This show was a very good series and it was one of my favorites when I was younger. But lately I've been thinking...Duck Dodgers was probably the normal Daffy Duck from the 21st did he ever miss the other Looney Tunes? Ever think about his past life and home? Wouldn't it be pretty horrible to wake up in a place were no-one knows you, and your surrounded by dependents look-alikes of your friends...yeah, a bit deep but you know.

Anyway, here's a short fic about it.

Once in a Half Century

There would be times when Dodgers would stop and think about everything.

The Cadet noticed it- but admittedly, not from the beginning. He'd been assigned as Duck Dodger's one and only crew-member a few months after he'd been released from cryogenic suspension...but it was only a few years later that he began registering those odd little times when the Captain would sit and stare into space, mind all but away from the universe.

It happened once in a blue moon, as they would say. Sometimes it would happen at odd moments, ironically after big celebrations or victories. All the things that should send the arrogant duck prancing about for weeks, (and it would afterward) would result in him sitting silently on his own for a while. Leaving the Cadet to watch from the doorway in worry and uncertainty.

Many would argue that the Duck was simply daydreaming; after all, he wasn't the most intelligent or on-task bird that ever lived. Yet...there was always this little, faint look upon his feathered face that struck Cadet as so...un-Dodgers like. It was the look of someone who was longing or lost...and not longing as in desiring something out of greed as he usually did.

It was only after some pondering that the pig began wondering about the Duck's past...were he came from, how his life was (truly that is, as there had been many phony tales) and above all...who he knew. That thought was like a hammer against a bell, a sudden halt in a thought.

Duck Dodgers, he came to finally and truly realise, had been frozen for three hundred and fifty-one years. Any one he knew, cared for or associated himself with was gone. The places had all changed, as had the universe itself. And yet the Duck never mentioned anything about it.

That got the Cadet thinking again. Perhaps he'd been more solitary? without a friend in the world so he didn't feel any attachment personally to the twenty-first century? Perhaps the reason he didn't talk about anyone was that...there wasn't anyone to talk about.

Many including itself may had settled on that thought, as it would suit the avian Captain quite well. But after these years of working with him, and coming to know that deep down he did have a heart, the Cadet knew better.

Especially since that, even though it felt like it happen once in a half century, Duck Dodgers would stare out of the window, down at the earth, longing to return to a place he never could.

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