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I DON'T OWN Naruto. I probably would have put in a bit more romance, but alas. Its kinda hard to do when the main character has about as much romance skills as a rock…


"Hey, Why don't you kiss her, Brother?"


As a senior in High School, Ino Yamanaka had plenty of free time. Her Friday nights had been reserved for sleepovers and hanging with her friends, and tonight was no different. Currently, she was lying on her queen size bed, listening to the round of giggles erupting from the girls surrounding her. Despite 2 of them being older than she was, they were all still quite silly.

"I still can't believe you said that to him, Tenny."

Said brunette just shrugged, obviously not caring either way. It had been asked by the pinkette lying on the ground beside her, who was currently wiping the remaining tears from her jade eyes.

"It doesn't matter to me, Sakura. He often deserves it. I mean, I really love your cousin, Hinata, but sometimes I wonder how he got that stick stuck up his ass."

TenTen turned her chocolate eye's to the blushing lavender eyed girl, who seemed to have taken no offense to her friend's statement.

"I really don't see how you all manage to get into this much trouble without me."

The remaining girl, Temari, was idly playing with her dust blond ponytails. She, along with TenTen, were a year older than the others, they only got to hear accounts of the others when they saw them.

"It's not all that interesting, Tem. I'm sure you and Shika have plenty of fun without us."

Ino replied flippantly, running her fingers through her platinum blond hair. Outside, she could hear the storm that was currently raging, the thunder echoing in the background. Stretching for a moment, she leaped off her bed.

"Anyone else want something to drink, cause I could really go for some hot cocoa right now."

Taking a chorus of answers from the lounging girls, she leisurely slouched out of her bedroom. Despite the fact it was only 5 in the evening, the storm made it seem much darker. That and the eerie quiet of the house was kinda creeping her out a bit. Her mother and father had taken her little brother out for his birthday, and wouldn't be back until later in the night. For now, it was just her and her best friends.

Idly placing the teakettle on the stove, she rummaged through the cabinets for the cocoa powder and the tray of mugs. Though, the sudden ringing of her phone caused the bow of hot chocolate to go flying across the counter. Retrieving it, she hastily pulled her phone from her pocket, taking a quick peek at the caller id.

Naruto Uzumaki

"Hello?" She answered, placing the cell between her neck and shoulder blade. She balanced the mugs in her hand, carefully pouring the steaming water into the mugs.

"Ino-Chan? Uh, I'm really sorry for this, but would it be possible for you to watch Mito and Kurama tonight? I know Uncle Inoichi and Aunt Mebuki are out-"

She heard something crash in the background, and cries of 'No, Mito!'

"Um, it's okay if you can't. I could probably call and ask Sasuke…"

"No, it wouldn't be too much trouble. I've got the girls over, but they probably don't mind. Right?"

With the tray of cocoa in her hands, she slithered back into her room, the lounging girls looking at her questioningly. Ino winked at them, returning to her conversation and the pandemonium on the other side of the line.

"Oh, you're a lifesaver Ino-chan. We'll be there in a bit. Thanks again, no, Kurama-!"

The phone cut off, and she tossed it onto her violet comforter. Taking a quick sip of her own frothy beverage, she returned to her friends.

"Looks like our plans have changed for the night, ladies."


"Kurama, what have I told you about getting into my ramen?"

For the most part, Uzumaki Naruto loved his little siblings. They were both small, adorable, and chick magnets, who for the most part did no wrong. They were definitely the most well behaved 3 year olds he had ever seen.

On the street, he was often asked whether or not they were his own children, but he just gave the questioners a sheepish no. It had been a little over a year ago when his parents had been killed in a car accident, and he had just turned 18. With some help from his god parents, his aunt, and his uncle, he had managed to keep custody of the twins. It had put his own plans for college and such on the backburner, but he would do anything for the adorable redheads.

The two of them were sweethearts, and for the most part, looked nothing like him. Their only similar features were the startling blue eyes that they had received from their father. Kurama, the boy, was older than his sister Mito by a couple minutes. His hair had been brushed, put into his favorite blue overalls, and put into the car seat. His sister had received the same treatment, her own red hair pulled into two ponytails.

Pulling out of the driveway, he glared at the flashes of lightning moving across the sky. The worst part was the rain, and it was the main reason he had been called into work. It seemed rain made more people order food, and could be a real help to businesses. He worked at a popular diner called Ichiraku's that served his favorite type of ramen. He didn't know how long he would be there, but he didn't want to burden his cousin for too long. Normally he would have Iruka and Anko watch them, but they were out for the weekend. He also hated giving them to Sasuke, because while he was his best friend, he had about as many emotions as a rock. That and he definitely wasn't a fan favorite among children.

Back on the road, he could see his cousin's house come into view, and parked under the garage. Unhooking Mito and Kurama, he handed them the umbrella, and retrieved their stay along bag from the backseat. He knocked on the door, shielding the little ones from the blunt of the rainstorm.

"Oh, come in, don't get cold!"


Ino answered the door when she heard the knock, ushering her family inside. Naruto's blond hair was slick with rain, but he had an orange poncho to cover his work uniform. His tan face had a grin on it as usual.

