"Well, what do you expect me to do?" Ryu asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Ye of little faith…" I rested my head against Soul's shoulder, yawning. "Can we find some place to stay? I don't have it in me to make a trip back to Death City." They all nodded as we left the decaying hospital.

"Fancy…" Soul stated as we walked into the large hotel. The decor was composed mostly of reds and golds.

I shrugged. "I've seen better, honestly." My eyes traveled over to a couple who kept staring at us and whispering amongst themselves. The woman caught me watching, causing her to drag the man away while pulling out her phone. 'Why do I have a bad feeling all of a sudden?' I wondered, just as Angelo and Ryu came back with two keycards. "That was quick."

Ryu giggled, smiling crookedly at us. "Angelo's family is known for their wine, so I just happened to mention it, and the guy was more than happy to give us what we wanted." He informed us all.

I groaned, remembering when Yin accidentally got drunk once when we were in Italy… turns out it was wine… "Wait…" Angelo looked at me questioningly. "I lost Yin once in Tuscany, Italy… turns out he found himself in a wine vineyard… Does that have anything to do with you?" I asked, eyeing him.

"I just gave him a small glass as he told me where he was staying. I did not know he had low tolerance." Angelo asked, speaking lowly.

"Do you know how much of a handful he is?" I groaned, pulling my hand down my face. "He's such a headache when drunk."

"Sorry?" Angelo asked as we entered the elevator. Ryu hit the fifth floor button. I just waved his apology off, leaning back against the cold wall. Currently I was glad that we all had packed some clothes beforehand, otherwise we would currently be screwed. The bell dinged, followed by the doors opening. "Here is your keycard." Angelo handed me the card for Room 513. Ryu waved us off as he dragged Angelo into their room, right across the hall from ours.

"You don't think…"

"I don't even wanna know." I told Soul, unlocking our door.

"What's wrong?" asked Soul, looking over my head at the large Queen sized bed. It was the only bed in the room. "Oh…" Sighing heavily, I walked in, going over to the window that overlooked the dark street below, breathing heavily against the cold glass.

"42-42-564, whenever you want to knock on Death's door…" I spoke while writing the digits in the condensation. Rivulets appeared on the glass, along with the ringtone for Shinigami-sama's room.

"Wazzup, wazzup, wazzup?" The God of Death cheerfully greeted, appearing on the glass. "How are you kids feeling?" Soul sneezed in the background.

"Cold and wet." He answered sullenly.

"And you, Yang? You took quite a beating."

"Tired, but that's about it, Shinigami-sama."

"I hope you get a good night's rest, then, Yang. Out of curiosity, how many souls is that now?"

I blushed faintly, looking off in the direction of the side, away from those that were on the window. "Eighty-five souls, total, Shinigami-sama…"

Stein-sensei appeared next to the Grim Reaper, eyeing us both. "I'd like to check out that cut you got across your chest." I nodded, removing my ruined suit jacket, tie, blue dress shirt, and the remains of my bra.

"Gah!" turning around, I watched Soul fall to the ground with a trickle of blood coming from his nose. "Cool guys are used to seeing naked chicks…," he slurred.

"Really now?" I asked, leaning over him. His normal Siam colored eyes turned a deep garnet shade as they grew bigger, staring at me.

"Put something on!" shouted Soul, thrusting his orange coat out. I scuffed at him, pulling it on but leaving it unzipped, going back to the window to show Stein-sensei.

He adjusted his glasses, inspecting the unblemished span of skin that made up my front torso. "The Devil Swordsman had sliced you from the focal point of your breast bone down to your navel. Except for probably Kid, that would have seriously injured a normal person." He mused, smiling slightly. "Same with being struck by lightning… twice."

"You seem to forget my little affair with that element." I stated, watching as the storm continued to rage outside.

Stein-sensei chuckled. "I didn't forget, I was stating a point is all." I just rolled my eyes at him. "Any side effects?" he questioned. I shook my head.

"None. Could this possibly have something to do with my wavelength, Shinigami-sama?" I could see Kipp jumping up and down in the background, waving at me. I waved back, smiling at her.

"Hmm… Good question…" Shinigami-sama stroke what would have been his chin, before shrugging nonchalantly. "Could also be because of the other reason."

"The whole Meister-weapon reason?" stretching, I moaned softly as my joints popped, popping my hip out as I relaxed again. "But that can't possibly be it. After all, it never happened when I am paired with anyone else. So what makes this any different?"

