Sherry Birkin had always viewed herself as a quiet, and shy young woman who never required much. She worked hard her entire life and suffered through her own fair share of hardships, so she had learned very quickly to see the silver lining in what looked like bleak and hopeless situations. When ever she was having a bad day, she gently reminded herself that she had survived Raccoon, and that anything that was thrown at her from there on out would not be half as bad - which it never was.

Sherry was now in her late 20's, and was enjoying her life as a D.S.O field agent, and a newly wed - Just over a year ago to her husband Jake Muller.

Sherry could remember how Jake proposed almost crystal clear. He had taken her to Belvedere Castle in Central park one November night after a very expensive dinner. She hadn't noticed then, but he had paid a handsome amount of money to get him and her into the castle after hours. They were both leaning against a railing when Jake had nonchalantly pulled out a black velvet box and said "A princess needs to be asked something this important in a castle."

Jake had bought her a silver band ring with a diamond in the shape of a heart, with an inscription on the inside which read 'Supergirl', she never did get tired of that name. Jake had said he wanted their weddings rings to be gold, so it could match Sherry's locket.

Their wedding was a simple affair - When planning it, they realized that there wouldn't be too many people coming, Sherry invited Leon, Claire, Chris, Jill, Ingrid Hunnigan as well as a few agents from the office. Jake had been working at the D.S.O along side Sherry for the 3 months before they had gotten engaged, and had his own circle of friends which he invited - so in total, their were 30 or so guests.

After many discussions, they had decided to get married in Belvedere Castle and have the reception there as well. It had taken a lot of persuasion to get the entire castle for the full day, Hunnigan's word definitely helped out, that and the handsome sum of money Jake and Sherry had to pay, but to them, it was more than worth it.

They had thankfully gotten a gorgeous day, and so they were able to have the ceremony itself on a more open area of the castle. Everyone had a great time and honestly, Sherry had never been happier.

Both Sherry and Jake did not have many points in their lives where they were in control. Sherry was forced into government custody following Raccoon City, and Jake was forced to work from an early age in order to get the money for medicine for his mother, so it was an understatement to say that the two had a bad childhood.

But this wedding was more than the two becoming husband and wife, it was more than a simple party - it was the day they began a new chapter, and lived their lives together as they wanted, and would let no one force them to do anything they didn't want to do - they were finally, and completely in control.

Sherry sighed, it seemed like her wedding was just yesterday, being given away at the alter by Leon, seeing Jake blush upon seeing her in her white dress, slow dancing with Jake for the first time, ever, then Claire stepping in to slow dance with her as a joke, Chris and Jake seemingly getting along at the bar (But Sherry could never be sure) and the pictures, the 50 million pictures they all had to stand for, but she was glad she did - the pictures came out fantastic and she had even paid extra to have one of her and Jake cutting the cake be blown up to a massive size that now hung over her TV in her apartment.

But it was a year ago. The only reason she was probably reflecting on all this was because she had just had her 1 year anniversary about 3 days ago, Jake had taken her out to that very expensive restaurant he had taken her to before proposing. "Why don't we make this an annual thing? come here every year for our anniversary.' he had said, to which Sherry agreed, it seemed like the perfect tradition. Jake and her walked home after, hand in hand, close together chatting. Sherry and Jake had been contemplating buying a house just outside New York (but not too far from the D.S.O hopefully.) but they hadn't really done anything about it yet. Besides, nothing was wrong with Sherry's- well, now their apartment, they'd move out once they were ready to start that chapter in their new lives. When they arrived home they were more than a little tipsy, when they had hopped into bed, Sherry had leaned in to give Jake a peck on the cheek to say goodnight but kissed his neck instead - Jake had read the kiss to say more than goodnight and well, i'm sure you can guess what happened next.

Sherry shook her head, Okay Birkin, your little trip down memory lane is done, time to face the music. She had been hiding out in the bathroom of the D.S.O HQ for about 20 minutes, half because she had been feeling awful and she had so far thrown up three times this particular morning, though so far she hadn't thrown up in the D.S.O bathrooms, which she thanked her stomach for - and half because she had to chair a meeting for a few agents heading out to a field mission somewhere in Poland. She was always extremely nervous before chairing meetings, and it wasn't exactly new for her to be getting sick because of her nerves, so she assumed the stomach pains she'd been having for the past day on that.