"Thank you so much, Ino." Naruto said, giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

"Oi, I know you!"

Behind Ino was the gaggle of girls, and the speaker had been Temari.

"You had Hatake for homeroom last year, right? You're a lucky bas-" she almost said bastard, but cut off as one glare and two sets of innocent blue orbs settled on her, "…duck. I heard he was the laziest teacher. I was stuck in Maito."

The room's inhabitants shared and involuntary shudder, all of them knowing how much torture it was to have to deal with the eccentric man on a daily basis. Naruto gave her an apologetic smile, before squatting down on his knee's to meet the twin's eye level.

"You" He poked Mito on the nose, "And you", giving the same treatment to Kurama, "Are going to be angels for Ino-Nee, right?"

They busted out in giggles, and Naruto flashed them a grin. He gave them both a hug and a kiss on the head.

"I love you both sooooo much, okay?"

"Nuh uh, we wuv you more!"


Giving them both one more spine crushing hug, he stood back up and handed Ino their bag. Giving her a quick hug as well, flashing the remaining girls a wave, and he was out the door.

Grinning, Ino turned back to her friends.

"He's hot, I know, right? If only he wasn't my cousin." She put a pout on her face for effort, watching her friend's faces turn to shock.

"I-Ino, don't talk like that!"

Hinata stuttered, blushing madly. She had to say, Naruto was indeed quite nice, cute as well, and amazing with children. He was the whole package!

"Ino-Nee, what does hot mean?"

"Yeah, bwover isn't hot!"

"Uh, nothing Kurama, Mito! Let's watch a movie, okay?"


By the time Naruto got off of work, it was well past 11. He was just glad he hadn't been a driver, working in the kitchen was stressful enough. It seemed to have been a quite bust night, and he hated to have burdened Ino with the little ones for so long. He would have to pay her next time he got his paycheck. Thankfully though, by the time he pulled into the driveway the rain had reduced to a light drizzle. He knocked on the front door lightly, and His cousin answered the door once more, a tired smile on her face.

"How were they?" He asked, after being ushered inside. They were both asleep on the couch, snuggled together with their large stuffed toads Bunta and Kichi.

"Angels, just like you said. I gave them some chicken nuggets for dinner, and they colored with crayons for most of the time. I swear, you pack everything when you send these two places!"

She really wasn't underestimating when she said that. They both had a change of clothing, crayons and coloring books, multiple movies, some toys, and of course their toads. He even had included a list of allergies, medications they could and couldn't have, and a list of emergency contacts.

"Well, I want to take care of these guys. They barely remember Mom and Dad, and I want to make sure that they stay safe. If anything happened to them…"

The last bit was barely a whisper as he picked up the littered toys, stepping over the teenagers that had fallen asleep around the toddlers.

"Actually, my friend Hinata took care of them for the most part. If you ever need a babysitter, you should call her. She's a pro."

"A-a what?"

It seemed that the blunette was the only remaining one up from her friends, and had just stepped out of the shower. Mito had gotten ketchup in her hair, and she would rather not wake up smelling like tomatoes.

"Ah, I'm just telling Naruto what a great job you did with the kids. Right, Hina?"

Ino winked at her, and the girl just mumbled something about having plenty of experience.

"Well, thank you. Could I get your number in case I need a babysitter? It seems these guys really had fun."

Hinata blushed heavily at Naruto's offhanded comment as he picked up a sleeping Mito. Hinata picked up Kurama, at least to get his attention off of her.

"Oh, I'll give it to him. He pays well too, so you've got nothing to worry about, okay?"

Hinata knew that face of Ino's, something her friends had dubbed 'The Matchmaker'. Naruto had left for a moment to put the twins in the car, and returned a few minutes later.

"Sure, I would love to call you. If Ino-Chan here says you're good, you must be. I'll give you a call, alright?"

Taking the slip of paper that had been in Ino's hands, he waved a goodbye, flashing another grin at Hinata, and softly closed the front door behind him.

"Like I said earlier, hot, right? Don't worry Hina; I would love to have you as part of the family. Goodnight!"

She could hear Ino cackle down the hallway, and she stood flustered for a moment, wondering just what to say to that comment. He was cute, she had to say, but she had just met him! Yet, she found something about him so endearing. Shaking her head, she moved off to find her own sleeping bag. Maybe if she was lucky, he would need a babysitter sometime soon.


Driving home, Naruto fished in his pocket for a moment, checking that the slip of paper was still there. Indeed it was, the letters just able to see in the darkness.

Hyuuga Hinata


Ps. I saw you checking her out, Naruto! You can't fool the Matchmaker!


He knew the implications behind his cousin's note, and he had to admit she was right. The lavender eyed girl was quite cute, the ever present blush and all. Maybe he would have her babysit some day instead of Iruka. She seemed quite good with Mito and Kurama, and that was always a plus.


Kurama had woken up, and was brushing sleep from his eyes.

"Hey there little man, did you have fun?"

"Yeah, I liked her, Hina-Nee…"

With that thought, the boy drifted off again, putting a smile on Naruto's face. Kurama and Mito were typically closed around people, but they seemed to have liked Hinata a lot. Maybe he would use the number sooner than he thought.