Oh My God. I haven't touched this fic in forever. However, I have at last decided to finish it. Enjoy everyone! How will the story end? Will it end traditionally? Or will my obsession with melodrama take control?

Either Way, it all ends here.

Chibi Hime


Long Ago.........

Kodomo Yasha peered through the door at her younger sister. Aku, the Chaos Demon was far too dangerous to be allowed to walk about. She was young and couldn't control her abilities, to the extent that she was a danger to everyone around her. She still lay there, dark feathered wings held close to her body. She had once used them to try to escape, but she had been caught and chained to the ground in a back room, far from the main rooms of the palace.

That's why father had locked her away, she simply couldn't be left to wander about causing mischief. Even though it was necessary, it was cruel. Kodomo Yasha often stopped to check on Aku, even though she was met with contempt and sobs. Aku didn't understand. All she knew was that she was kept isolated in the pitch black.

Kodomo Yasha started as she heard someone step up behind her. She sighed with relief when she realized it was only her father. He seemed strangely sullen.

"Go to your room, Kodomo," he ordered softly, not meeting her gaze.

"I don't want to. I'm not tired," she responded.

"Go," he asked again and she heard his grip tighten on the hilt of the sword he kept at his side.

An eerie feeling of foreboding shivered its way through her system.

"Okay," Kodomo Yasha whispered and began to slink away.

As soon as her father entered the room, the little demon snuck back and peered through the keyhole.

Her eyes widened in horror as she beheld the most horrible sight imaginable.

Aku's left wing was held in her father's large, clawed hand.

"No! No Daddy! Please don't!" Aku screamed in utter terror, tears running down her face.

Kodomo Yasha heard the distinct i shhhink /i of her father's sword leaving its sheath.

Kodomo Yasha slammed her eyes shut as a sickening sound of slicing bone came to her ears, followed by the shrill screams of a demon in agony.

Stumbling backwards, Kodomo Yasha hld her hands over her ears and raced down the hallway to escape this horrible nightmare.

A Camera bulb flashed as Jade began to descend the stairs. She blinked her eyes, trying to get the flaring colored squares out of her vision. Her hand steadied her as she felt her way down the stairs by way of the handrail. Damn it! Jackie could pick the most inopportune times to surprise her.

"Jade, you look so lovely! I can't believe you don't have a date!"

Jackie only meant well, but the second half of the comment stung Jade in a way she could not understand. She smiled and thanked him.

The doorbell rang.

Jackie looked at Jade.

"I thought you said you didn't have a date?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I don't. Paco said he'd walk me to and from the dance so I wouldn't be by myself,"

"Ah. What a nice thing to do," Jackie smiled and went to answer the door.

Jade sighed. Why was she so gloomy? Seymour had told her to have fun, right? He'd inspired her to go in the first place. So, why the negative vibrations?

"Hola, Jade!" Paco called from the front door. "Vamos! We'll be late!"

"Okay!" Jade called back and made her way towards the door.

After saying their various goodbyes to Jackie, as well as going over the obligator "Prom night rules", the two began the walk to school. Jade ung bck for a moment and cast a glance upwards towards the attic. A familiar face was smiling back at her, watching her with luminiscent red eyes. Seymour waved to her encouragingly. Jade smiled and waved back before practically skipping after her classmate.

Seymour smiled to himself. An eyebrow raised as an idea occurred to him. Just because he couldn't go to the dance WITH Jade did not mean that he couldn't go at all. He did have wings. A curved smile broke out across his demonic features. He wouldn't be missed; Jackie had research to do at the museum, Tohru and Uncle were running an inventory of the store. Seymour hopped onto the window sill, spread his wings and leapt out into the night.

Jade had been having a wonderful time at the prom. which was unusual, since she disliked almost everyone there except Paco, whom she was able to tolerate. he felt as though Seymour were there with her, watching her. That alone made her happy. Paco offered to dance with her, which she accepted, but she wasn't thinking about her hispanic friend. She was remembering the one time she hd seen Seymour for who he really was. She remembered how his appearance had perfectly suited his personality. The way he was so handsome.......

Jade shook her head.

"Are you okay?" Paco asked.

"Uh..yeah. Yeah, I'm fine," Jade said.

"Let's sit down for a minute," Paco offered.

"Okay," Jade followed him as he left the dance floor.

Seymour looked down through the skylight above the dance floor. The way Jade had glided across the floor had made his heart soar. She was wonderful, he couldn't think of anything negative about her. She saw him, she really saw him and had befriended him. But he cared for her more than she knew. He loved her. Not that high school, puppy love garbage. This was a deep, all-encompassing feeling that he hadn't felt ever before.

He frowned slightly as he saw Jade and her friend leaving he dance floor.

Oh well.

He cast his gaze around to look at the other couples, observing he body language of this era. Slowly, an eerie reflection formed next to him. He focused on the image in the glass. A sickening sense of recognition settled over him. It was a face he hadn't seen in centuries, but one he could never forget.

The smiling face of Aku-Sama, The Demon of Chaos leered at his recognition.

"Miss me?" she asked tauntingly.

"You!" Seymour growled in his throat and lunged at her.

Paco handed Jade a cup of punch.

"Thanks, I..." she started.

She was unable to finish because Paco had kissed her on the lips. Jade did not return it. He abruptly stopped.

"I'm sorry," he said.

"No, it's okay. Thank You, actually,"

"For what?"

"For proving something I was wondering about,"

"There's someone else, isn't there?"

"Yeah. Yeah, there is," Jade smiled.

The serenity of the moment was shattered by a hail of glass and two large shapes falling from the ceiling.

