"Mr. Dash, can you please tell me what an Edolas Item is?"

"Magic that is infused into an item." "

Very good. This one is a little harder: tell me about Celestial Spirit Magic."

"It's a Magic that crosses Celestial Spirits from a Spirit gate through the use of Celestial Spirit Gate Keys."

"Exquisite. Next question and this one involves the use of your still-productive imagination: Who would win in a fight between Fire Magic and Wind Magic?"

"That depends."

"Depends on what, Mr. Dash?"

"On actions. Fire has been known to feed off of the oxygen in wind, so it'll only expand when hit with an air current. Wind can blow water that can dowse flames. And wind in a tornado will erupt and explode creating a fracture. So there's no way of telling, sir."

"Excellent observation. You've got a very vivid imagination. But it may also be your down doing. You could get the highest marks from anyone else in this school, but you're always so spaced out. I'd recommend you'd never forget your prodigies, Mr. Dash."

"Yes, sir."


Cooro Dash was an isolated boy. He didn't like spending time with anyone, and every lunch break he'd be sitting outside with a bento box and a large book in his hands while he leaned against his school building. Despite his quirks, Cooro was a smart, handsome boy. With messy, blonde-hair that always got in the way of his piercing, green eyes and flawless skin, he was one to grab the girl's attention. He always, always wore baggy clothes and darks shirts, no matter how many times his sister told him to 'get something more attractive'. He did change his way of dressing after his sister went into a crying fit on how he keeps ruining his appearance, but he never got rid of his scarf, the precious, turquoise scarf with wavy, black patterns.

Despite his repugnancy towards most people, Cooro was very productive. He tended to help out around the academy where he attended school, helping his older sister at the café where she worked on weekends, and spending most of his money for books and animal shelters; he liked to read and had a high love of animals.

"Hey there," said a boy beside Cooro. Cooro turned around to see a hulking figure with a large potbelly. The huge boy had cropped, brown hair, an orange T-shirt, and spandex for his fat legs. "Mind if I sit with you?"

"Go right ahead," Cooro said in a melancholy tone, as he clutched the edges of his book.

"Thanks." The ground shook as the hulking boy sat down. Cooro's hands became sweaty, but clutched on his book as hard as they could. The boy then reached in and shoved the food in Cooro's bento down his mouth. Cooro however wasn't the least apprehensive about the boy eating his lunch and continued reading his book. After eating, the boy saw the errors of his way, clapped his hands together.

"Sorry. It's this stupid hunger of mine. I get hungry really easily and forget what I'm doing half the time."

"That's okay with me," Cooro replied in that same, sad tone. "I wasn't going to eat it anyways." "Huh? Why not?"

"I just don't have much of an appetite. Besides, I'd much rather read than waste time eating food of poor quality; my sister always prepares them stale."

The hulking huge boy couldn't understand Cooro's gloomy essence. He did however notice the book clutched in his hands, and smiled as he looked at the cover: Guide to Fairy Tail. The boy knew much of Fairy Tail, as he visited Guides from time to time, and was thrilled to see Cooro reading it.

"Are you thinking of joining Fairy Tail?"

"Not really," Cooro replied in a depressing voice. "This was given to me by my parents. My father and mother were both archeologists, but were also members of Fairy Tail. They went exploring in some far off continent years ago and left me and my sister behind. Ergo, it's the only memento I have left of them."

"It must be sad to not know where your parents are; I know I'd be sad if that ever happened to me. Do you ever feel lonely?"

"Sometimes, but I learned to endure this loneliness; I know it's hard to forget about my past, but I'll never be able to carry on with my future if I'm too worried about minuscule antiquity. It's one of my mottos: make sure not to get emotionally involved with anyone, don't let anyone get emotionally involved with you, because companionship is only for the meek. Thank you for your time."

Cooro stood up and walked away. The hulking body boy was at a loss for words. Scratching his head, he thought, "He probably doesn't want to get involved, but maybe I will actually need someone as crafty as him. I'm going to make him join Fairy Tail."


Cooro roamed the streets of Rudy Gloss City. He loitered along the streets with a book in his hands, stopping every twenty seconds to flip a page. Cooro was transfixed on this book—the one his teachers idly handed to all students at the academy. As Cooro continued to walk, he noticed a boy around the age of 10 crying while rubbing his eyes as a girl the same age as him stood behind him with a balloon in her hands. Cooro related to the boy—one of a kind simpletons—forlorn and sorrowful. However, unlike Cooro whose life was profound melancholy, the boy had a girl who was willing to share. She immediately handed him the balloon.

"Such prudent children," Cooro thought watching the boy rejoice with the girl. "I envy them."

Cooro then noticed another child who was holding hands with his parents. The parents were a novelty to Cooro, one's that would stand hand in hand with their children, unlike his parents who deserted him and his affable sister, Nana. Cooro's attention diverted to the left, where people were gathering in the midsection of the road, screaming, "Someone come here! She won't wake up!"

Cooro's full attention was on the strange occurence; he found it to be something new. Cooro made his way towards the crowd, planning to see the milestone of his cordial, but was stopped by a Rune Knight. A Rune knight pointed his spear at Cooro's neck, and said, "Stay where you are. These events don't concern you, child."

" I am not a child!" Cooro exclaimed losing his composure. "Now get out of my way!" Cooro brushed the Rune Knight away and walked in the center of the crowd. While in the crowd he peered over their shoulders and found his justification: a girl sleeping on the street.

"Hey, check out that dog," a civilian observing the incident said. "It's been lying on that girl this entire time. Do you think it's her pet or something?"

Cooro had a glimpse of the animal. The dog was small, petite compared to the dogs Cooro had encountered, snowy white furred, running black nose, black vertical stripes along the midsection of its back, and a downward red stripe on its chin.

"Hey there," Cooro said blandly as he held out a hand towards the dog. "Are you two lonely? I'm lonely as well. But you seem like you're a good little puppy." Cooro scratched the dog behind his ears. The stimulus of Cooro touching an animal made his hands made his heartbeat. "My name is Cooro Dash. What's your name?"

The dog was too jaunty and relaxed by Cooro's gentle hand to hear what predicaments he had. The dog wagged its tail happily. As he rubbed the dog's forehead, he had a closer gander of the girl. He found every moral of her to be peculiar.

"Ooh," the girl muttered in her sleep. To everyone's shock, dismay the girl stood straight up and sniffed around like the dog sitting on her lap. She sniffed to the left, sniffed to the right, then sniffed over to Cooro. A smile broadened on her still languished, sleeping face. "Could it be…"

The girl opened her eyelids as her eyes were the color of violet roses. Her eyes were entranced by the sight of Cooro as the girl smiled. The vibe of seeing her smile made Cooro's cheeks turn tinted red.

"Um, is everything okay with you, madam?" Cooro said in quiet tone, seeing the glimmer of the girls smile.

"I like you, and Komatsu likes you as well. You're just the kind of man I'm looking for." His eyes were fixated past her mesh shirt and were ogling her C-cup bra. The girl didn't seem to notice Cooro's actions as she still smiled. "My name is April. April Beonka. How'd you like to join Fairy Tail with me?"

Cooro's heart was entangled by the bright smile of the girl April Beonka. The people who were watching behind, feet away, their words diverse, and speak low, loud, ideal conversation; crude to Cooro. However, Cooro dismissed them all, the girl raised her hand out.

" Let's be friends."

" I refuse."