Benejes Frine, was my name. Back when my being wasn't a corpse, and my memories weren't stored onto a computer. Me.

They're gone now, the boy and the girl, the golem as well. It's only a matter of time; the storm is raging. I wonder if they'll be safe? I doubt it. I'll be gone too, in a few minutes, I just need to save my last thoughts.

Maybe it was foolish to ruin a 'perfect' society by purposefully causing chaos, but in our eyes, we were liberating the people of Orokos from their stale existence. We weren't planning to ruin our inclosed little world, or trap us inside our own walls with no way out.

But we did, and thus our life began once more. Our second chance at setting things right, went horribly, horribly wrong, depending on who's perspective you're examining.

Most of the citizens, the 'ghetto folk' are cannibals, all of them going throughout their lives eating each other without ever killing one another. That's not to say there isn't, or perhaps, wasn't crime, but to be fair... there was always the chance someone was eating a close friend, a relative. A truly frightening and disgusting prospect, but only if you were aware.

Our decision was thought through, our error was not testing the Chaos Engine properly, instead releasing it out onto the city...

If I must be completely honest, however... the Fulcrum is rather impressive, isn't it?

Well, in the end, I regret nothing except that the Engine didn't work as we planned.

(Benejes looks outside, observing the growing probability storm)

Goodbye, world.