Lifting his large cartoonish hand to his mask, Shinigami-sama chuckled. "Ho-ho-ho~ I suggest looking into it when you all return. There should be a book on the subject in the library." Was Shinigami-sama's ambiguous answer. "Speaking of when you return, I have another mission for you, Soul, Kid, Liz and Patty, Sam, and Kipp."


"I'll tell you more about it when you get back… Hm? You want to say something, Kipp?" Shinigami-sama turned to the side, allowing Kipp to be seen more easily.

"Whoa! You should raid Soul's closet. His clothes look way cooler on you!" was the first thing that left her mouth.

Smirking, I quickly understood what she was getting at. "If I get to raid Soul's wardrobe, you have to raid Kid's."

"W-What?!" Kid popped up next to Kipp, blushing. "T-That isn't, in the least bit, proper!"

"Your point being, Chibi-gami?"

"Deal!" Kipp shouted, just as the window went back to normal.

Falling back, I landed across Soul's lap. "W-What are you doing?" he spluttered, trying not to look at the exposed inner curves of my breasts. His efforts were in hopeless, sadly.

"From what I've heard, you live with a sexy kitty that likes to parade around naked. You should be used to seeing boobs." Fiddling with the hem of the large coat, I blinked innocently up at him. "After all, I heard from everyone that hers are easily bigger than my C-cup." Grinning secretly, I watched his face burn brightly. I got off his lap so I could close the crimson curtains, shrugging Soul's coat off and onto the floor, only to crouch down and remove my, surprisingly intact, heels. The next thing to drop was my slacks, leaving me in nothing but my purple panties.


"I change in front of Yin all the time. I don't see much difference."

"He's your brother, and I'm not! That's a big difference!"

I giggled at Soul, enjoying how flustered this made him. "Get used to it. You will be seeing a lot of this in the upcoming weeks 'till Kid's birthday. After all, we are partners. And you have to practice lifts." I kept my back to him, though, to save him from embarrassing himself further. Grabbing my bag, I disappeared into the bathroom.

Unknown Point of View•

"What's wrong?" my husband asked as I pulled him out of the hotel lobby.

"Did you see that girl?"

"The one with pink and black hair?" he asked, looking confused.

"No, the one with black and white hair!" he frowned, his brow furrowing as he thought back.

Slowly did he nod. "Yes, what about her?"

Pulling out my phone, I scrolled through the pictures, stopping on a family of four. "Seem familiar to you, Daniel?" he took the device from my hand, examining them all carefully before giving it back. I then scrolled to the picture I took of the girl and the white haired boy, showing him it.

"She could pass as the other's older sister!" Daniel stated, sounding proud of himself. "Are they sisters?" Oh, why must he be so cute?

"No! This is how the little girl is supposed to look by now. That family photo was taken years ago!"

"Who exactly are they, Sara?" Daniel asked.

"You remember the Ashton family, yes?" he nodded. "You've heard rumors about their twins, also?" Daniel's hazel eyes expanded as it finally clicked. "Without a doubt, I bet you anything that that was their daughter, Lucy."

"The supposed 'Devil's Spawn'?" I nodded, pushing in numbers on my phone. "Just what are you doing, now, darling?"

"Alerting the family, obviously. Any caring parent would like to know where their children are."

Yang's Point of View•

"Soul are you—" I cut myself off as I opened the bathroom door, walking in on him removing his shirt. My eyes trailed down from his face, resting on his well-toned chest. Dropping the towel I was using to dry my freshly washed hair, I walked over, placing my hands on his warm chest. "Does it hurt?"

"Not really." It started from his left collarbone, going across his chest and abdomen to his right hip. I dragged my fingertips over the slightly raised scar tissue, feeling how smooth it was.

"Funny. At times mine feel like they did the days I got them. Heard that it's caused by the scar tissue, itself." I recollected aloud. Soul grabbed my hand, spinning me around until my back faced him, and then brought us both down on the bed. Using his jean-clad thighs, Soul held me still between them as he pushed my hair over my shoulders. "Soul, what are you doing?"

"Shut up." He responded gruffly, placing his hands on my shoulders. His semi-calloused fingers worked miracles on my skin, working out the tiniest of kinks and knots. Mewling lowly, I dug my fingers into his thighs; enjoying the warm sensation that coursed through me.

"Mm… a little harder…" Soul pressed a bit harder, finally causing me to moan at how wonderful it felt.

"Better?" I nodded listlessly, getting up to retrieve my forgotten towel so I could finish drying my hair. Once that was done, I put it in the bathroom, entering the bedroom with my bag.

I hugged Soul, who was now only in his pajama pants, from behind, resting my head between his shoulders. "Thank you. I really needed that."

