Me: Heh, told you I'd write this.

Alice: *Happy dance*

Me:...That's just plain scary.

Nina: So I'm 5 in this one too...

Me: Bwahahahahaha yep. I don't own HNKNA or any of it's characters! God help us if I do!

I Might…:

Chapter 1

Alice stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom nervously. It was the first day of school, well for her since transferring tend to do things like that, and she had recently moved in with friends. Friends who also hired her to babysit their little 5 year old sister. Speaking of which, instead of worrying, she should be making the girl's lunch for kindergarten. Alice hurried down the stairs and soon enough she saw him. His black hair long and tied into a ponytail with his golden eyes that were even livelier than the sun, his name was Nate the eldest of the three siblings and the one she had a crush on. He was busy tying the bow on the little girl's uniform and eating a piece of toast at the same time.

"Nina, hang on. I think I got it this time!" Nate grinned at his little sister.

"Are you sure Nate-nii? Aaron-nii or Alice-nee can tie it for me." Nina said doubtful.

Nina the youngest had long black hair like Nate but with magenta eyes that were bright and cheerful. Turning Alice could hear the second oldest, Aaron, come down the stairs. He also had black hair but with the most beautiful blue eyes that put the sky to shame. Too bad they were stormy, indicating his foul mood.

"Oi, Alice, make Nina's lunch already. It's worse enough that you aren't sexy but if you fail in making her lunch I'll open a can of whoop-ass on you." Aaron snorted.

Oh, and Aaron was rude to everyone but his sister. And that Nate and Aaron were twins. Alice felt her eye twitch and instead of answering she got to work.

"Aaron-nii! You said a bad word!" Nina gasped.

"Nina-chan, what do you want to eat?" Alice asked smiling.

"Onigiri with fish! I also want sausages and juice! Oh and carrots!" Nina piped, throwing her hands in the air.

"Kid, you eat too much." Aaron chuckled, ruffling Nina's hair.

"Aaron, don't be so mean to Alice and I just combed her hair." Nate sighed.

"It's okay Nate-nii! Alice-chan can fix my hair!" Nina said proudly, staring at the older girl with admiration.

Alice chuckled as she packed the lunch and put in napkins and a tiny fork. Nina had taken a liking to Alice as soon as they met and the brothers had warmed up to her a bit. Alice's turquoise eyes looked at Nate still fumbling with the bow and handing the lunch to Nina, she gently pushed Nate's hands away and tied the ribbon neatly.

"Ah, thanks Alice, I can't tie anything right." Nate smiled, patting her head.

Aaron scoffed, "You can't do lots of things right."

"Nii-chans, it's 7:45." Nina sighed, knowing full well that she might be late.

"…WE GOTTA RUN FOR IT." Aaron said, picking up Nina as Nate grabbed Alice's hand.

"Haha, so much for the first day of school huh Alice?" Nate laughed, pulling her hand.

Alice's heart skipped a beat and she blushed, "Y-Yea."

They all made a mad dash to the kindergarten and saying a quick goodbye to Nina, they sprinted to the former all boys school, Seren Academy.

"Phew~ Just in time!" Nate laughed as Aaron and Alice panted.

Aaron's eyes narrowed and grabbed Nate by the front of his shirt, "What the hell are you laughing about?! You realized that had we been late, that demon would skin us alive! You fucktard!"

Alice watched and dusted off her uniform, "Aaron, please don't use violence! Especially against your older brother."

"The hell you talking about?! He's only older cause they did a c-section and took him out first when I was getting ready to be born!" Aaron glared.

"Calm down! You shouldn't be rude to a woman, speaking of which you usually hit on them, why not Alice?" Nate asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Cause she has no boobs. Or a fuckable ass." Aaron snorted.

Alice twitched, "Just how are you related to Nina and Nate? They're the kindest and sweetest people I have ever met."

Aaron smiled at her sweetly, "We came from the same womb."

"…" Alice just stared at Aaron, "You have a smart mouth don't you?"

"Bitch, I am a smartass, get yo facts straight." Aaron smirked and started to his homeroom, "But I gotta go to geome-fucking-try."

Nate sighed, "Well Alice, I guess I'll be guiding you to the office."

Alice brightened, "Okay."

The office was a sharp gray, to it's dark gray ceiling to it's slate colored floor. A woman sat at the desk and Nate smiled to her.

"Hey Mrs. Wisteria. I'm here to hand Alice over to get her schedule." He said cheerfully.

The woman chuckled, "How kind of you and Miss Alice, what is your last name?"

"Liddell." Alice replied standing next to Nate.

"Hmmm, Liddell, Liddell. Ah! Here, one of the three transfer students yes? It's pleasure to meet you." Mrs. Wisteria smiled, "Now if there's anything bothering you, please come and talk to me alright?"

