actual mortals at an individual level. Not that he blamed her. His head tilted to the side. Both mortals were descendants of the Perevell Brothers, mortals he had taken a fashion for many decades earlier. They had the mark of their magic and both were close to being Masters in their own right. Interesting. He would have to keep a closer look on these two.

"Hello, Death. What has you stepping out into this realm?" Magic asked interrupting his musings.

Sharp teeth slashed as he gave her a quick smile of amusement.

"Out for a stroll, baby sister. Mortals are fascinating." he replied, a deadly gleam in his green eyes that had Magic wondering if he had been up to mischief again.

Last time that had happened Death and Loki had caused trouble in Pompeii. Father and Mother had…not been too pleased.

"Death, what have you done now?" she inquired, her eyes narrowed. If her blasted Brother had meddled with her Chosen she wouldn't be pleased.

His eyes softened and he gently trailed a finger over the lightening bolt scar on Harry's face. This little mortal had been kissed by him long ago and he truly cherished any child of his Father's creation who was unafraid to greet him.

" Worry not, Magic. Your chosen ones and their family will not be touched by my hand. But Dumbledore's Number is dwindling." he informed her, his countenance shifting to that of the child he resembled; mischief and chaos flitted in his gaze.

Magic felt her eyebrows raise in surprise. Even Time had jumped on the revenge bandwagon? Normally their older sister allowed Death to take people or animals on his own. After all, Time was just another part of the cycle, as was Death and Life.

"How long?"

"Not very."

She hummed and stared at her children, contemplative as she pondered this information. What did her sister want with the Dumbledore clan? She knew why Death had wanted them. All but a few had attempted to thwart Death by stealing other's magic. But why Time?

Death must have correctly ascertained her thoughts, as he sneered.

" Dumbledore is a meddler in the lives of many, dear. Many centuries ago the clan attempted to become greater than any. They found a way to slow time and add another's time thread to their own. Time had no idea how her ability had been used, stolen like that, but they've been doing it for ages. This Dumbledore doesn't know those skills but what he has done is just as bad. So she's rather peeved." he cackled at her dawning comprehension.

A sly glimmer flickered in her eyes and she gazed at her children again. Well things just got better and better.

" Hurry my children. Destroy them bring the balance back." she whispered and disappeared, her brother following though he merely walked through the wall to make his exit.

Death smirked, anticipating the chaos ahead. Maybe he should invite Loki for the fireworks.