This little idea hit me after watching Squall. After the McGee/DiNozzo scene, I realized that their relationships with their fathers are similar along with Ziva and her father. I've had the idea in my head for awhile, I just haven't been able to put it into words, but now here it is!

Disclaimer: I only wish I owned this show.

Family is more than just DNA. It's about people who care and take care of each other.

It had been a week. One week since the focus of the team was off. One week since the team morale was down significantly. One week since Tony's father had suffered a heart attack. One month since Tim's father had died of cancer. Three since Ziva's father was murdered.

Gibbs looked at each of his agents from desk to desk, each preoccupied while trying to fill out case reports. He knew all too well that the death of a loved one was not something to take lightly. Maybe his team missed the memo. Of course he had trained them to be strong no matter how bad the circumstances, but it was really bad if his impaired eyes could read their emotions written across their foreheads.

He had not approved of any of their fathers, for they all possessed the same qualities. Out of touch with their lives, not seeming to care. Apparently always disappointed with their accomplishments. However, even if they failed to show it, Gibbs knew that each one of them loved their child, and he had never seen that love reciprocated more than on this occasion. Too bad it was too late.

But there was something in him that felt obligated to fill those now missing positions. They were all unfairly left without a father. He was unfairly left without his daughter. That was one thing he missed dearly in his life – being a father. Now the opportunity awaited him, and he couldn't be prouder to take in these three "children". It just made sense.

"Reports on my desk," he ordered. They were all quick to argue that they would be done if he gave them just a few more minutes. He knew they were lying; they had barely started. That wasn't important at the moment, though. "Now."

Each agent stood up and turned in their reports, ready for some kind of lecture.

Gibbs glanced at the reports, seeing barely any words and absolutely none from Tony. "Go home. I'll finish them."

It wasn't much, but baby steps were better than not moving at all.

Short & Sweet...hopefully. I know Gibbs has always been like a father to his team, but this is his realization. Feel free to review. xo