"Yeah, it's fine. After all, it's what friends do, right?" I do not know why, but being called a 'friend' by him hurt.

"Let's get some sleep, okay?" we both got under the sheets, turning away from each other, and went to bed.

Soul's Point of View•

It was pitch black when I woke up to a weight on my chest. Looking down, I noticed that it was Yang snuggling up against me. "Heh… Who knew you were a cuddler?" I chuckled softly, as to not wake her. She sighed quietly in her sleep, curling more into my side. Not wanting to disturb her sleep, I wrapped an arm around her waist, bringing her in closer. Yang smiled slightly, placing her hand on my right shoulder, as if to hug me. Sighing, I stared up at the ceiling, tucking my free arm under my head.

'Eighty-five souls… she only needs fourteen Kishin Eggs and a Witch, then she'd be a Death Scythe…' my grip on her waist tighten a bit. 'And she's a strong meister on top of being a weapon… I must look so uncool to her.' Dammit! Why did that bother me so much?

"Ngh…" Yang shifted in her sleep, brushing against me. "Soul?" She sat up, one of her legs between mine as she loomed over me. "Something wrong?" the straps of her dark purple nightdress fell off her shoulders, exposing the tops of her soft mounds.

"Don't you find this a bit awkward?" I asked. Yang lied back down, resting her head on my chest.

"No." She stated, running her fingertips along my scar. "You have questions, don't you?"

I stilled, looking down at her. "W-What?"

"You are probably curious about the attacks we preformed earlier, on top of hearing about my status as a Meister-weapon." She mumbled. "Ask your questions now, otherwise I'm going to fall asleep and keep tight lipped tomorrow."

"What happens when you reach your hundred souls?"

Yang simply shrugged. "I don't know. Have not really looked into it. However, Shinigami-sama has hinted that I would become a Death Scythe, just like any other weapon. Though we don't know if it'd also improve me being a meister or not."

"How'd you find out?"

She traced random patterns on my abdomen, sighing heavily. "When we were still children. We both could change into weapons, but being different blade types, it would have been hard for us if we did not find out I was pretty good at wielding a Khyber knife that was about twice my size. We were eight, then." She then giggled softly. "We left when we were 10, so it's been about seven years since we left our old life behind. As they say, the rest is history."

I was silent for a bit, just absorbing this new bit of information. "Then… the attacks from earlier?"

Yang sighed softly and said, "My weapon form controls two elements. Darkness, no matter what kind, and lightning and/or electricity. It somewhat comes in handy when something like Black Blood is taken into account. I cannot be effected by it, and Madness does not register with me, either. However, to say I am immune to Madness would be a lie. You've seen what I can do when driven over the edge."

Without thinking, I pinned her to the bed, noticing how pale she looked because of the moon light. "Are you still beating yourself over what happened at the park?" Yang twisted under me, trying as hard as she could to buck me off; I would not budge.

"It's my fault that I didn't have enough control over it!" she spat, digging her nails into the back of my hands. "But it's different now! I have a better grasp on it! Now I do not have to see that horrified expression on Yin's face… I don't have to worry so much that you'll see me as some monster…" Yang sniffled, tears leaking down her cheeks. I released her wrists, allowing her to try to wipe the tears away.

Scuffing, I rested my forehead against her as she brought her hands away from her misty eyes. "Idiot. Do you honestly think we'd ever see you as such?" With that said, I brought her up into a hug. "You can be a real idiot at times, ya know?" with shaky arms, she returned my hug, burying her face deep in my neck.



Backing off slightly, I looked down at Yang's pink face. "I know that this probably sounds stupid, but what do you know of a little red demon that likes bad jazz?"

"Eh?" faintly I could hear said demon chuckling in the far reaches of my mind.

Her brow furrowed, looking downwards. "It's been bugging me ever since our hand-to-hand training a while ago." She looked up at me, and I realized I was still on top of her. "Stein-sensei somehow ended up in my Soul Room… and I faintly remembering having a dream where we were in a room slightly similar. You were showing me how to play the piano when the demon interrupted."

How was it possible that we had the same dream? Unless… "I… don't think that was a dream, Yang."

"Huh?" She looked cute, blinking innocently in question.

I got off her and sat on my side of the large bed. "How could it be a dream if we both had the same exact one?"

"Are you saying that I ended up in your Soul Room?" Yang got on her knees, leaning forward to look me in the eye. I nodded, confirming her question. "Ah… I want to try something."

"Like what?"

"I was thinking that, maybe, if we matched Wavelengths while focusing on your Soul Room, we might be able to get some answers."

