Dragon ACES: Fight For Paradise

He's awake!

One week later

Peak was leaning against the wall in the room that contained a passed out Garret. He had on his armor minus his helmet, shoulder length blonde hair flowing down. He was bored. Who wouldn't be? He didn't exactly sign up for babysitting duty. It was an agreement with his brothers, sister and father that he and his siblings take watch over him at all times so he didn't wake up without someone being friendly to explain what exactly was going on. What made him so special? Oh yeah, that stupid prophecy.

The last great ace would be the one to find paradise.

Why couldn't it have been him? He's taken down a lot of the giant red mosquitoes know as gremwings and their flesh eating cousins. Heck, he's gone against some of the strongest that Old Earth has. Well, ok, not exactly gone one on one but he did find the nuclear missile silo. That has to account for something right? But why this guy? They expect to this fighter pilot to find paradise? What? Was he supposed to kill the freak red monster, Dreadwing? That would be a laugh.

I'll show everyone. I'll kill Dread. I'll find paradise! I'll get my glory.

He heard a groan and looked up. The body was moving. It was the first sign of movement all week. Peak opened up the communicator on his wrist.

"I think he's waking up."

"Roger Peak." Apex's voice came through.

That was another thing that bugged him. Apex was showing 'Time-flyer' a whole lot of attention. No matter when her shift, no matter how dull, she stayed awake. She wiped his forehead and stayed by his side. What made the 'Time-flyer' so special? Sure he's from the past, but there are a lot of other guys residing in Airlandis who have been crushing on Apex for months, years even. Has she even had one date? Oh yeah, that android guy but he doesn't actually count.

Apex came into the orange colored room smiling. But it faded as she saw Garret tensing up.

Garret simply had no idea where he was. Everything felt off. He heard a deep voice, sort of a mix of James Earl Jones voice but a bit higher and wetter?

"Hello, therrre."

Garret turned around to see a red bipedal man-monster. He had a meaty rectangular head that had fully extended crests on both sides of his head. He had yellow eyes and razor sharp teeth. He had on dull black sleeveless torso armor with accents that exposed his built stomach in an open circle of sorts and gave his beefy arms full range of motion. The armor continued down into a 5-6 piece kilt-type looking thing and front of it looked like half an egg and went down to his knees. He had on black boots that came up to his knees. His wings were fully protruded and ready for flight.

"Uh… hi?"

"My name is Dreadwing and I want you to know that I'm going to make your life a living hell."

"Uh huh, sure," Garret pointed to the front piece. "You, uh, compensating for something?"

Dreadwing let out a yell and the blackness cleared to show a bright morning sky. 13 planes were engaged in combat.

"This is your past. I'll see you in the present." Dream Dreadwing growled.

"What do you mean?"

No answer.

"I want some answers, red-man!"


"I don't care if you're the Queen of North Point! Now, answer me."

Dread smirked and chuckled.

"What year do you think this is?"

"2010. 2011, maybe."

"HA! How sad."

"What do you mean 'how sad'?"

"You don't know where you are. You still think you're in the past. And this is the scene were you failed."

Garret shifted focus to the battle. He could planes and pilots dropping out of the sky one at a time. It was the battle of the SOLG! Sure enough, there it was, in all its glory. The black satellite was slowly gliding to Oured. Garret vaguely remembered what happened.

He saw a pilot bail out of a Raptor. Marcus. Then he saw Kei bail out. It was just him and six planes. He continued to watch the fighters fight over, below and around the SOLG.

"Looks like you were wrong 'Dreadwing'. I'm picking them apart one at a time!"

"So you may have taken them down but have you stopped the weapon?"

They were transported to the edge of Oured Bay. The SOLG was approaching and quick. Garret made out one silvery speck flying around, dodging and evading pieces from the SOLG. Then there was an explosion from the center.

Then he remembered. The whine. The countdown.


"Yes." Dreadwing smiled.

There was a flash and everything went white and hot. His eyes adjusted to the blinding light and what he saw, left him breathless. The world was slowly burning. Buildings and other structures were being disintegrated right in front of him. People were essentially melting. Life was slowly being extinguished.


He turned around and face to face with Kei, Chopper, Marcus, and Grimm.

"You left us. You failed."

"No. I didn't know. We – we were jumped."

"You let us die! You left us! You didn't protect me!" Grimm spoke up.

"It - it wasn't my fault. They were everywhere. I tried!"


"I – I – I wasn't chasing glory. I was trying to protect the people. We were protecting the people. I went on a blood rage after you went down!" Garret bawled out.

"I never left your side. I loved you. You let me down."

"No, Kei. You know I love you. I tried everything."

"You left me to die. You left us to die!"

Garret was shell shocked.

"You never loved me! You never loved us!"

"That's not true! I loved you! I LOVE YOU!"

"THEN WHY AREN'T YOU DEAD?!" Their voices melded into one loud, echoing voice.

Garret froze.


"No. I do care. Grimm?"

Grimm faded out of existence.


Marcus did the same.


Chopper de-pixilated.


She stepped forward, brushed his cheek.

"I really did love you, but then you failed." She started to fade away slowly.

"No, don't go." Garret was just numb, lost. "Please, I…"

An X shaped shadow loomed over Garret. He turned in to face the shadow source and was face to face with the SOLG.

"You failed Garret."

He turned around. He saw Kei. She changed every second into someone he cared about. His squadmates, Pops, Bartlett, Andersen, Cipher, his aunt and the twins and lastly his parents.

"You failed us! You were weak! You let us down!"

The ground started to shake violently as the SOLG crashed into the ground.

"No! I didn't!"

"You did! You failed!"

"No!" Fresh tears.

"Human," Dreadwing was back. "Time to die." Dreakwing raised an arm blaster and fired.

The world went red, then black as the SOLG crashed into him and exploded.

The world resumed its normal destruction of sheer and utter carnage and it seemed to just revolve a broken Garret. The heat was growing and he passed out, succumbing to the flames of the initial nuclear explosion and hellish flames from the destroyed the SOLG.



His world went black.

He could hear voices, calling. Calling his name. So he did what anyone would do. He ran towards the voices.

"Kei. I'm coming!"

The blackness was slowly turning grey. The voices were getting louder and closer. And telling him to wake up. Wait, what?

"Kei! I'm coming!"

The grey was becoming lighter, whiter. He was getting close.



Oh wow. Look what i just found in my files. apparently i had this finished for months. I really need to lay off the drugs... i mean dreams...yeah those. I am currently focusing on hell week, and took a break to look at my other writings. darkangel, that's for you. so when I get that chapter up and running, which will be the last chapter of that story, the others will come into place. mostly like razgriz will be finished next. how many times have i said that? once? twice? lol

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