"Albert, don't hit William!" Sherry shouted from the kitchen as she watched her two sons playing rather roughly in the gardens sand box, though she was sure neither heard her because of all the children running about the garden for Hope's 3rd birthday.

Jake was outside watching over the children with Chris, but neither were actually paying attention to anything happening around them. They looked like they were arguing over something, probably last nights football game. Figures.

Suddenly she felt something bump into the back of her knee and when she turned to look, she spotted a giggling little blonde holding onto her right leg.

"Hello mischief." Sherry said playfully at her daughter. Hope giggled in response

"Mommy is it time for my cake yet?" she pouted a little, hoping that would be enough to topple her mother into giving her what she wanted, but Sherry wasn't, and never had been a pushover. "Yes sweetheart, go get daddy and tell him i need help with the food."

"Okay!" Hope shouted a little more louder than was necessary and at this, Sherry winced, but learned to laugh it off. While Hope looked exactly like her, she had developed the carbon copy personality of her father, who was apparently just as loud and obnoxious when he was little, but Sherry loved it all the same. Out and out, Hope was a true daddies girl, loving nothing more than being bounced on his knee, chased around the garden and read stories from. Hell, Hope's first word was dada.

Though that wasn't to say she loved Jake more than her mother. There were certain things Hope wanted Jake and only Jake for, like jumping up and down in the mud outside or playing video games, or playing with her dinosaur action figures she'd grown so attached to. (even though they'd been a present to Albert and William from Claire) But there were certain things that Hope wanted Sherry and only Sherry for, like when she wanted to play house, or bake with her mother, or colour at the table or sing along to cartoons. All in all, the little blondie was adored and loved by her parents, and she adored and loved them right back.

And that was all Sherry wanted.

And Albert and William? They fit in to their little family like a glove from the moment they were born. Rebecca was prepared for Sherry's "death" this time, so the twins were quickly passed on to Jake, who sat in the waiting room with a very sleepy Hope (Sherry had gone into labor around 5 am) as the two marveled at the new babies. He smiled with pride when he saw the two were red heads. Jake could of laughed when he saw his daughters eyes swell with tears when Jake kissed each of his baby boys foreheads and left poor Hope out.

"Come here princess, you know i'll always love you more than anything." he said as he pulled her into a tight hug with the two babies. "Do you like your new brothers?" he had asked when she pulled away and pouted a little.

"I don't like boys." she stated stubbornly. Jake sighed at his daughters expected attitude and kissed her forehead. "You know, your brothers need a big sister to take care of them with mommy and daddy." Jake was attempting to bait her.

When she raised an eyebrow and turned fully to him, he knew it had worked. "With you and mommy?" she asked.

"Mhm." he hummed as he rocked the two boys in his arms. "We're going to need a helper when the babies need to be fed and changed."

"Can i?! can i?!" She had begged the minute he finished his sentence.

Jake let out a loud laugh and nodded. "Of course princess, you brothers will need there big sister to scare away all those monsters during the night."

"Yeah yeah! Big sister Hope! I'll keep all the nasty monsters away!" she squealed as she ran around the waiting room in glee. He smiled and was just happy that his family was now complete.

Jake smiled at the memory that had hit him all of a sudden, but was broken from it when he heard the son of William crying. He looked up to see that Hope was trying to pick him up, none too gently might he add.

"Woah woah Hope, remember what we said, you have to be careful with babies!" Jake stated as he picked up his fussing son, calming down as Jake gently rubbed his back and shushed his sobs. Hope huffed and stomped her foot, a habit he was told Sherry had when she was little.

"Its not my fault hes a cry baby! Albert doesn't cry when i pick him up, watch!" She attempted to pull him up using his arm but before she could pull, Jake scooped up the boy in his other arm. "Alright sweetheart, i think mommy's calling us for cake!" he quickly distracted her before she resorted to a tantrum, and it seemed to do the trick when Sherry waved Jake over.

"Eeee, cake! cake!" she screamed, running over to the back door and gaining the attention of all the other little kids and the few parents. Sherry had wanted to bring the food outside seeing as how nice a day it was but Hope had just shot that plan to hell.

Jake was placing his two sons in their seats when the lights were shut off and Hope squealed in expectation for what was to come. "Haaaaappyy!" Sherry started off, walking into the room with a big green and pink cake in the shape of two dinosaurs, the a big '3' candle in the middle with sparklers at either side, shocking Hope into a state of silence as everyone sang her the birthday song.

As Sherry placed the cake in front of her, her eyes dazzled from the sparklers, so mesmerized she hadn't even noticed that her dad was leaning right beside her. "Happy biirthdaay too yooouu!" everyone finished, clapping for Hope as her and her father blew out the 3 flames on top of the cake. The flashes were blinding for a moment as everyone snapped a picture of the daughter and father. Sherry smiled in contentment when she realized just how perfect the moment was.

