Chapter 1: The New Duelist and Number One Model

Carly was at the front desk of the Sector Security getting her stuff but then she realized that her camera was missing.

"Hey officer I had a camera!" Carly shouted. "Sorry but I didn't see a camera with your stuff." The officer replied.

Carly wondered where her camera was but then her cell phone started to ring. "Carly where are you!" The caller was her boss from the Domino City's Newspaper office and he didn't look too happy.

"Well I… I uh." Carly stammered. "If you can't find me a story then I'll fire you again!" The Boss shouted.

Carly made her way out the main entrance and looked a ground wondering what she should do now. "Um excuse me are you okay?" A Male voice asked. The young reporter looked up and saw a young male duelist with orange hair, blue eyes, red T-shirt, black leather jacket, white tennis shoes with orange shoe laces and long blue jeans.

Carly recognized the duelist it was Miles Tails Fox. " Hey you're that duelist that uses Light Monsters." Carly answered.

"Yeah but what are you doing out here in front of Sector Security?" The male duelist asked. Carly explained at what back at Parking Lodge.

Miles eyes went wide open. Carly looked at him with a confused face. "Uh do you know him?" She asked. "Well I.." He stammered and wondered at what he should say but then was interrupted by a Sector Security Officer.

"Hey this place is no playground so leave at once!" The Officer shouted. The two of them left the station.

"Well Sector Security is getting cranky these days." Carly whispered but then looked Miles. "So what was a famous duelist like you doing next to Sector Security?" She asked the Duelist.

"Well Mr. Goodwin asked me to come to some kind of party." He replied. "I see but I need a story so do you mind if I tag along with you," Carly asked. Miles thought for minute. "I guess I mean if you're looking for a story that can big for the newspaper I suppose so." He answered.

Miles and Carly went to get dressed clothes for the party.

Miles and Carly soon arrived and there were a lot of people. "Well talk about crowded." Miles muttered.

Carly walked around trying to find someone who can help her find a story. Suddenly she bumped into a woman and it was Angela. "Well if it isn't Carly the loser reporter." She said with a laugh.

Meanwhile Miles looked around too until he heard a voice. "Whoa check it out it's Misty Tredwell!" A man called out.

A few reporters were around her. Miles looked closely and gazed at her beauty. "Wow she's beautiful." He whispered. She then noticed him and smiled.

Miles started to shiver. "Is..she looking at me?" He asked quietly

Carly soon came up to him. "Hey are you okay?" She asked but then saw Misty and looked back at Miles. "Looks like someone in.." She was cut off by Miles covering her mouth with his right hand and walked away with her.

An hour later passes after Goodwin made a speech about at what occurred at the Fortune Cup but told them just a little but it was revealed that Jack was from the Satellite.

"Hmm looks like we're gonna pay Jack a little visit at the Hospital." Carly spoke. Miles felt uncomfortable but followed her.

But they were stopped but a female voice. "Where do you two think your going?" Miles and Carly turned around.

"Hey you're Misty." Carly spoke. Miles looked at her with a sparkling eyes. "Hmm the two of you really are quite interesting." She replied.

Misty walked up to them and looked at closely as if she was looking at their faces. "Hmm do you two have names?" She asked. Carly was one to speak first.

"Well my name is Carly Carmine and I'm a world reporter." She answered.

"Hmm I see your something awaits you in the future something that will lead you to a dark path." Misty said. "Hmm Misty must a some kind of Fortune Teller?" Miles said quietly.

"Well I got to go see you later Misty." Carly said as she ran gently so that she wouldn't trip on her dress.

Miles was just about to leave when he felt someone touch his shoulder. "Um excuse me but I never got your name." Misty answered.

" Uh my name is Miles Tails Fox." He replied. "Well you're quite a handsome Duelist and very talented too. " Misty said with a smile as Miles face went red.

"Well thank you and you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." He replied. "Really oh now you've gone and made me blush. She answered looking very flattered.

"Well I got to go." Miles said. "Wait umm do you want to have dinner with me tomorrow?" Misty asked.

Miles was shocked. "Yeah sure I'd like to." He responded looking happy. Misty and Miles soon gave each other their Address and Cell phone numbers.

"Meet me at my apartment at 6pm. Misty said as Miles nodded and left.

Miles made his way back to his out of the Goodwins party house and was jumping with joy that a girl like Misty Tredwell asked him out for dinner.

Carly was out waiting for him in her car. "Hmm you look very happy." She said. Miles told her at what happened.

"Really that's truly amazing that Misty somehow likes you." She answered with smile.

"Well anyway are we still going to see Jack?" Miles asked the reporter. "Yes I need to see that if him being from the Satellite is true.

"It is true." Miles muttered. "What was that?" Carly asked. "Oh nothing." He replied looking nervous.

"Anyway let's go we need to see Jack." Carly said as she drove her car.

Miles felt uneasy at going to see Jack. "(Man I don't know at what he'll say if he see's me I mean I'm from New Domino City but I remember that I end up in the Satellite by mistake in bad storm and also remembering my sister Akiza the Black Rose.

Carly could tell that something was on Miles mind but didn't say anything so she focused on going to see Jack Atlas.

End of Chapter