"Yes ma'am." Alice nodded.

Nate looked at her schedule and raised an eyebrow, "You have all honors? Man, that's gonna be tough."

"Oh really?" Alice said, peeking over his shoulder.

"Yea, anyway, we have only three classes together so it'll be fine. I'll take you to our first period, English." Nate smiled.

In the kindergarten, there were eight classes. Nina was in the Magnolia room and in the room, there were soft pastels to represent the flower. Nina sat at her blue table with Remie and Raven. They were older by only one year but because they had late birthdays, they were in her class.

"Raven-chan, how's your mommy?" Nina asked, using a crayon to draw a flower.

"She's fine. My dad is really busy making dolls to sell so she's watching out for him." Raven nodded, coloring a bear.

Remie grinned, putting down his pencil, "Nina-chan, I heard that you have a new babysitter. What's she like?"

Nina giggled, "Alice-nee is nice and pretty. She likes Nate-nii though."

"Oh~ Really?" Remie asked.

"Yep! Alice-nee also has brown hair and pretty aquamarine like eyes!" Nina said cheerfully.

"Are they that pretty?" Raven asked, "I think your eyes are prettier. They're like roses."

"Hm, I think they're more like rubies." Remie said.

"Alice-nee is pretty and I mean it! Why don't you two come over to play sometime and see?" Nina asked, pouting.

"That's a good idea." Raven said.

"Alright class! Time for storytelling!" The teacher announced.

"Do we have too?" Remie whined.

"If you want to have recess then yes." The teacher smirked.

"But I don't really like recess." Nina said.

The teacher twitched, "Then no lunch."

"Wouldn't that be child abuse since you're not feeding us when you're supposed to take care of us?" Remie asked.

"We have to call the police!" Nina concluded.

"Just get over here." Raven sighed, dragging the two to the carpeted area.

"But we don't like her~" Nina and Remie wailed, struggling to escape.

Alice stood in the front of the class door as Nate handed her schedule to her.

"It'll be fine okay Alice? Just ignore the perverts and the playboys and you'll be alright." Nate smiled.

"U-um okay." Alice stuttered.

"Alright, I'll introduce you to everyone so don't be shy. Oh and since Nina likes you, we can't afford to let anyone get their hands on you alright." Nate laughed, "Stay out here until I bring you in. Don't follow anyone while out here too."

"O-okay?" Alice said confused.

Nate immediately walked in and she heard several voices shouting out greetings. She nervously waited and it was so quiet in the halls.

"Yo Nate, why did you take so long?" One guy shouted.

"I had to help a transfer student." He chuckled.

"Ohhh, is she a babe?"

"Hahaha, she's not curvy I'll tell you that." Nate smiled.

"Damn, class A-3 has a fucking hot chick and C-3. Shit ain't fair."

"Hahaha, well Alice! Come and introduce yourself." Nate called out.

The sliding doors opened and there was Alice and she blushed as the guys stared at her. Standing next to Nate, she looked down.

"I-I'm Alice L-Liddell. Pleased to meet you all." She mumbled.


Nate smiled, "Nope, Nina would hate you all for messing with her beloved Onee-chan."

They quieted and sighed, "Ahh, Nina was so cute when you two brought her in. We wished we had a cute little sister like that."

Alice twitched, "They switched from me to Nina in just one second."

"Yea, but if you're in trouble just say her name. It's granted to work." Nate whispered.

"So where's the teacher?" Alice asked, looking around.

"Dunno, he's always missing so it's a basically a free class." Nate shrugged.

"W-What? But we have to learn." She protested.


The glass from the window shattered as two boys flew through it. Aaron was punching the guy even as they fell to the floor.

"ASSHOLE I DARE YOU TO SAY THAT AGAIN YOU FUCKING THIRD YEAR." Aaron glared, cracking his knuckles.

"Sempai! What happened?"

Alice blinked, "Wha?"

"Fucking third years are starting a damned riot! We firsts need to teach them a lesson." Aaron smirked.

Instantaneously, the class erupted into a war and started to attack the lone third year and then proceeded to go to the third year halls. Alice just stared and Nate looked at her concerned as Aaron threw the poor student into a locker.

Nate sighed, "Oh and Alice? I think that you should go home now. But I need to warn you, this school has fights every day."

Me: Such a lovely first day.

Nina: I like being a 5 year old now...

Alice: *Sits in the depressed corner* Why...just why?

Me: Cause I felt like it. And I like story lines like this. Especially since the girl will have a harem and get constantly harassed sexually as I sit here laughing like a hyena.

Alice: =_=

Me: :D