"Get in there Sherry!" Claire cheered, wiggling her camera to imply that she wanted a picture. Smiling, she motioned for Jake to grab Albert as she picked up William, and the two leaned over either side of Hope as they all said "Cheese!" for the various cameras around the room. Hope clapped when the picture taking was over, and triggered everyone else into it. Sherry smiled appreciatively at Claire who, despite her due date being in 2 weeks and being uncomfortable as hell, still made it to her god daughters birthday, which she was immensely happy for.

Jill pouted as she realized her daughter Elena had put her finger on the lens at the last second, but didn't let it worry her too much, she could always get a copy from Claire if she really wanted to.

Chris leaned down and whispered something in Piers ear as he stared at the delicious looking cake wide eyed, but what Chris didn't realize was that Jake noticed this little exchange and raised his eye brow. Suddenly, Piers ran up to Hope and gave her a tight hug, shouting "Happy Birthday Hope!" for all to hear and surprisingly, kissing her right on the lips.

The house erupted in laughter as the two laughed at each other from Chris' dare and Sherry didn't think she'd ever breathe again from seeing how rosey her daughters cheeks went. "Chris, i didn't want to have the boyfriend talk this early!" she shouted over to the man who was doubled over, gasping for breathe as he laughed.

"No no no, not them, not anyone! they're not going out! Shes staying single forever!" Jake shouted, only sending the entire group into a worse state of laughing. Leon even banged his fist against the table in an attempt to compose himself, but it was no use.

"Aw man! Piers and Hope, sittin' in a tree!" Rebecca started, but Jake quickly went over and silenced her with a tight hug from behind and a rough tousle of her hair.

"Alright alright! Time for presents!" Sherry announced as she dried her tears of laughter, and Hope instantly hopped off her hair, leaving everyone in the dust to go to the sitting room to sit in front of the coffee table full of wrapped presents.

Hope bounced up and down on the ground in front of her presents while she waited for the slow adults to sit. Jake laughed and sit behind her, picking her up and placing her on his knee with Albert on his other. Sherry smirked as she gently rubbed William's back and noticed Leon pick up one of the bigger presents and hand it to Hope who couldn't jump up and accept it fast enough.

"Happy birthday sweetheart, from me and your god mother." Leon said, but was sure it went unheard over the tearing of the wrapping paper. She uncovered some soft of remote controlled dinosaur that was nearly the same length as her height, and she couldn't of been happy with it. She liked very few girly things, and dinosaurs were her main obsession, so Sherry was pretty sure that she was having a mini seizure as Leon handed her the remote and showed her how it worked.

Jill and Chris had gotten her little doctor set and coat because she'd been at their house recently watching Doctor McStuffens and had said she wanted to operate on her own toys, but she didn't have the proper equipment. She instantly ripped the coat from the box and threw it on, squealing with delight and hugging her aunt Jill and Uncle Chris.

Rebecca and Billy had kind of gone in on Jill and Chris' present, buying her a few of the stuffed toys from the show so she could pretend she was the main character, and for this she was over the moon. The rest of her presents were colouring books and dinosaurs, and while it wasn't exactly very girly, it was the very definition of her daughter. Rebecca was probably going to get her some sort of doctors supplies or something considering how interested Hope grew throughout the few months where she gave Rebecca donations of her blood, that was now thankfully going towards what looked like the cure to most types of cancer. She was currently in the midst of testing Albert and Williams for any differences or abnormalities, and was even on the verge of a nobel prize.

Rebecca and Billy certainly were busy, between Rebecca absolutely excelling in her field as well as getting ready to welcome her second child into the world. She couldn't of been happier for her little family.

The party went great. The children got another sugar rush from some cream cupcakes after presents and ran around outside and played on the trampoline Jake and Sherry had bought Hope for her birthday, tiring all the children, mostly Hope, readying them all for bed.

Sherry smiled as Hope mumbled a thank you to her mother. Weither it was for the party, or carrying her upstairs to bed, she had no idea, but she was happy all the same. "Good night princess." she whispered to her before kissing her cheek and tucking her into her bed and turning on her night light of dragons. She turned in the door way, looking back seeing Hope snuggle into a big dog plush Claire had bought her for her 1st birthday and sighed happily.

Sure she was only 3, but Sherry wanted her to stop growing and be her mommies little baby for the rest of her life. Giggling quietly, she shook her head. She could dream.

Walking down the hall to the twin bedrooms they'd fixed up for the twins (though they were keeping them in the same room for now) she found Jake gently rubbing Williams back as he quietly sobbed. Albert seemed to be out like a light though, as usual. William was a bit of a cry baby, and Albert, being about 6 minutes older, was, she supposed, the more 'mature' one. William did enough crying for the two babies, but she didn't mind in the slightest. She could tell that William was soothed a lot faster when she herself did it, and Albert was as cool as a breeze, fairly neutral between the two parents.

William slowly shut his eyes and yawned as Jake continued to rub his back, and when his breathing got a little heavier, he experimentally lifted his hand. Cringing when he thought he'd scream from the sudden loss of the soothing action - which he did most nights - he surprisingly didn't, and Jake tiptoed out of the room. They always had to tip toe around the second floor when it was everyone's bed time at 8 PM.