Sherry walked out of the bathroom, slightly lightheaded, and continued on to the conference room. The meeting she was chairing had about 5 agents, a small number which Sherry was very grateful for - and among them, her husband, which put her mind at ease. Sherry had just begun to go over the groups and job's when she caught Jake making faces at her to try and get her to crack a smile and mess up as per usual. To her dismay, her stomach pain flared up as soon as she had started on going over everyone's jobs, but ignored it. Its just from nerves, forget it already.

"Mr Muller, act your age." she remarked with a smirk, to which he pouted. Iin her own way she was trying to distract herself from the growing pain. All the agents knew they were married so most just laughed. "Anyway, as i was saying - You will all be landing in around this area here." Sherry circled a small town with a marker and felt an awful prick in her stomach, which caused her to involuntarily gasp and shut her eyes tight. She could feel all of the agents staring at her and her face was beginning to redden

"A-and you'll be given a ride from there from the BSAA w-whos.." Sherry felt another horrible prick in her stomach and this time she hunched over on her desk. Okay, this isn't caused by stress, i need to.. Sherry shook her head and forced herself to her feet, when she lifted her head she had noticed Jake was walking towards her, "Sherry, what's wrong?" Sherry shook her head once more and retreated to the door, trying to hide that she was now sweating, "I'm s-sorry everyone ill just be a minute." and with that she stumbled out into the hall, and walked off down the hall to the small medical center that had been set up.

Sherry had developed a phobia of hospitals after her entire life was spent in one, being poked and prodded by everyone and anyone, and being made a public display. Chris' wife Jill was nice enough to introduce Sherry to her friend Rebecca Chambers, a skilled medic that Sherry had come to trust with any medical issues she ever had, so she almost always went to Rebecca as opposed to any sort of hospital. Sherry shakily asked at the front desk of the medical bay if Rebecca was in today - she was usually on call at the B.S.A.A's headquarters, but sometimes came in to check up on any medical issues Jake or Sherry ever had, or occasionally just the odd check up - and it seemed luck was on Sherry's side as she was.

As Rebecca had just come in from the B.S.A.A HQ she didn't have any patients so she could see Sherry straight away. Rebecca seemed alarmed at Sherry's state - she had gone pale white, couldn't stop shaking and was covered in sweat.

Rebecca had taken a sample of her blood and urine to examine for anything out of the ordinary. Sherry's advanced healing abilities would of taken care of any stomach virus or flu by now, so she was worried.

Sherry was lying back on an examination table when Rebecca came in with a surprised look on her face, reviewing papers. Sherry lifted her head when she heard Rebecca walk in. "So, got any idea whats going on Miss Chambers?" Rebecca grabbed a chair and pulled it up beside Sherry, suddenly Sherry had the worst feeling in the world about what was going on.

"Sherry, you're pregnant."

Sherry felt the colour drain from her face, and suddenly she was shaking even more, "Wh.. pregnant? but i.. they told me-", "That you couldn't?" Rebecca interrupted. Sherry had it explained to her 100 times when she was 18 or so - the G-virus that was now apart of her, could only ever breed with another person who survived, and had the benefits of G, which Sherry knew there were none. Sherry wasn't ever sure if she was going to be sad about never being able to have children but here she was, being told she was pregnant.

"This is just a hunch, but since Jake is a survivor of the C-Virus - a more advanced state of the G-Virus, it seems he was compatible with you."

Sherry's mouth had gone completely dry, and she could hear the thump of her heart, oh my god I'm.. she could hardly bring herself to say it she was so shocked. Oh god Jake, what do i tell Jake? What if Jake walks out on me, what if i have to raise this baby alone? what if.. The room was suddenly spinning, growing darker and darker, fading into pitch black. She was still on the edge of the examination table so she made sure to fall to her side so she wouldn't hurt herself from the fall, and finally she went down with a thud. She heard Rebecca jump upon hearing the thud. Sherry's hearing had gone slightly muffled until Rebecca's call of her name was nothing more than an echo

Sherry's brain was going 100 miles a minute attempting to comprehend what she'd just heard - it hadn't actually sunk in, the impact of Rebecca's words, but she suspected it wouldn't be long until she did.

Until then though, she would enjoy her might-as-well-be blissful ignorance inside her pitch black thoughts.

What the hell am i going to tell Jake..

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