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Chapter One-The Legend
Long ago, in the Orient, There was a wealthy family who only had one child, a son named Seymour. Seymour was a clever and kind child who lived happily with his parents until one day, when an old debt was called in.
Seymour knew that he would never forget the day when.....She came. Aku-sama, the great demon sorceress, famous for her cursing of humans. She had come to recclaim her palace, which she had generously leant to their family for generations. She demanded that they surrender it to her at that very moment, along with all the wealth they had gathered over the centuries, for Aku-sama was a very greedy sorceress, quite vain too as Seymour would soon find out. Naturally, Seymour's father denied her and ordered that she leave. Feeling tremendously angry and unappreciated, Aku-sama threw a horrendous tantrum, she was also horribly immature and spoiled. She screamed and howled and threw herself on the floor, still, Seymour's father remaned steadfast and very unyielding to the dangerous demon. After exhausting herself, Aku-sama vowed to get revenge on the family, somehow, someday. Seymour, inspired by his father's bravery stood up to her. With clenched fists and an air of defiance, he told her that an old hag like her would never harm his family. This proved to be a fatal error, Aku-sama was not very old, even for a demon, whose life would span centuries. She was in fact quite youthful in appearance and because of this, she was the most vain of all the demons on earth.
Enraged by the youth's impudence, she decided to curse him, without realizing, in her moment of rage, that it was the perfect way to make the family suffer. Aku-sama's eyes glowed red and she trapped the adolescent in a magical paralysis as she chanted in an ancient language no longer understood by humans. Seymour felt a fiery pain spread all over his body, but only momentarily, for as soon as it appeared, it vanised. He stood up, realizing that he was no longer bound by her magical trap. Shrugging it off, he cmmeted on how Aku-sama must have lost her touch or was perhaps becoming senile. Enraged further by his insults, Aku-sama struck him with a bolt of energy, tat sent young Seymour to the floor.
"Foolish boy!" the demon hissed,"You cannot comprehend the curse that I have placed on you! You will suffer for the rest of your life for what you've said to me!"
"What do you mean?" Seymour asked,"I don't feel any different,"
A wicked smile crossed Aku-sama's dark features.
"That is because there are no human females present," she said in her smooth, chilling voice.
"What?" Both Seymour and his father demanded.
"Yes," laughed the ecstatic Aku-sama,"It was a rather ingenious idea of mine. Now whenever a human female comes into your presence, you will become a demon so hideous and despicable, that they will all run away in terror and disgust! You may only return to your true form for one night, during the full moon but, even if you see a female, you will change. The curse shall begin as soon as the first female you see looks upon you! The only way you can break this powerful curse is if a human female learns to care for you. Which, I can assure you, is quite impossible,"
With a shrill cackle, Aku-sama disappeared, leaving the unsettled man and boy to sort out what she had said. They had only a few moments though, for shortly afterwards, they heard the door open behind them. It was Seymour's mother, who had just returned from visiting friends. Seymour turned to face her and was greeted by a look of terror on his mother's face.
"Mother, what is it?" he asked.
Before he could receive an answer, he became aware of a great pain all over his body. It felt as if her were stretching, slowly and very painfully. Seymour's fingertips began to itch terribly, to hs horror, black talons burst from them,causing his own blood to spurt all over himself. He screamed in pain, but it was no longer a human scream, but an inhuman shriek. He looked at his hands, which were dripping with blood and turning a dark grey, almost black color. The skin that covred the rest of his body soon took on the same sickening color. His shoes burst as his feet swelled large and talons shot out of his toes, causing them to bleed as well. He suddenly felt as is someone were trying to pull his spine out of his back, but when heturned around, he realized that he had really been growing a tail. He tried to say something, but a sudden, horrible pain. worse than anything yet, gripped him. He fell to the floor in anguish and reached out a bloody talon to his parents. He saw them in each others arms, quaking with fright he heard his father whisper:
"His eyes, they're not human anymore. See how they glow? He's no longer our son, he's some kind of demon,"
Seymour could not believe what he heard, but he lost interest in what they had to say when the pain in his back became even greater. He gasped deeply and let out a second demonic cry of pain as two enormous wings burst from the flesh of his back, which led to blood spattering all over the room. Seymour collapsed onto the ground, breathing heavily. Sensing no more changes, he was grateful that it was finally over. He forced himself to his large, awkward feet and moved toward his cowering parents.
"Mother, Father, do not be afraid, it is I, Seymour, your son," he smiled and extended a clawed hand to his mother's. with his second hand, he began to stroke the back of her hand. She suddenly pushed him away violently.
'Get away!" she shouted at him,"You're not Seymour,"
"But I.."
Seymour was unable to finish, for his father punched him in the face, sending him sprawling.
"Don't you touch her! You damned demon! Or I swear I'll kill you!"
Seymour felt a lump rising in his throat. Could they not see who he was? Could they really be so blind? He wached them scramble from the room, muttering about finding a priestess who would imprison the demon in a temple not far from the village. As soon as they left, a disoriented and saddened Seymour struggled to a nearby table which had a mirror hanging above it. Supporting himself with the table, for his new feet were still clumsy and uncoordinated.
What he saw caused him to go weak in the knees, he bore no reseblence to his former self! His hazel eyes had been relaced with pupiless red orbs, his ears were long and pointed, and three prominent spikes grew from his forhead. He suddenly became aware of the utter hopelessness of his situation. No one could even look twice at the horrible demon that he had become, much less learn to care for him. He sank to the ground and lay there alone on the cold floor. silent sobs wracked his body or hours, even as the priestess came and performed an ancient Chi spell that banished him from his home forever, he lay lifeless, sighing in utter misery and despair. He saw the relieved looks on hs parents faces as he faded from their home and reappeared in an abandoned temple deep in the forest. A suitable place for a monster like him, he deduced. So, it was there he stayed for many years, sad and alone, ceasing to age, he remained a young, confused adolescent, waiting for someone who would accept and possibly show him compassion.
The temple became a place of superstitions and rumors. Urban legends told of young maidens who had seen a horrible demon, whom they called Hsi Wu (Sky Demon), for he had great wings that he would use to fly to neighboring farms and steal chickens (so said the rumor), it became a tale to tell to children to keep them from going out at night.
"Don't go out, or Hsi Wu will swoop down and take you away to be his bride, or dinner, whichever he is in the mood for,"
The occasional inhuman howl which issued from the bowels of the place enforced the stories and one day gained the attention of a ceratin Archeologist, who along with his uncle and niece decided to visit the temple themselves.

End Chapter 1
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