They always had to laugh at Jill and Chris who were in bed asleep at 8:30 or 9:00 PM when Sherry was pregnant, thinking they'd never be a couple like that, but here they were, exhausted from the day and putting on there pyjamas.

"Do you think Officer Meyers will mind if you're a little late to to the department tomorrow? Hunnigan needs me in earlier." Sherry asked as she took out her earrings and began to wipe away the make up on her face.

Jake's 'new' job (about 6 months) was really great for him. He got reasonable hours, less than the DSO paid, but still pretty well considering his work. He was also a good friend with Seamus Meyers, the head of the department, so when he needed time off or a late sign in, it was never a problem. Plus, Sherry felt a lot better that she never had to worry about him going out on dangerous missions. She always had to laugh when Jake came down in the mornings with the dress pants and button up shirt. 'I've always loved a man in uniform.' she'd tease morning after morning before handing him his eggs and sausage.

"Yeah, i'll text him and let him know i have to bring the guys to play group, no biggie." he assured his wife and he pulled up his soft jogging bottoms and sat into bed.

Sherry was still working for the DSO, and that wasn't changing anytime soon. Though her job position had changed. She couldn't ever be a field agent, and leave 3 kids and a worrying husband behind her. No, she couldn't ever do that again. She happily switched over to an instructor, tutoring new recruits and, Hunnigan's faithful assistant. With the two jobs combined, she still made the same wage, wasn't bored to death from being an assistant, but at the same time she wasn't over exerted from training rookies, it was a perfect balance.

"Claire wants us in the delivery room when its time, by the way." Sherry peeked out the door and smiled at him as he flipped through channels, one arm behind his head. "Yeah?" Jake turned his head slightly and threw Sherry a questioning glance.

"She was there for me, so she wants us to be there for her little boy."

Jake scrunched up his face and instantly sat up. "A boy?" Jake said.

Sherry gasped and slapped her hand to her face. "Whoops. I'm an idiot." she mumbled to herself.

"They're having a boy?" he asked, smirking at the angry looking Sherry who was kicking the bathroom door shut and climbing into bed with him.

"That doesn't leave you! Leon has no idea, Claire got told by accident during one of her check ups."

Jake smiled and threw up his hands. "Secrets safe with me Super girl!"

Sherry nodded and stretched as she slipped down from leaning against the headboard to lying her head on her pillow and sighing with contentment. Jake smirked at how relaxed she looked. "Don't get too comfortable, William'll be up in like 2 hours, like clock work, and its your night."

Sherry scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Your dear wife's tired." she whined.

"Your dear husband doesn't care." he teased as he turned off the television and his bedside lamp, turning his back to her.

Sherry scoffed even louder and hit him with one of her pillows on the head. Jake laughed and took the pillow from her as she held it, yanking at, and her, to him. She didn't have time to yank it back when those soft lips were capturing her, and she involuntarily leaned into the comforting touch of him.

"Stop." she giggled as she gently pushed him back. "I'm way too tired." she whispered as she stretched out, this time on Jake's chest. He gently stroked her hair as he watched her snuggle into his side. "Kill joy." he whispered, not entirely meaning it, but he loved getting a rise out of her.

They were silent for a long time, and just as Sherry was on the verge of falling asleep, Jake spoke up.

"I was never going to leave you know."

Sherry lied still for a minute, running over the words in her head. "I know." she said honestly. Jake was pretty good at panicking for about 2 minutes over something, then accepting it and carrying on. She always had it in the back of her mind that somewhere along the road of her pregnancy, Jake had lost his marbles. She had figured it was the night he stated out at the bar and hadn't picked up her calls, but learned all those months ago how wrong she'd been.

She smiled into his chest when she played back how he saw himself living once he got away from her and the mission. Some ridiculous self righteous quest to be a lone wolf, get an apartment and some dead end job. It sounded straight out of an awful early 1990's soap opera, just possibly more poorly thought out. She never pointed this out though, it took a lot for Jake to say he was wrong, but for him to explain he was wrong? it took guts.

"I wouldn't leave my family for anything Sherry." he pressed out. Sherry thought she heard desperation in his voice so she sat up and held his cheek in her right hand, forcing him to look directly in her eyes. Her blue sapphires shone in the moon light that trickled through the curtains as she thought long and hard about how to make this sincere, but actions always spoke louder than words.

Gently, she pressed her lips to his in a gentle, soft kiss. It was devoid of lust or want, but was full off love and need, which told Jake all he needed to when he kissed her back in the same way, not opening his mouth to take this further, knowing that what they were sharing at that very moment was the only answer he needed. Having Sherry in his arms, with his beautiful children only down the hall, it was all he needed.

"I love you Sherry Muller." he whispered as he pulled her face closer to his.

"I love you Jake Muller." she answered as she cuddled him gently, there faces and bodies so close that neither could tell where his body ended and hers began, and that was exactly how they loved it.

"Good night." she hummed in a sing song tune, before kissing his nose softly and clicking off their bedroom lamp.

.. and just an hour later, clicked it back on when she heard William crying.

Jake, still half asleep, flashed a lazy smile.

"Its only just beginning babe."


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