Shrugging, I nodded with a grin. "Sure, it's worth a shot if we can get some answers."

Yang nodded, getting in front of me so we are face-to-face. Reaching out, she placed the tips of her middle and ring fingers against my temple. "3…"

Taking a deep breath, I exhaled through my nose slowly, closing my eyes. "2…"

That feeling of calm washed over me as she breathed out softly, "1…"

"Welcome back… Soul…" I opened my eyes to stare down at the little ogre.

"Well, this isn't strange in the least bit." Yang was perched on my chair's left arm, her legs tucked to the left. She jumped off, landing lightly on her feet in front of the knuckle-dragging demon. "I trust that you know what's going on?" She bent down at the waist, looking it in the face.

He smiled, shrugging his tiny shoulders. "I might… I might not." He turned his back to her. Yang frowned, standing back up, before kicking him in the back; digging her heel into the middle of his spine.

"Either you do, or you don't. I suggest you give me a straight answer."

"Okay! Okay! Just get off me!" he cried, flailing his arms. She removed her foot, giving him a chance to sit up and dust off his suit.

"Start talking." I demanded, glaring at him.

The little demon smiled, biting on his fingers. "Your souls have seemed to be connected…" he giggled, speaking with his fingers still in his mouth. "Though it seems that something is preventing the Black Blood from infecting your soul." He stared Yang down.

"Connected in which way?"

"Check for yourself…" he pointed towards a new door that was never there before.

Yang walked over, pressing her palm flat against the black wrought iron that covered the deep blue wood. "You've tried going through the door, haven't you…" she accused, narrowing her eyes at the giggling demon.

"It never budges. Seems that the door is always locked." He giggled, removing the digits from his mouth.

"That's because you don't have the magical touch." She ran her fingernails over the metal. It seemed to hiss under her touch as the tumbles clicked. Twisting the handles, she pulled open the double doors, causing smoke to slither across the red and black checkered floor. "Coming, Soul?" I got up and walked over, grabbing her outstretched hand and interlacing our fingers. As we exited the Black Room, the doors closed tightly before the demon had a chance to follow us.

Yang's Point of View•

I let go of Soul's hand, falling down against the large panda that was from my first visit to the Dance Studio. It felt a little awkward, mainly with all the stuffed animals that littered the floor.

"I'm guessing clothes change on the person's room, right?" Soul asked, gesturing to his outfit. Like Stein-sensei, he wore black slacks and waistcoat, under the waistcoat was a blue dress shirt – the hem tucked neatly into the slacks he wore – with a black and blue slender necktie that was tucked under the waistcoat. In addition, to finish the outfit off was a pair of black polished dress shoes.

I just shrugged. "I'm guessing so, seeing as it reflects the soul of the person that the Room is inside of." I explained lightly.

Soul nodded, taking a seat next to me. "It's a cool room. I really like the chandelier. Black crystals are really cool."

"You don't find the stuffed animals to be childish?" I questioned, curious as to what his answer would be.

"No. Maybe a little girly, but not childish. Even a cool guy like me can think they're cute." He picked up a black lion plush. "I think it reflects you nicely. Even though you seem like such a hard ass on the outside, you're a sweet and caring person on the inside." He took to laying down, resting his head against my thighs. Soul reached up, taking a white strand of my hair and started playing with it. He spoke softly, "it's just another piece of the puzzle, isn't it?"

"Yeah, but we'll figure it out." Soul moved his Siam jeweled eyes up to my face as he sat up. Letting go of the white strand, he brought his hand up, placing it behind my neck, causing pleasant shocks to run down my spine. Looking at him through half lidded eyes, I whispered gently, "Soul…" as said Scythe leaned in closer. I placed a hand behind my, keeping my balance, as the other met his chest. I was not very sure on what to expect as our lips brushed lightly, almost as if it did not happen.

The next one had a little more force behind it, zapping the air from my lungs, just as I got a gut twisting feeling that yanked at my core, almost as if I were being shoved through a rubber tube that was two times too small. Soul pulled back as soon as everything came crashing down around us, making me fall back on the hotel's mattress. Opening my eyes, I was greeted by a garnet pair. "What just happened?"

My heart fluttered in my chest as I blushed, breaking eye contact. "Just another piece of the puzzle…" I answered, refusing to admit that it felt as if our souls connected for a few seconds. "We should get some sleep." It was the only thing I could think of, to defuse the tension. Ignoring the elephant in the room; as if I would tell him that was my first ever kiss. Getting back under the covers, I pulled the blankets over my shoulders, using it to hide my pinkish face.