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Guided Prayers

I don't think I'll ever lose the anger, nor do I think I'll ever completely mend my broken heart. My best friend, Ron Stoppable, is dead. He wasn't killed by a maniac bent on world domination. No, Ron was killed by a drunk driver. Maybe if I hadn't let him walk me home, maybe if he hadn't been so insistant on it, things would be different. I guess I'll never know now. I remember it like it was yesterday, though its nearly been a year now. I close my eyes and I see everything so vividly. I saw all the blood, he didn't die on contact, he didn't have that priviledge. He suffered first. I remember what he said to me, that night he wanted to walk me home.

"Its late KP, I don't want the crazies to get ya." Though his face said he was joking, something in his voice told me he really wanted to walk me home. I sighed and just allowed it. When we got to my house, he waited until I got to the walkway. He waved at me and turned to leave. I had just put my key in the lock when I heard the squeel of tires. I spun around to see what had happened, only to witness Ron go flying backwards, slamming into the pavement a few feet away. I must have screamed, and screamed loudly because people started to come out of their homes. I rushed to where Ron lay, I'll never forget how much blood there was. I was horrified to learn he was awake. I dropped to my knees and picked up one of his bloody hands in my own. I could hear my Mother's cries of dismay and someone was on the phone, calling the ambulance I assumed. Ron looked at me and I could see he tried to smile.

"Oh Ron." I murmured, trying desperatly to stop the tears rolling down my face.

"Don't worry KP." He got out, hoarse and pained.

"Don't worry son, we're gonna get you help." Dad was behind me, and his soothing words washed over me. I absorbed them and realized there was something wrong with his voice. For a second I tuned in to the conversations around me.

"Poor boy."

"So much blood."

"Won't make it." I felt my face heat up and the only thing that kept me from going completly off on these people, was the fact that Ron suddenly gently squeezed my hand.

"I'm sorry KP." All the blood rushed from my face then.

"Don't be sorry." I say immediatly. "Its not your fault. Oh Ron, are you in pain?"

"No Kim, not anymore. I moved beyond the pain." I started to sob then. "Please don't cry Kim."

"I'm sorry. Don't worry Ron, you'll be all right." Ron looked away from me then.

"I-I don't think so Kim."

"Ron...." He didn't look back. He never would. He died on our street. I remember letting out this high pitched wail and Mom was there trying to pull me away from Ron, but I wouldn't go. Even when the amublance got there, I didn't want to let go. I'm not sure how they got me away from the body, but they did. I couldn't go to the funeral. I didn't even go to the wake. I couldn't it was to real at the time. I missed two weeks of school. When I did return, everyone was masked in warm regret. I had no idea what to say. Even Bonnie had something nice to say.

I can say his name now at least, for the first six months, the mere mention of his name brought me into hysterics. I'm getting better. I don't think I'll ever be the same, but that's good. He's touched my life in a way that means the pain of his loss will never leave me, it'll dull so I can live with it, but it'll never leave and I'll never forget him. He'll always be Ron Stoppable, the best friend I had or will ever have.

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