Screams echoed through the hall as students rushed into the parking lot.

Jade stood up.

It couldn't be! But it was! Seymour was right there in front of her!

Paco pulled at her arm. His frightened look told her that he'd caught a glimpse of the party crashers.

"Come on Jade! Let's get out of here!"

Jade looked towards Seymour who was struggling to his feet after the fall from the roof. Jade bit her lip.

"I can't. You go!" she told him.

"I'm not leaving you here!" Paco shouted.

"Listen, Damn It! I have something to do! You go! Get out of here! I'm ORDERING you to!"

Paco swallowed.

"Okay. I trust you Jade,"


With that, Paco dashed back to a side exit.

Jade raced to Seymour's side and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Are you okay?" she asked concernedly.

"Jade...you have to get out of here! She's here! "



Aku-sama raised herself slinkily off the ground, her talons dripped poison as she chewed on the nails of one hand. With the other, she brushed glass shards off of her, not flinching as many left her skin and drew blood.

Jade scowled.

Seymour stood up beside her and moved in front of her.

"What do you want?! Haven't you hurt Seymour enough?" Jade demanded.

"Not enough...Never enough!" Aku stammered, seeming to talk to no one other than herself.

"Why do you persist in this ridiculous pursuit?" Seymour asked.

"Because she never had a life of her own,'

A new voice joined them.

Aku-Sama glared at him venomously.

The speaker was a young man in his mid-twenties. He had dark brown spikey hair and deep, sanguine eyes.

"She's obsessed. In case you haven't noticed. She's a woman possessed by a child who was never allowed to live. Piece by piece, she made a hideous collage of her life. Deformed versions of reality tailored to her demented vision of vengeance and terror. The essence of chaos. I'm here to make her stop. A decent demon lies under her skin or she wouldn't have helped me. She wouldn't have pulled me out of a cave after my mother was killed. She wouldn't have protected me. She wouldn't have allowed me to fall in love with her,"

"Who are you?" asked Jade

"I know who he is, It's you Lu, isn't it? What is this farce? M sister gave you that form! I know she did! Why this charade? Why can't you leave me to to my work?" Aku-Sama shrieked with unholy intensity at the former chupacabra.

"Because I want to save you," Lu's eyes sparkled with tears of determination.

Jade felt tears forming in her own eyes. She knew how he felt, /now, more than ever before, she wanted to save the one she loved.

Lu continued.

"I want you to let go of everything. I want you to stop and just be yourself! Stop trying to remake yourself! You can't change the past. You can't remake i and you can't live vicariously through others. You don't need to! I LOVE YOU!"

"No! Nobody loves me! I'm a monster! They all told me so-everyone! Forever and Ever! Nobody loves you Aku, nobody can! You're dangerous! I can't let you fly again! You'll only try o escape! I can't let you out, you're a monster!" Aku-Sama held her hands to her ears and sobbed into the the floor. Lu knelt beside her and placed his strong arms around her. His red eyes softened as he felt his beloved's skin shudder at being touched so gently.

Seymour pitied her. He couldn't hate her. He couldn't hate Aku. She's taken everything from him, but she'd also allowed him to meet the love of his life.

"I...I don't hate you, Aku," he whispered.

Jade was the only one who heard him, but the room seemed to soften.

Aku-Sama quieted herself and turned to him, clinging to Lu's shirt.

"You, you called me by my name. How can you...?"

"Because I know how you feel. I felt the same things you did. The same kind of pain. But, I...I also met the one person I know I could never do without again.

Jade blushed.

She placed her arms around him and hugged him close. She could feel him becoming soft, losing his demonic features. Slowly, Seymour's demonic visage faded away to reveal the boy she had seen months ago. Her breath caught in her throat. They had done it. Seymour was free. He hadn't even noticed!

"Seymour! We did it!" she screamed and squeezed him tightly, tears falling freely down her face.

"I love you! I love you you lucky son of a...!" Jade cried out joyously.

Seymour was staring at his hand, mystified. Jade. Jade had broken the spell. Now, here she was, holding him, loving him, just like he loved her. He hugged her back and they stood, unaware of everyone else in the room.

Lu smiled knowingly at them.

He stood up slowly, lifting Aku into his arms.

Lu began to walk towards the door.

"Lu, I can feel your heart," Aku whispered, with her head placed on his chest.

"I trust it makes you feel at peace? Knowing that it beats for you?" He inquired.

"I...I think that everything will be alright. I'm sorry, truly now, for the things I've done. I know now why I did them. I felt they were right at the time,"

Lu cast a glance back at the now kissing young couple behind them.

He grinned.

"Maybe, in some strange way, they were,"

The two left the dance hall and wandered into the mist.

Seymour and Jade remained in each others arms until they fet the gaze of another.

Paco appeared, stumbling over the mess of the dance hall.

"Jade! I had to come make sure you were alright! Your Uncles are on the way! I told them there was trouble and-Who's this?" he asked, noticing Seymour.

Jade grinned.

"Thanks for checking on me. This is Seymour,"

Seymour waved . "Hey,"

Paco looked the fellow over.

"Well, its nice to meet the competition. Do you like lucha libre Seymour?"


"Then I shall have to instruct you in its various applications in the role of courtship,"

Paco giggled at his own joke.

Jade shook her head and hugged Seymour again.

"Careful with him, Paco, He's only human,"


Wow! What a wait for that ending. I wrote it on a whim in one sitting. whhheeeew! Oh well. I am happy that it is done and I really like ho wit ended. Lu turned out to be a total bishonen and the ending is sappy and cute. I really hope you had fun reading this because it was a joy to write!

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