Chapter 8: Duel with the Starlight King Part 2

Tanner was done with his turn and now the king was up next.

"I draw!" He said. "Not so fast I activate the trap Gravity Bind here's how it works as long as this trap is in play no monster with four stars or higher can't attack!" Tanner explained.

"Cool now Tanner's got upper hand." Leo said. "Yeah now the king's Star Space Knight can't attack." Akiza said.

"True but something's telling me that the king will turn the duel around." Yusei thought.

The king looked at his hand and then a smile appeared on his face. "Uh ho he's smiling." Jack said.

"From my hand I summon Star Space Shark!" The king proclaimed.

Star Space Shark: 1000

"But that monster has 1000 attack points, so why did he summon a monster like that," Leo asked. "Hey Starlight King did you forget that my Burden of the Mighty spell card is still in play since your shark is a level 3 it loses 300 attack points. Tanner answered.

Tanner looked closely but then saw that Star Space Shark's attack points didn't budge. "Hey my spell should've lowered that sharks attack points!" He shouted.

Yanagi then spoke: He's right what gives,"

Akiza spoke: Uh oh."

Skull Knight realized what the king was up to. "Heh look like Tanners doesn't know much about Star Space monsters." He snickered.

Tanner was confused at what Skull Knight meant. "What is the skull monster saying?" Jack asked looking puzzled.

" My Star Space Shark is unaffected from all magic cards and not only that I activate it's special ability!" The king said. "You see once per turn by cutting his attack points in half he gets to attack you directly!" He explained. The gang was stunned. "Now my Star Space Shark attack Tanner with snap jaw attack!" The king commanded.

Star Space Shark: 500

The shark swam right towards Tanner and bit him.

"Aaah!" He screamed in pain.

"Noo Tanner!" Yanagi screamed. Everyone gasped at Tanner being biting by the shark.

Tanner: 1600

"Now next I activate my face down card and it's a trap known as Space Draw, you see thanks to this trap for every Star Space Monster that I have on my field I can draw the same number of cards from my deck, for example I have Star Space Knight and Star Space Shark on my field so I get to draw two more cards!" The King explained.

The king drew two cards from his deck. The king looked at them and a evil smile appeared on his face.

"Next I activate a spell card know as Heavy Hurricane!" The king proclaimed. "What does that card do?" Tanner asked. "Heh allow me to explain this spell allows you to draw two cards from your deck in return my spell destroys every magic and trap card that you have on your field!" Tails explained. "What!" Tanner shouted.

"It gets worse for every magic and trap that was destroyed on your field you lose 300 life points." The king said.

Tanner drew his card and watched as his Gravity Bind, Burden of the Mighty and Lighting Blade card was destroyed. Then he took the 900 point of damage for every card he lost.

Tanner: 700

"Oh no now because Burden of the Mighty was destroyed Star Space Knight attack points return to normal." Akiza proclaimed. "Yes and now that Tanner's Blade Knight loses it's extra 400 attack point because he's has two cards in his hand." Luna said.

"Yeah but since this is the king's main phase 2 he has no choice to end his turn." Yusei explained.

Star Space Knight: 1800

Blade Knight: 1600

"I end my turn with one face down." The king said.

Tanner was not looking good he was groaning in pain. "Uh oh Tanner doesn't look well." Mr Izinski said. "Yeah he might pass out." Luna said in a worried voice.

The king's loyal monsters snickered.

"I must keep fighting for the kings parents and everyone in New Domino City." Tanner muttered.

" I draw!" Tanner said. He looked at his card. "Hmm I place a monster face down in the defense mode and last I'll end my turn by putting a face down card on the field!" Tanner said.

"I draw then next I play Space Fusion!" The king exclaimed. "Space what!" Tanner said. The gang was also confused.

"I can use this only on Star Space monsters. Therefore I can fuse Star Space Shark with Star Space Octopus from my hand to form Star Space Sharktopus!" Miles explained.

Star Space Sharktopus: 2400

"Whoa that is one big mean monster." Leo said shaking.

"Hey the king is doing well." Judge man said. "Indeed this guy will lose and then the king will send Tanner to the shadows" Nightmare Penguin agreed.

"If you think this monsters scary it's about to get worse you see Tanner if the monster he attacks is in defense you take damage." The king explained.

"First my Star Space Knight takes out your Blade Knight!" The king said as the space monster slashed Blade Knight.

Tanner: 600

"Now Star Space Sharktopus attacks your face down monster!" Tails commanded.

"No if Tanner's monster defense power is too low he loses!" Akiza screamed.

"I activate the trap card Enchanted Javelin thanks to this card I gain life equal to your monsters attack power!" Tanner explained.

