Like I said, I just wanted a little family drabble, a character study to Tywin and this happened:

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This evening Sansa would tell Tyrion about what she had seen and as usual he wouldn't' believe her.

"My father never smiles Sansa. I sometimes doubt he can move his lips." Tyrion would explain while holding his son in his arm. "You must have mistaken it, maybe in the light of the fire."

Whatever he said, Sansa wasn't wrong, Lord Tywin smiled at the sight of her child.

But she wasn't sure what to feel about it, she wasn't able to avoid to feel proud, none of Cersei's children ever made him smile.

But Tyran was supposed to be Lord of Winterfell, she just waited for the day when he would be old enough and she and Tyrion could travel North with him. Now she feared Lord Tywin could have found the possible heir he always wished for.

Since Ser Jaime refused his offer to take his place as heir of the Rock, threatening to rather take the black than going to the Rock, he had nobody. Joffrey was mad, Myrcella a girl and Tommen, like Joffrey, not Lannister enough for the old lion. Not to mention all of them were Cersei's children, not children of a son, not enough for the mighty Tywin. Lord Tywin would never let Tyrion have the Rock, so Tyran as his only option. A new one, because she suspected he had never counted him in, expecting a dwarf like Tyrion.

Sansa feared the day he would decide that Tyran should inherit his title. He who wasn't weak, stunned, ugly, seeing his father she also suspected he would certainly be intelligent. After a special education, managed b him, he would be the perfect Lannister.

She feared he would take him away from her. All for his precious legacy.

Tyrion had promised her he wouldn't. Lord Tywin would never take him away from her.

Lannister lies

Sweet lies

But Lord Tywin wanted more grandchildren, now that Tyrion and she proved what they could do. More Lannister forged with Stark-steel like Ser Kevan had said. Winterfell, Riverrun and Casterly Rock, in Lord Tywin's head all this castles should have lions as lords, Tyrion's, her sons. Tywin Lannister the grandsire of all the great Lords in and their new Houses.

"I will not let him have our son." Tyrion cupped her cheek and she leaned into his touch. The evening had passed and they were sitting near the fireplace, Tyran sleeping in his manger.

She believed him, but what if he failed?

Tywin might hate Tyrion, but I always believed he would favour his son, if not born a dwarf. He wants a strong Lannister Tyrion's son most likely would have given him such

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