[Author's Note]

Well, I did it. I've been planning on writing this fic for months now. I'm sure no one cares about it, but I'm excited. If all goes well, this will be the FIRST CHAPTER/NON-DRABBLE SUICHO STORY. Fuck, I hope I stay with it. I really hope I can finish this thing.
So today, I present you with a prologue. It's not much, but it's something. Please read and review.

Lifting the Moon Out of Water


Suigetsu sighed heavily as he sat atop the gate of the Hidden Leaf, his ever-present cup of water held loosely in his hand. His lip jutted out slightly, and his face was apathetic as he stared out into the crisp green forests that surrounded the village walls.

What now?

The war was over. Hebi/Taka was over. Sasuke was back in the Leaf, and Karin had decided to stay there with him. Why wouldn't she? They treated her nice enough. Heck, she even had family there. There was no reason that Karin would abandon all that to hang out with him.

Though it stung a bit.

It wasn't as if he needed her, though. He didn't need her or Sasuke. He did just fine when it was him and Juugo.
But Juugo went wherever Sasuke did. He practically worshipped the Uchiha boy.

Which naturally, left Suigetsu alone.

The nin leaned back on his palms, staring up at the sky. It was so goddamn blue. Not a cloud around. It made him mad.

"I mean, really," he started, gesturing to the side. "Do they expect me to stay here with them? Because I'm not. I'm not staying here. N-O-T. I hate it here. I hate this goddamn place."

And he really did. Everything around was lucid and crisp and fresh and nice. It was all cute and alive and painted in bright, vivid colors. The whole area made him sick. Oh, how it made him sick.
The Hozuki boy much preferred the looks and feel of the Hidden Mist; its cool wet air, the mist that hung around, obscuring the world and dimming the light. He didn't have to constantly drink there, either. The water just seeped into his skin. His pores drank up the water so that he wouldn't have to do it himself.

Suigetsu frowned and rubbed the skin on his shoulder. Everything was so dry, and this was just Konoha. How did anyone live in Suna?

The teen shuddered at the thought.

Yes, Kirigakure was certainly quite superior to the other villages, but still, he wasn't sure that he should go back to it. What if they didn't want him there?

"Though I fought on their side in the war." he huffed irritably. "I deserve a fucking medal."

He didn't want a medal, though. He wanted his sword back, and that was why he had to go back to the Mist. His dream depended on it. It was the Swordsmen of the Mist that he was going to lead.

Though he didn't know where to start.

"No matter." he said, jumping to his feet in one fluid motion. "Kiri's as good a place as any. I have to start somewhere."

Suigetsu jumped down from the gate and liquified in midair, his body splashing from the impact that would have killed him. After a few seconds, he slowly emerged from the puddle he made on the ground, stretching his arms as he solidified. He cursed himself when he realized that he had left his cup on the gate.

"I'll get another later." he sighed, waving his hand dismissively. He turned around and started down the path through the forest.

He had shit to do.