Tanner: 3000

"So what once my monster attacks your monster it will be destroyed and you'll still take damage." The king said.

The monster turned to be Marsh Mallon. "What!" The king yelled. "Thanks Marsh Mallon he can't be destroyed by battle and not only that you take 1000 life points damage!" Tanner explained.

Marsh Mallon" Attack 300 Defense 500

"Maybe but you still take damage because my monsters attack point are higher than your monsters defense points." The King spat.


Starlight King; 2300

"Tanner is stronger than we thought." Chaos Sorcerer said. "Yeah but the king will win." Deep Sea Warrior said looking confident.

" I end my turn with two face down cards." The king spoke.

"Right I'm up then I draw!" Tanner said. "hmm so far I have three cards: Cost Down, Brain Control, and Cannon Soldier MK-2 plus I only monster is Marsh Mallon" He thought. "In that case I activate the trap Jar of Greed thanks to this trap I can draw one more card from my deck. Tanner said.

He looked at the card he drew and smiled. "I activate another spell known as the Cup of Ace you see I get to take coin and toss it. Also if the coin turns Heads I get to draw two cards but if it's Tails you get to draw 2 more cards." Tanner explained.

Tanner flipped the coin and it was Heads. "Good I get to draw two cards." He said. "Heh heh Next I'll play Brain Control thanks to this card I can take brainwash your monster and take control of it for one turn but first I have to give up 800 life points." Tanner explained. "So I choose your Star Space Sharktopus"

Tanner: 300

The king's loyal monsters gasped.

"Next I activate the Cost Down spell card by sending on card to the graveyard I can lower monsters star level by two, So I summon Cannon Solider MK-2." Tanner proclaimed.

The machine monster appeared. "That's not all I activate it's special ability but sending two monsters on my field to the graveyard you take 1500 life points of damage." Tanner explained.

"What!" The king spat.

"So I send my Marsh Mallon and your Star Space Shartopus to grave to inflict 1500 damage to you!" Tanner proclaimed.

Starlight King: 800

"Next I play the spell card Smashing Ground thanks to this I can destroy one your monsters whose has the highest defense points and since Star Space Knight is only monster you have when it's destroyed you'll be wide open for a direct attack." Tanner explained.

Star Space Knight was destroyed. "Now Cannon Soldier MK-2 attack the kings life points." Tanner commanded.

"If Tanners monsters attacks the king will be defeated." Luna said. "Yeah now the king will lose!" Akiza said in a excited voice.

"Not so fast I activate the trap card Negate Attack here's how it works not only your monsters attack is blocked it also end the battle phase." The king explained.

I end my turn." Tanner said looking disappointed but then he spoke again. "Starlight King let go of our friend it's time you step down from your rein of terror."

The king drew a card and shouted: No!

"I activate the trap Call of the Haunted thanks to this card I can bring any monster and I chose Star Space Wolf." Tails explained.

"No listen Tails don't do this!" Tanner shouted.

"Stop calling me that I am the Starlight King and therefore I activate Super Polymerization!" The king proclaimed.

"Is that another fusion card?" Jack asked.

Tanner then noticed his monster was being taking away. "No way!" He replied loudly.

"No if he can use Tanner's Cannon Soldier then he's done for!" Yanagi yelled.

"Thanks to this I can fuse my monster with any monster from your field!" The king explained.

"No I'm done I don't have anything to protect me no spells or traps." Tanner said.

"I summon Star Space Cannon Wolf!" The king announced.

The space machine monster appeared.

Star Space Cannon Wolf: 3500

"3500 attack points?!" Ms Izinski said as she fell backwards. "There's nothing that Tanner can do he's done for!" Yanagia yelled. "Man this is bad." Luna said shaking. "I can't believe this is it for Tanner." Lea muttered.

Yusei growled and Jack gritted his teeth. Also Mr Izinski couldn't believe that Tanner is going to lose.

"Now Star Space Cannon Wolf destroy Tanner with Space Cannon blast!" The king commanded.

The Star Space Cannon Wolf launched a laser beam at Tanner.

"Nooooo!" Tanner screamed.

Tanner: 0

Starlight King was the victor.

"My friends it's over for me so you must find a way to bring back Tails so goodbye." Tanner said as he looked at the gang and disappeared.

Yusei and his friends had no choice but to retreat back to the hospital.

"Heh heh the king wins." Nightmare Penguin said laughing. "Yeah Tanner was a weakling." Judge Man said. "Pathetic humans." Deep Sea Warrior mumbled. "Our king is unbeatable!" Skull Knight proclaimed.

"Ha ha ha there's no one that can beat the king." Chao Sorcerer laughed.

The Starlight King soon walked back to the castle with his loyal servants.

End of chapter.