This had to be a joke. I stared at the woman standing in front of me. "Angel, you have one wish" the woman said.

"Who are you" I demanded. This is seriously not funny. It's also not very funny that my roundhouse kick goes right through her.

"That doesn't matter. I'm here for you" she said. "So close your eyes and make a wish."

My eyes snapped shut instantly, almost as if they had minds of their own. I guess I was eager to make a wish. What did I want though?

"Think carefully Angel. You get one wish" she said.

"I want to be the leader of our Flock" I said, sounding as confident as ever. "I want to be in control of not only what Max does, but everyone else too."

"Are you sure Angel" she asked. "You never know how this could backfire."

"I want it" I said, frowining. "I thought you were supposed to give me what I want."

"Right. Your wish is my command Angel. Go to sleep and it will find you by morning."

I crossed the floor and climbed into bed. Closing my eyes, I drifted off into a perfect sleep.

I opened my eyes. Nothing felt different. Nothing looked different. "Just a dream" I said, jumping at how mature my voice sounded.

I got up and walked over to my mirror. "Ahh!" I screamed.

Nudge came running in with a frying pan. "What" she yelled, her eyes darting back and forth before landing on me. "Angel. What happened to you?! You're like fifteen now! Not fair" she said, finally stopping.

You asked for this. A voice was assuring me. It was the woman.

I want to go back. I pleaded with her.

Not until you learn just how hard Max worked to keep you all in order. Not until you learn how wrong you were.

"Guys" Gazzy called.

Nudge and I raced into Max's room where he was standing, his back facing me just as Fang and Iggy ran in. "We have a small problem" Gazzy said. "Literally."

He turned slowly holding a tiny child in his arms. It took me a minute to realize who the child was. "Max" I said, taking the little girl from his arms. "What the heck is happening?"

"That's what I'd like to know" Fang said staring at his now five-year-old girlfriend.

Her hair flowed in blonde curls to her shoulders, probably like when she had really been younger. "No! Down, down, down!"

I sat her on her feet. She ran over to Fang who lifted her off of the ground. "Fangy, are you emo" she asked.

He rolled his eyes and said, "Someone isn't getting cookies."

"COOKIES" Max yelled.

"No cookies Max" I said. "It's too early."

She pouted, giving Fang her best puppy eyes. "Maybe a few" Fang said.

"No. Absolutely not" I said. "She can not have cookies for breakfast."

Max turned her gaze to me. Her eyes seemed to grow to twice their normal size and her bottom lip jutted out. "Please Angie" she begged.

"Fine" I sighed. Nudge took Max from Fang and ran with her to the kitchen.

By the time I joined them, Max had eaten at leat six cookies. Her face was covered in chocolate.

The door opened downstairs. "Guys, I'm here" Ella called. She walked up the stairs and stopped when she saw Max. "What did you do to her?"

"Ellie" Max cheered, running over to Ella and hugging her legs. She then turned at raced back to her cookies.

"We didn't do anything to her" Iggy said.

"And why the heck is Angel fifteen? Wait a second. Angel wanted to be the leader, right" Ella asked.

"Once" Fang agreed.

Ella turned to me. "What the heck did you do to my sister" she yelled.

"I don't know what happened. I had a dream that someone was giving me a wish, and I wished to be leader" I said.

They looked at me oddly. "It wasn't a dream Angel" Nudge said. "Obviously."

I watched her tie back Max's hair in pig-tails. They bounced as she jumped into Fang's arms again.

"So, what do we do" Fang asked, wincing as Max pulled his hair.

"Well, for the time being, we should just do things normally" Iggy said. "Until we find out how to reverse this."

But I already knew.