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"Alright everyone, settle down. I know you are excited about our trip to the gym this evening. We still have Letter Recognition before that. Get out your notebooks, please." Chloe Jordan addressed her students. She gazed out at them, taking a moment to reflect on each student. This was her first year as a kindergarten teacher. She had been terrified that she would do something wrong. Her fears were put to rest that first day on the job, however. Her students couldn't have been any better. They were all attentive and eager to learn with just the right about of spunk.

"Mrs. Jordan! I forgot my pencil box at home." A little girl with raven black hair raised her hand. Chloe glanced at her. She had her hair in two braids today with little white ribbons on the ends.

"Janie, does your your sister have one you can use?" Chloe glanced towards the little girls twin. Her hair was in a single braid with a white ribbon on the end. She sighed.

"Janie, you know momma said not to take it out of your backpack." She got another pencil out of her own box and handed it to her sister.

"But Jackie I couldn't find my favorite crayons. You know the ones with the little bears on the label that Daddy bought us." Janie took the pencil happily and began doodling in her book, not even waiting for Chole to tell them what to do.

Chloe smile at the two girls. They reminded her of her and her twin brother. She had always been the serious one like Jackie. Everything had to be in it's place. Zachary on the other hand... He smile widened just thinking and Zachary as a little boy. He had been so full of eagerness for everything. He wanted to know everything and how it worked. One time, she'd caught him poking a beehive with a stick because he wanted to see how quick it would take them to protect their home.

"Thank you Jackie for letting your sister borrow a pencil. Now, do you know what letter we left off on yesterday?" She could see the girls attitude change at the question.

"Letter G." She sat up a little straighter as if answering the question was the most important thing.

"Mrs. Jordan! I have to go potty." A little boy towards the back had his hand as high in the air as he could manage.

"Billy you just came back from lunch. Why didn't you go then?" She sighed. "Does anyone else have to go?" Hands went up all over the classroom. "Alright, we'll take a group trip down to the potties. We'll have to hustle on the letter G when we get back though."

She lined up her students and walked them down to the bathroom at the end of the hall. A fellow teacher also had his students there so she told her little boys to go with him and she went with the girls to supervise. She was helping one of her students reach the sink when she began hearing screams from the hallway.

"Stay right here girls. Do not leave this restroom unless I tell you to." She rushed to the door and out into the hallway. There were parents everywhere looking for their children, calling names, bursting into tears as they clutched them close. "What's going on?!"

"There's been an emergency." One woman said. "There are people out in the streets attacking other people. They...they rip them open and eat them." She gagged. "Do you know where Samantha is? I think she's in your class. Please, I need to get her home where it's safe."

"I'm sorry ma'am. I can't let you take her unless you sign her out first." Chloe was reeling from what the woman said. She backed up in front of the bathroom door trying to keep the woman from getting inside.

"There's no time. Those people out there are monsters. I need to get her home now." She shoved Chloe out of the way and wrenched the door open. She came back out with a little girl in tow who was clearly terrified of the way her mother was acting.

"Ma'am! I cannot let you take her!" Chloe put herself in front of the woman and the front doors. Something slammed on the door behind her. Her senses went into overdrive. She could smell rotting flesh, hear broken moans and screams, feel the hairs on the nape of her neck stand up. She turned slowly. A scream locked itself in her throat. On the other side of the door was the male teacher who had taken her male students to the bathroom. He was missing a chunk from the side of his neck. "Oh Jared..."

"You see! I told you! Look what they done to him!" The woman clutched her child closer. "I...I have to get us out of here!" She took off down the hallway toward another exit.

Chloe stood transfixed. This couldn't be happening. "Jared..." She put her hand to the glass. His eyes locked on hers and he mouthed something, 'The kids' it looked like. Chloe's heart began beating faster. The kids! How could she have forgotten?! Just as she was turning to go back to the kids she saw someone walk up to Jared. No. Not someone. Something. This thing was rotted and decayed. She watch in horror and is sunk it's teeth into Jared's shoulder. She fled back to the bathroom with his screams still in her ear.

"Mrs. Jordan what is going on?" One of her little girls asked as she came back into the bathroom. Chloe noted a few more was missing that just Samantha. "Mommies and Daddies keep coming in and taking us." Chloe clutched the girl tighter and counted. Five. Six of her girls had been taken by their parents or wondered off.

"Follow me closely. We are getting the boys and going back to the class room." She looked out the door, a little relieved to see some of the panic driven crowd had thinned out. "Boys!" She yelled into the bathroom. Seven little boys came out wide eyed and frightened. "Alright, you all follow closely to me. We are going to the classroom. Stay quiet please." She ushered them back down the hallway.

When they reached the room she did another head count. Eleven kids. She had started with 23 today. "Alright. Take out your coloring packets and begin coloring on the letter G pages. I'll be right back." She stepped out the door and locked it behind her. She made her way briskly back down to the bathrooms. She checked in the girls to make sure it was empty then made her way over to the boys. Inside were three little boys huddled in the corner.

"Do you know where Mr. James is?" One little boy asked quietly. "He told us to stay here and he never came back."

An image popped into Chloe's head of Jared. Jared James had taught first grade a few classrooms down the hall from hers. They had went for dinner after school several times together. Tears began to cloud her eyes. "He's... ah... Just come with me boys." She took one by the hand and ushered the other two in front of her. "Is anyone in the classroom with the other students?" One of them nodded and she felt relieved. She took them back to her own classroom and had them sit with her students.

"Attention all staff!" The overhead speakers crackled to life. "In light of the recent events school is canceled. Parents are picking their students up now Please keep students in their classrooms until parents arrive to pick them up. Close all the windows and pull the shades. Keep your classroom doors locked unless a parent is picking up a child." The silence that followed was eerie. Chloe looked around at her students.

Within minutes another rush of parents swept through to pick up children. Chloe kept track of each child, making sure only the right parents picked up each child. Her mind kept going back to Jared at the doors. That...thing biting into him. Jared's plea for the kids still tugged at her heart. She sat down at her desk and put her head in her hands. Tears began slipping from behind her eyelids. How was she going to leave now that those things were out there? Would Zachary know to come get her? She heard sniffling from some where nearby and her hear shot up.

"It's all right Janie. I'm sure momma will come get us. She always does." Jackie and Janie where huddled in the corner with tears running down both their faces.

"Girl." Chloe got up and went to them. "I'm sure you are right. Your momma is probably on her way right now. Don't worry." She sat with them, pulling them to her. She made shhhing noises and stroked their hair until the settled down. They were quiet for several minutes before the door swung open.

A man, decayed and with one arm missing, shambled into the room. Immediately the smell of rotting flesh was almost to much. When he caught wind of the girls in the corner he picked up speed. His teeth began gnashing together and his groans got louder. Chloe jumped up, pulling the girls with her. She shoved them behind her towards the supply closet. She frantically pushed them in and slammed the door. "Girls. I want you to lock the door. Lock it now and don't open it unless I tell you it's okay." She heard the snick of the lock and turned back around.

The copse was right in front of her. She could see the yellow, bloodshot eyes. Shoving him aside, she lost her balance and pitched forward between two of the tables. Panic gripped her even tighter. She was just looking behind her to see where he was when a gunshot rang out. Blood and flesh splattered the wall and the body dropped down at her feet. Her eyes quickly darted towards the door and relief swept through her. "Zachary..." She mumbled before darkness surrounded her and she collapsed.

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