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Chapter 7:

On the baseball field, Alice was standing on mound, practicing as a pitcher. Dee was the umpire and Dum was crouching with his gloved hand ready to catch Alice's pitch. It was quiet as Alice did a short breathing exercise.

Alice exhaled before declaring, "I'M GOING TO START TRAINING!"

"Eh? So school gang leader wants to win? Is she serious?" Dum blinked.

"Would it be that easy?" Dee quirked his eyebrow.

Her grip on the baseball tightened as she pouted, "How would we know unless we try? I'm warning you." She got ready to throw the ball, "I'm throwing now!"

The smaller twins watched as the ball, miraculously, floated to Dum's gloved hand. To be honest, the ball was like seeing a dandelion seed flying in the air. It was weak, slow, but…very cute.

'Such an easy ball to catch!' They thought happily.

Aaron deadpanned, standing next to his brother off the field, stating, "She's never gonna win."

"Hmm, Aaron, why don't you compete and reject the prizes?" Nate asked, smiling.

"What bullshit are you talking about?" Aaron twitched.

"THAT COULD WORK!" Alice nodded vigorously.

"Ugh, you owe me bitch. " Aaron muttered, taking the baseball Nate had handed to him.


Aaron ignored her and stood where she had moments ago, "Oi, bastards, I'm gonna throw to your pitiful asses."

Dum snapped, "Shut up and thr-"

The ball flew into smack Dum's hand, pushing both the boys back several feet, before it flew upward and out of sight.

'Aaron…' Every boy paled after watching the ball disappear, 'He can most definitely win.'

Aaron, staring at his hand critically, frowned, "Don't like it. I gotta practice more."

Nate chuckled, "Such lovely arm strength."

'What kind of person is Aaron?!' Alice sweat and jaw dropped.

"H-He's a god." Dee stammered.

Dum deadpanned, "More like a demon."

"Yes," Nate agreed, "like a demon."

"Oi, little shits, who the fuck are you calling a demon?" Aaron glared, brandishing a baseball bat he stole from one of the players.

Dee and Dum immediately hid behind Alice just to taunt him even more. Nate laughed at the whole spectacle as Alice tried to calm the angry Aaron. Off to the side, Pierce peeked from his hiding spot from the sports building.

"She r-really n-needs help chu." He nodded, "S-She's w-weaker than m-me ch-"

"I found you nya~" A very cheerful yet scary voice chuckled.

"AHHH! SOMEONE HELP ME CHU~!" Pierce screamed, his eyes widening from the sight of the pink haired cat.

"Hello mousey~" Boris sang before taking out a knife and fork, "BECOME MY DINNER."

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Pierce ran across the field with Boris right behind, catching everyone's attention.

"Um, should we go help him?" Alice asked concernedly.

"No, just enjoy it." Nate smiled, eating some popcorn.

Aaron's eye twitched, "You sick sadistic son of a bitch."

As an apology for this short chapter…

Extra - The Ayishik Twins when drunk:

Nate chuckled before flipping his ponytail, "Awww yesss… You jealous of my hair? It's long and fabulous isn't it?"

Aaron hiccupped, clutching bottle of wine, "I don't giva fuck…" he took a sip before whining, "Nina~ Big brother wanna 'nother drink~"

Nina stared at the living room that her drunk brothers occupied from behind the couch in hiding. There were more bottles of beer floor than she had stuffed animals, and the amount of animals were no small number. Aaron and Nate were in their school uniforms but half naked, Aaron without pants and Nate was without a shirt. She observed as they painted faces on each other's bellies. They were prancing and frolicking while modeling their belly faces. Nate saw his reflection in the mirror and pulled his hair out of it's ponytail, releasing long black strands of silky hair. After posing for a bit he came to a conclusion.

Nate giggled, "I should be a girl like Nina! Then I'll be so fab that all the boys would want me!"

Nina's eye twitched but she kept silent…and took out a video camera. A little smirk came on her cute face as she turned it on. In a short time, Nate had exchanged his uniform for a red dress that showed his chest and back, bit barely covered his boxer clad butt. He had on matching high heels and some lipstick on.

Aaron got up and began to hula dance, singing off tune, "Bitch, I am so fucking sexy! So sexy I can blind you~ Oh so sexy~ You gonna wanna fuck me~"

Nate began screeching, "NO! I'M THE SEXY TWIN! I'M THE SEXY TWIN!"

Aaron grabbed another bottle and gulped down a large amount before flipping off his brother, "I'm too sexy for my shirt~ Too sexy for my shirt~"

Nina and Nate froze when Aaron started stripping but Nate unfroze and cheered the other boy on. Nina hurriedly covered her eyes and ran to her room, accidentally leaving her camera and fully videotaping the whole scene of her brother stripping. Before Aaron could take off his boxers, he took a bird shaped pillow and threw it at his brother.

"KILL THE PIGS E'RVYBODY!" He squealed. (Yes, Aaron has squealed. The sassy, sarcastic, little bitch has squealed.)

"KYAAA! OW! DON'T HURT ME! I'M A DELICATE FLOWER BLOSSOM! NOT A PIG!" Nate said, covering his chest, then realizing he was wasn't wearing the dress properly, "AND WHY ARE MY TWIN BABIES OUT FOR THE WORLD TO SEE?! OH MY GOD! AARON! YOU EYE RAPED ME! GIVE ME BACK MY VIRGINITY!"

"WHAT?!" Aaron looked shocked, "I didn't rape no…you're pretty."

Ceasing his screams, Nate blushed, "You're hot too."

"We need to do it…" Aaron nodded, going up to Nate and placing his arms on the golden eyed twin's shoulders.

"D-Do what?" Nate whimpered.

Leaning closer, Aaron whispered, "A dance off to see who's sexier."

Nina jumped onto her bed and covered her head with a pillow as Madonna's Girl Gone Wild came on, along with loud voices screaming about being sexier and who looked better.

"Why do I have to have older brothers? I want big sisters." Nina pouted, glaring at the pillow as she took it off her face. There was a momentary pause as she remembered Vivaldi forcing her into so many dresses, "I take that back."

Nina decided to keep to her room and changed into her pajamas, praying to God and hoping her brothers wouldn't burn the house down. Aaron and Nate continued the dance off until they passed out on the floor. Deciding to risk it, Nina went down and took the video camera and practically ran back to her room. Holding the prize in her hand, she giggled darkly. This was one of the best blackmail material ever.